"Cultural Shaanxi" Tourism Promotion Attracted Wide Public Attention in Macao

2017-11-20 10:15:06 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Signing ceremony between 4 Shaanxi travel agencies and 4 Macao travel agencies at the promotion

Staff in Qin Dynasty costume welcoming guests at the promotion venue

The Qin and Han Dynasty Show premiered at the promotion has impressed Macao guests with Shaanxi culture.

Shaanxi is the cradle of Chinese culture and civilization. As a major activity of the 7th Shaanxi-Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Economic Cooperation Week, the “Cultural Shaanxi” Tourism Promotion in Macao was held on the morning of November 16, at which the Qin and Han Dynasty Show and Fu Tea ceremony with local characteristics fully revealed the charm of Shaanxi to Macao visitors.

Attended the promotion were Wei Zengjun, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province; Yao Jian, Deputy Director of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao SAR; Tan Junrong, Director of Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region and Wen Qihua, Director of Tourism Bureau of Macao SAR Government.

Live broadcast promotion activities to publicize “Cultural Shaanxi” worldwide

“The places of interest in Shaanxi will make your visit worthwhile, such as the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Terracotta Warriors and Horses and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Other interesting sites include Yan’an, a base of revolutionary culture and landscape sites of Mount Huashan and Hukou Waterfalls,” introduced Wang Haihu and Sun Wei, Shaanxi tourism image ambassadors at the promotion.

In addition to guests from travel agencies, the promotion also invited persons in charge of online travel agencies, wisdom travel enterprises, tourism enthusiasts and internet celebrities to provide live video links to the world through social network. The Qin and Han Dynasty Show premiered at the promotion in Macao has left Macao guests with a new and vivid impression of Shaanxi traditional song and dance.

At the promotion, 4 Shaanxi travel agencies and 4 Macao travel agencies signed cooperative agreements with detailed terms covering tourist number within a specific travel group, which considered to be more practical over the previous “strategic cooperation agreement”.

Deepened cooperation between Shaanxi and Macao in the past 5 years with 1.06 million tourists from Macro

After the introduction made by Shaanxi tourism image ambassadors, Tan Junrong expressed that he loves Shaanxi very much and Xi’an is one of his favorite cities. At present, Macao’s tourism industry adopts an international strategy and enjoys a steady and diversified development. Within the context of the Belt and Road and based on the previous vigorous cooperation in the fields of trade and economy, tourism and culture, Tan hoped for further cooperation in the abovementioned fields for mutual development.

Wen Zengjun said in his speech that as the cradle of Chinese civilization and culture, Shaanxi has been a strategic linkage in opening-up since ancient times. In recent years, Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and People’s Government of Shaanxi Province have taken the initiative to engage in the Belt and Road construction, building new heights for opening-up in inland areas and creating Belt and Road core area for all-for-one tourism development. Endowed with competitive regional advantages, complementary resources and people-to-people connectivity, Shaanxi and Macao, as major tourism destinations in the world share broad areas for cooperation and exchange.

“Hopefully both sides will seize this opportunity to share tourism market and resources for mutual tourism development and win-win cooperative relationship,” said Wen Zengjun, and he also extended his sincere invitation welcoming Macao guests to Shaanxi for recreation and investment.

Statistics from Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission showed that in the past 5 years, the number of tourists from Macao to Shaanxi reached 1.06 million person-times. In the first 3 quarters of 2017, the number reached 176 thousand person-times, up 8.2% year on year.

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