Memorial Ceremony for Chinese Cuisine Originator Yi Yin Held in Heyang

2017-11-01 09:37:30 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On the morning of October 29, the memorial ceremony for Chinese cuisine originator Yi Yin was held in Heyang.

On the morning of October 29 and with bells chiming, “the 2nd Memorial Ceremony for Chinese Cuisine Originator Yi Yin” was held at Yi Yin Square, Qiachuan Town, Heyang County of Shaanxi Province. More than 2000 guests from governmental institutions, social organizations and media such as Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Weinan Municipal People’s Government, Heyang County People’s Government and China Cuisine Association attended the ceremony.

Consisting of three parts, the memorial ceremony revealed Heyang ancient cuisine culture from a historical perspective. The opening performance, which seamlessly integrated ritual opening words and classical dance with Heyang local tourism resources and regional culture, kicked off the ceremony.

After flower presentation, Jiang Junxian, Chair of China Cuisine Association delivered the elegiac oration.

Li Xiaodong, director of the ceremony said that Heyang County is closely related with the Book of Songs, and the story depicted in the famous line “The girl is lovely and slenderly tall, Whom the gentleman would adore” was happened in Heyang, which was also the theme of a dance in the performance. One of the distinctive features of this ceremony is the perfect combination of culture of Book of Songs and performances.

“The traditional memorial ceremony is solemn, while we added performances into today’s ceremony and considered its visual effects. Through the combination of classical style musical dance and ceremonial dress with Heyang regional culture and tourism culture, we have presented a visual feast for audience while maintaining the solemn atmosphere of the ceremony,” Li said.

After the ceremony, tourists were deeply impressed by the culture of Book of Songs and the excellent performances. A tourist commented that the memorial ceremony in the hometown of the Chinese cuisine originator is of special significance. As a tourist attraction endowed with both cultural and natural resources, Heyang will attract more visitors.

An Jianjun, Deputy Magistrate of Heyang County said, “through the 1st and 2nd memorial ceremony, the image of Chinese cuisine originator and the influence of Heyang cuisine culture have been widely accepted by the people. In the future, by taking the ceremony as a brand of Heyang and relying on all-for-one tourism development, we will further promote local cuisine culture to drive tourism industry and economic social development in Heyang County.”

After the memorial ceremony, the Chinese Cuisine Landmark City Submit Forum and 2017 Working Conference of Chinese Cuisine Association will be held at the same time in Heyang.

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