Apple Industry Leads Shaanxi's Fruit Industry to Prosperity

2017-11-28 10:43:35 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Workers of Baoji Haisheng Modern Agriculture Co. Ltd. in Qianyang County are packaging apples on the automatic photoelectric sorting line imported from Nederland. With capacity of 20 ton per hour, the sorting line boasts the largest of its kind in Asia.

At present, the number of household planting apples in Shaanxi reaches 1.7 million, in which more than 6 million rural population are involved. According to statistics from Shaanxi Province Fruit Industry Administration, the apple planting area in Shaanxi reached 10.57 million mu with output of 11 million ton by the end of 2016, ranking 1st nationwide and accounting for 1/4 that of China and 1/7 that of the whole world. The dwarf apple planting area is 1.2 million mu, accounting for 10% of the total apple planting area and ranking 1st nationwide. The apple planting area in mountainous areas of northern Shaanxi reaches 2.6 million mu with wide coverage of 15 counties and districts, playing a dominant role in poverty alleviation. 12 apple experiment stations and institutions, certified green fruit base of 3 million mu, organic apple base of 200 thousand mu, and registered export-oriented orchard of 860 thousand mu have been established with excellent fruit rate 30% higher than the national average. Based on the primary industry and integrated with secondary and tertiary industry, the fruit industry in Shaanxi has brought great economic, social and ecological benefits in an all-round way.

Statistics shows that the added value of apple-oriented fruit industry in Shaanxi in 2016 was 40.35 billion yuan, accounting for 32.2% of the provincial added value of planting industry. The average annual income of fruit growers in the main producing areas in 45 apple bases exceeded 10 thousand yuan. The revenue from apples accounted for more than 90% and 75% respectively of per capita net income of farmers in major apple planting counties of Luochuan and Baishui.

As a follow-up industry after returning farmland to forest and ecological protection, the apple planting industry, by forming a “green belt” across the Loess Plateau to the north of Weihe River, has greatly improved the local ecological environment. The prosperity of one major industry, such as the apple industry, will boost the development of multiple industries of fruit processing, storage, marketing, tourism and catering.

The report of the 13th Shaanxi Provincial Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized that the work of specialty modern agriculture construction shall be unswervingly pushed forward to optimize the industry, production and operation system of modern agriculture and enhance agricultural efficiency, farmer’s income and environmental beautification in rural areas.

After years of development, the apple planting area and output in Shaanxi have taken the lead nationwide. In accordance with the strategic plan of “accelerating the industrialization of apple-oriented fruit industry” proposed by Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Shaanxi Provincial Government, Shaanxi apple industry is at a crucial transition changing from quantity expansion to quality and efficiency-oriented development. At present, according to the Guiding Opinions on Building a Powerful Province of Modern Fruit Industry, the industrial transformation and upgrading have been pushed forward to foster a competitive modern fruit industry in Shaanxi.

Workers are pruning apple trees on orchard multi-functional operating platform imported from Italy in the dwarf apple orchard owned by Huasheng Fruit Company, Qianyang County. At present, more than 160 gardening and fruit tree stations and almost 2000 fruit industry technicians at county and township levels have been provided for major apple producing counties and areas.

A juice concentrate production line in a Yan’an-based food company with annual capacity of 10 thousand ton exports apple juice concentrate to the US and Turkey. There are 13 apple juice concentrate enterprises and 39 processing plants in Shaanxi with apple juice concentrate output accounting for 60% that of in China and export amount accounting for 50%, making Shaanxi a major juice concentrate processing and export base.

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