Terra-Cotta Warriors from China's Shaanxi Province Hits London

2017-11-10 13:40:56 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Fifty professional performers dressed up as terra-cotta warriors and court maids put on two spectacular performances near the EXCEL London and the London Eye on Nov. 6 and 7, 2017. The event represented an innovative way taken by Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission to market and promote local tourism worldwide. As the two amazing performances were held together with the 2017 World Travel Market, the commission aimed to take the event as an opportunity to impress the UK public and global tourism experts with a brand image featuring “Knowing China Starts with Knowing Shaanxi”.

The 2017 World Travel Market was opened to public at the EXCEL London in the morning of Nov. 6. Performers dressed up as the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang, imperial concubines and terra-cotta warriors and performed Terra-Cotta Warrior flashmob at the square. The graceful performances of Chinese court dances, most notably the lead performer's Dance of Qin Huang Dian Bing (Inspection of the Troops by Emperor Qin Shi Huang), attracted a large number of visitors, many of whom cheered enthusiastically and took photos with the dancers.

Another flashmob event was also presented near the London Eye, a landmark attraction beside the Thames River, on November 7. Audiences showed strong interests in traditional Chinese costumes and crowded to take photos with performers. Meanwhile, the Chinese performers gave Shaanxi-featured souvenirs including handicrafts, paper-cuts and small terracotta worriers to them in return. After that, performers took on a themed sightseeing bus to parade among Big Ben, China Town, St Paul’s Cathedral for staged photography sessions, which attracted an enthusiastic response from passers-by, many of whom took selfies with the performers and shared the photos on social network.

“It is amazing to witness the integration of the Terra-cotta Warriors and the modern dancing arts. I found the event highly interesting and Shaanxi will surely be part of my traveling story,” a spectator named David said.

The Terra-cotta Warriors flashmob event is a cultural feast as well as an innovative approach to market and promote Shaanxi tourism. The event further promotes Shaanxi’s profound culture and its unique tourism resources. It marks an important step in transforming the province into a world-renowned tourism destination and elevating its international brand image in tourism sector. Thanks to the event, Shaanxi is set to become an indispensable destination for global tourists.

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