Hanyin County to Hold “Rice Aroma” Tourist Activities

2017-09-08 13:45:06 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Scenic Hanyin in autumn

Having said goodbye to summer when “the emerald lotus leaves reach as far as where water and skies meet”, and waiting for deep autumn when “serried woods deep-dyed”, Hanyin is embracing endless golden rice paddies in the blue sky. The amazing beauty of the sceneries composes an ink painting without any embellishment.

Hanyin has long been known as “the Land of Abundance” and “the Land of Plenty”land of fish and rice. In 2017, its rice plantation area reached 107,000 mu with the expected output of 47,800 tons. Standing at any place in the field, one can see the wagging rice dancing like water waves. The filed is permeated with rice aroma as the wind touches by.

From September 8 to October 22, 2017, Hanyin will launch a series of tourism activities: It will hold “Happy Rice Tourism Season” tourism activity in Fengyangu Titian Scenic Zone, and organize other participatory activities including “Scarecrow Art Festival” and “Rice Harvest Season”. Hanyin welcomes tourists both in and out of Shaanxi to travel on rural roads, enjoy scenic gardens and initiate road trips. It will invite square dancers to participate in “Beautiful Autumn” Square Dance Competition, promoting healthy and happy life. On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hanyin plans to organize a poetry seminar to promote Chinese traditional culture, advocating morality, harmony and frugality. It will set up selenium-rich food sales points in tourist-intensive places to promote Hanyin food and tourism commodities via on-line and off-line channels. During the seven-day National Holiday, it will hold 2017 Hanyin Cooking Contest and Selenium-rich Food Exhibition in downtown area to fully present the techniques of making selenium-rich food in Hanyin.

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