"Sitting Tiger Clay Sculpture" in Liuying Village, Fengxiang County

2017-09-29 15:45:51 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Recently, a “Sitting Tiger Clay Sculpture” showed up in the square of Liuying Village of Fengxiang County, Baoji, which attracted wide public attention. This “Sitting Tiger” is a part of China Clay Sculpture and Culture Park in Liuying Folk Village under construction, which added glory to “the first clay sculpture village in China”.

With height of 11m and base of 10m, the colorful “Sitting Tiger” boasts the largest tiger clay sculpture in the world. Designed by Hu Xinming, successor of Fengxiang clay sculpture, the tiger adopted reinforced-concrete structure with construction period of 120 days. The tiger is well-designed in posture and decorated with lotus and peony patterns to indicate good luck and best wishes.

Fengxiang clay sculpture is a kind of folk art called clay-ware by local people mainly used as mascot to bring people good luck or toys for children. By making reference to decoration patterns on primitive painted pottery, bronze ware in Zhou Dynasty, stone carvings in Han and Tang Dynasties, New Year paintings, paper cutting and embroidery, the clay sculpture adopts exaggerated appearance, bright colors of red, green and yellow and black hook lines to produce a contrast effect. The Fengxiang clay sculpture was listed among National Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2006.

With the fame of “the first clay sculpture village”, Liuying Village in the southeast of Fengxiang County has a long lasting history of making clay sculptures and is home to many famous clay sculpture masters. 80% of the villagers are engaged in clay sculpturing with annual sales of more than 500 thousand pieces. The sculptures sell well on international market and many visitors come all their way to Fengxiang County to appreciate and buy them. Led by clay sculpture masters such as Hu Shen and Hu Xinmin, craftsmen have successfully innovated the making process based on traditional ones to develop more than 200 kinds of clay sculptures. The clay horse and sheep had been selected by State Post Bureau of the PRC as stamp pattern for Chinese zodiac year of horse in 2002 and year of sheep in 2003. The “Sitting Tiger Clay Sculpture” won Mountain Flower Award for Chinese Folk Literature and Art, and the “Rooster Clay Sculpture” in 2017 was shown on CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Since last year, relied on abundant ecological and cultural resources, Liuying Village has carried out the campaign of transformation and upgrading to establish China Clay Sculpture Culture Park. In the future, multiple projects including cultural expo center, folk art R&D center, clay sculpture street, Shaanxi-style food street and wood engraving new year painting will be launched to create “the first clay sculpture village in China”.

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