Makers' Wisdom Sparkles in Xi'an to Promote International Cooperation

2017-10-23 10:07:08 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

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“Being a maker is a unique way to look at the world. You can see that there are a great deal of resources worldwide, and you can adopt the resources for your own use and share them with others”, said by Mitch Altman, the founder of American famous maker space Noisebridge in Xi’an on Oct. 18th.

On Oct.18th, over 20 globally notable makers from America, Germany, Poland and some other countries got together in Xi’an, exchanged and shared experiences with over 100 local makers. With the theme of “border crossing and sharing”, the event aims at building a platform for international technological and cultural cooperation through the exchange of the makers at home and abroad, and promoting local “Double Creation” construction and international communication and collaboration.

The idea of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” has become the major carrier for the innovation-oriented development strategy since it was put forward. The team of Chinese makers continues enlarging, and environment for “Double Creation” continues getting improved under the background of Chinese government’s upcoming policies to support “Double Creation”.

Numbers of global notable makers and local makers are invited this time to share experiences, which broadens the international horizon for construction of local “Double Creation”, establishes close relation for collaboration among makers at home and abroad, and builds foundation for attracting global high-level talents to settle in Xi’an, said by Wang Li, deputy head of Beilin District of Xi’an

Being the important province for science and education, Shaanxi boasts abundant technological resources and many higher education institutions as well as research institutes. It is the major base for industries such as aerospace, aviation, armament, machinery and electronics. According to the statistics, up to the end of September, the number of various carriers for the maker is 342, including the maker space, incubators and small enterprises startup bases. The fixed asset investment for carriers for the makers is 18.7 billion RMB.

Entrepreneurship needs to match with market resources and provide applied value for the public or professional consumer group, for which the business eyesight is needed. However, some individual makers or small teams lack the ability, so the incubators and maker space should provide services for them, said by Xiao Dingqi, head of HAX Incubator, Xi’an.

The event promoted the deep exchange among the makers at home and abroad through the activities of makers sharing information, round-table and group discussion

Mitch Altman thinks that now the number of the maker space all around the world is increasing, especially in China. Maker space not only marks the hope for the increase of individual value, but also the driving force for economic development. Maker space is like a community where everyone can do what they like and learn from each other.

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