A Good Rice Harvest in Mianxian County in Autumn

2017-09-29 14:57:42 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The rolling mountains and golden paddy fields dotted with houses have composed beautiful countryside scenery.

September is the rice harvest time in Mianxian County. With 145 thousand mu paddy fields, Mianxian has been honored as “a land of milk and honey” in the northwest from ancient times. Hanjiang River, the largest tributary of Yangtze River passing through Mianxian County, formed the fertile Hanzhong Basin, which offered favorable conditions for agricultural production. Since this year, Mianxian County has promoted the construction of green and high-yielding rice base and expanded areas of mechanical rice seedlings transplanting with demonstration area of 8420 mu and direct rice seedlings transplanting area of 1640 mu, a production increase of 2.6% per mu against the amount in last year. The autumn fields are filled the fragrance of rice and earth and dotted with harvesters and transporters, echoing the smiles on the faces of industrious farmers.

The maturing rice laden with hopes against the blue sky

Colorful paddy fields of different shapes form a natural palette.

Industrious people in the fields at dusk

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