The Xi'an Debut of "the Earliest Tea in the World"

2017-09-06 09:20:35 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The debut of cultural creative products – Tea of Han Dynasty in Xi’an

Do you know that “the earliest tea in the world” of 2,100 years ago, a Guinness world record, was unearthed in Hanyang Mausoleum? The first series of cultural creative products, developed from “the earliest tea in the world” by Hanyang Mausoleum Museum, made its debut in Xi’an on August 29th.

“The earliest tea in the world”, acclaimed as “the treasure of Hanyang Mausoleum”, is a witness of the origin of the ancient “Silk Road”. Adopting the unique shapes of tiles unearthed from Yangling Mausoleum and the curing methods of “Jingyang Fu Tea”, a national intangible cultural heritage, Hanyang Mausoleum Museum made the tile-shaped tea cakes and got them patented. Those cultural creative products will be brought to Scotland and be presented at the exhibition for Chinese traditional arts and crafts, so that the world will have a chance to experience traditional Chinese culture and its tea culture.

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