Tourism Stimulates Growth of Shaanxi's Holiday Economy

2017-10-10 11:20:24 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On October 4, tourists are queuing up to visit Shaanxi History Museum.

Shaanxi’s tourism industry was flourishing during the week-long holiday. According to statistics, Shaanxi received 56.3682 million domestic and foreign tourists from October 1 to 8, with a year-on-year growth of 7.4% (on a comparable basis of 7 days), and achieved tourism revenue of RMB 29.6 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 11.64%. With various types of tourism for the tourists to choose, tourism industry once again contributes a lot to the holiday economy of Shaanxi.

Stable and effective operation of the holiday tourism market based on quality

The tourism market still experiences a steady growth during the 8-day holiday despite the rainfall and temperature decline. The sample survey results show that the overnight visitors accounted for more than 40%, which directly results in substantial rise in accommodation, catering and shopping consumption. In terms of tourist inclination, travel for leisure accounted for 28.27% of the total number of visitors coming to Shaanxi, while travel for sightseeing accounted for 61.40%. In terms of tourist destination, intra-province tour and suburban tour are preferred. In terms of tourist demand, natural scenery, places of interest, theme park and tourist town are favored by individual tourists.

Creative tourism festivals with continuously-enriched new products and format

During the holidays, a series of cultural, interesting and participatory festivals are promoted based on the local features. Chang’an Impression -- Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony was held in the Xi’an City Wall scenic area, and Children’s play Nezha was launched in the Ocean Park; Baoji City launched 21 exquisite tourism routes, and Fengxiang County launched 18 theme events; Xianyang City held the half-marathon race along the Weihe River, Binxian County organized the Silk Road Tourism Festival, and Yongshou County held the “apple picking festival”; Tongchuan City launched the Chinese traditional medicine culture festival of Sun Simiao, Chenlu ceramic culture festival, red tourism festival in Zhaojin Town and other activities; Dali County, Linwei District, Heyang County and Huayin City of Weinan City launched the intangible cultural heritage performances, the display of traditional handicraft and other activities; Huangling National Forest Park in Yan’an City launched the Mid-autumn Festival concert, photo contest on red autumnal leaves and other activities; Yulin City launched a series of activities including visiting Baiyun Mountain in Jiaxian County, bicycle race along the Yellow River and the Red Jujube Festival in Qingjian County; Hanzhong City launched the Lily Festival, the Citrus Culture Festival, etc.; Shiquan County of Ankang City held the “Autumn of Water Native Land” Tourism Culture Festival, and Hanyin County held the “Scarecrow Art Festival”, etc.; the Golden Silk Gorge scenic spot in Shangluo City launched preferential ticket, and Zhen’an County held the Cultural Tourism Week, etc.; Yangling District launched the parent-child study tours like modern agriculture leisure tour—season 3.

Increase of new and free scenic spots and significant improvement in comprehensive benefits

With overall advancement of building Shaanxi into a national demonstration province for all-for-one tourism, a number of new scenic spots which are very popular in the markets are open to the tourists, thus further enriching the panoramic tourism product system. During the holidays, Qixi Park of Kunming Pond had 920,000 tourist arrivals, Xi’an Qinling National Botanical Garden had 115,600, Shenguo Watertown in Heyang County had 264,000, and Taohuayuan Scenic Spot in Weinan City had 231,000. After Lantian County adopted the policy of free admission, Shangluo City, Fengxiang County of Baoji as well as other cities and counties also introduced the policy of free admission or half- price concession tickets, which significantly facilitated the transformation from singular ticket economy to comprehensive tourism consumption. During the holidays, Lantian County had 1,306,000 tourist arrivals, with a consolidated tourism revenue of RMB 303 million yuan; Fengxiang County had 329,000, with the revenue of RMB 298 million yuan.

Travel along the Yellow River and folk specialty became a hit

During the holidays, many people choose to drive their cars for traveling, with 108,000 cars passing the Dali section of the tour route along the Yellow River. There are 475,900 tourists visting Temple of Sima Qian in Hancheng City, 413,700 visiting Hechuan Wetland Scenic Area in Heyang County, 201,600 visiting Hukou Waterfall Scenic Area in Yichuan County, and 41,600 visiting Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot in Jiaxian County.

During the holidays, folk villages, tourist towns and leisure farms had attracted a large number of tourists. Agritourism scenic spots like Yuan Jia Cun Village, Ma Wei Yi Folk Culture Village, Water Street in Zhouzhi County and Bailucang Scenic Area had more than 1,000,000 tourist arrivals, Qingmuchuan Ancient Town had 173,000 tourist arrivals, the “eight beautiful villages” in Shangluo City had 565,700, Fengbin Water Town of Fengdong New Town had 357,500, the Leisure Farm in Yangling Demonstration Zone had 58,000, and the folk villages (Chiniuwa village and Nihegou village) in Jiaxian County had 79,700.

The popular TV drama Nothing Gold Can Stay is a great stimulus to the tourism market of Jingyang County and Sanyuan County. Many tourists came to Zhoujiadayuan to visit the former residence of “ZhouYing” (the major character in this TV series) and taste the Jingyang Jinggao and Fuzhuan tea. During the holidays, Zhoujiadayuan hosted 181,700 tourists, and Sanyuan County 899,600.

Sports truism is also a big hit. During the holidays, Shayuan Scenic Area in Dali County welcomed 79,500 tourists, Zhaojin Town in Tongchuan City 75,000, and Yingpan Town in Zhashui County 144,200.

Better, civilized and smart services

Shaanxi has made remarkable achievements in the construction of smart cities, smart tourist spots and smart villages. Electronic monitoring system is available for the entire Huashan Scenic Spot to realize real-time control of the tourist flow; online reservation system is adopted for Terra-Cotta Warriors Scenic Spot to effectively ease the pressure on tourists of buying tickets. Lintong District and Zhashui County established the holiday travel command hall, while the departments of tourism, public security, business and transportation made scientific deployment of ferry capacity and tourist flow based on the real-time monitoring information and traffic data. The tourism website Juntu had dealt with 310,000 online transactions, achieving a tourism revenue of RMB 39 million yuan. The number of visits to Cunyouwang (Shaanxi) reached 3,45 million, with 22,000 transactions and transaction amount of RMB 15.3 million yuan.

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