Xi’an Entrepreneurs’ “Circle of Friends” Gather the Capital Strength of over 3,000 Billion

2017-08-25 11:13:38 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The remarkable 1st World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention has been a recent hot spot, where the representatives of Xi’an Entrepreneurs’ “Circle of Friends”, including Ma Yun, Liu Chuanzhi and Wang Chuanfu, said that they would make significant investment in Xi’an. The participants spoke their minds in Xi’an and made suggestions for the development of Xi’an. Then, what are the sizes of the listed companies that Xi’an Entrepreneurs have in charge? The reporter has made analysis and statistics.

Look through Xi’an Entrepreneurs’ “Circle of Friends”

Gathering the capital strength of over 3,000 billion

The rapid development of economy is greatly due to the capital market, and the listed company is the representative of the strength of a region and even a country. Then, what are the sizes of the listed companies that Xi’an Entrepreneurs “Circle of Friends” have in charge? As Alibaba, Sohu, Lenovo, BYD and other companies were listed in different capital markets, the reporter has analyzed that the total market value of these enterprises is more than RMB 3.5 trillion Yuan, according to the listing locations of these enterprises.

According to the reporter’s analysis, the estimated total market value of only the listed companies mentioned below has exceeded RMB 3,500 billion Yuan, far exceeding the annual GDP gross (RMB 1,916 billion Yuan) of Shaanxi last year. Moreover, distributing in several emerging fields and industries, such as the Internet, real estate, automotive, software services, these companies will contribute to the economic construction and sustainable development in Xi’an and Shaanxi.

US-listed Companies: the market value of Alibaba has been abreast of Apple and Google

Alibaba: the leader in the domestic E-commerce, online payment, B2B online trading market and cloud computing. In the closing on August 18, the share price of the Alibaba listed in the U.S. was US $167.5, and its total market value was US $400.485 billion, approximately RMB 2,670 billion Yuan calculated at the latest exchange rate, which allows the enterprise match the global technology giants on the scale, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon. On August 19, Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba, said he would establish the Northwest Headquarters of Alibaba in Xi’an.

JD.COM: at the closing on August 18, JD.COM got its share price at $40.13, and its total market value was US$ 63 billion (RMB 420 billion Yuan). This May, JD.COM and Xi’an Civil Aerospace Industrial Base signed the cooperation agreement on JD Global Logistics headquarters, JD Unmanned Ariel Systems Center and JD Cloud Computing Center.

SOHU: SOHU listed in the U.S. closed at US$ 53.41, and its total market value was about US$ 2.2 billion(RMB 14.6 billion Yuan). Zhang Chaoyang, Chairman and CEO of SOHU, was born and grew up in Xi’an.

HK-listed Companies: Lenovo and GEELY have exceeded HK$ 200 billion

Lenovo Holdings: on August 20, Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of Lenovo Holdings and Founder of the Lenovo Group, is one of the schoolfellows of Entrepreneurs in Xi’an, and graduated from Xi’an Military Telecommunications Engineering Institute (now Xidian University). Lenovo Holdings listed in Hong Kong has a total market value of about HK$ 45.24 billion, with the closing price of HK$ 19.2 on August 18.

GEELY Auto: Gui Shengyue, a graduate of Xi’an Jiaotong University, has served as Executive Director, Managing Director and CEO of GEELY Holding Group since 2006, being one of the “outstanding Entrepreneurs in Xi’an” in this Convention. This July, GEELY signed with Xi’an Municipal Government to launch the new energy automobile industrialization projects in Jingwei New Town, Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone. The total market value of GEELY Auto is HK$ 167.468 billion, calculated at HK$ 18.72 on August 18.

Chinasoft International: Chen Yuhong, Chairman and CEO of Chinasoft International, is one of the “outstanding Entrepreneurs in Xi’an”, and the Enterprise has the title of “Leading Enterprise in IT Service” in the industry. On August 18th, Chinasoft International has a total market value of about HK$ 10.211 billion, with the closing price of HK$ 4.25.

A-share companies: BYD makes a great difference

BYD: The industrial park of BYD in Xi’an is the first batch of the Enterprise’s automobile production base in China. On August 18, with the share price of RMB 48.55 Yuan, BYD’ total market value was about RMB 125.5 billion Yuan. BYD has made a great difference in Xi’an.

Vantone Real Estate: Feng Lun, Chairman of the Vantone Group is from Xi’an and graduated from Northwest University. In the Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention, he won the honor “the Most Influential Entrepreneur in Xi’an”. With the latest closing price of RMB 4.7 Yuan, the total market value of Vantone Real Estate is about RMB 9.6 billion Yuan.

360 Company is expected to return the A share, with the estimated value of one hundred billion

360 Company: Zhou Hongwei, Chairman of 360 Company, was graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University and is one of the schoolfellows of Entrepreneurs in Xi’an. The market value of the Company was about US $9.3 billion last year before its privatization. This March, Qihoo 360 was renamed as “360 Technology Co., Ltd.” and launched the A stock pre-listing tutoring. Previously, investors believed that if 360 Company was listed in the A stock market, its market value might reach the level of hundred billion.

The total market value of 46 companies in Shaanxi exceeds RMB 600 billion Yuan

There are lots of traditional manufacturing industries but fewer internet companies

The number of listed companies, the industries these companies belong to, the enterprise scales and profit margin and other indicators can be regarded as the epitome of the local economic development.

Then, what about the strength of the listed companies in Shaanxi that represent the power of the Entrepreneurs in Xi’an in a sense? Reporters searched Wind Information and found that, through calculation at the closing price on August 18, 46 companies listed currently in A-share market have a total market value of RMB 625 billion Yuan. In the first half of this year, the GDP gross of Xi’an was RMB 330.4 billion Yuan. In other words, the total market value of the companies in Shaanxi was about 1.9 times of the semi-annual GDP of Xi’an.

In terms of the market value rankings, Shaanxi Coal Industry whose parent company enters Fortune 500 and ranks the top with RMB 78.4 billion Yuan. And AECC Power and AVIC respectively rank second and third with RMB 57.78 billion Yuan and RMB 53.103 billion Yuan. The enterprises whose total market value reach the level of ten billion also include Western Securities, Longi Group, CCOOP, China XD Group, Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co, Ltd. and J&R Optimum Energy, Shaanxi International Trust, Shaanxi Ligeance Mineral Resource, Xi’an Shangu Power, Shaanxi Aerospace Power, China Resources and Environment, CAISSA and Xi’an International Medical Investment Company.

It is found that, according to the classification industries by the SFC, most listed companies in Shaanxi are relatively traditional manufacturing and processing industries, involving 29 companies, others are scattered in the retail, finance, real estate, catering, civil engineering building, commercial service industries, etc. It is not difficult to find that majority of companies in Shaanxi listed on the main board have deep foundation in traditional fields. However, through review of the domestic capital market, some emerging areas, such as the Internet-related software and services, and business and service companies, consumer service companies and other companies, are lacking among the current Shaanxi Enterprises and needs to be reinforced.

With analysis and integration, it is found that, the capital embodied by the Xi’an Entrepreneurs’ “Circle of Friends” has exceeded RMB 3,500 billion Yuan, and adding the over 600 billion of 46 companies in Shaanxi, the actual capital of Xi’an Entrepreneurs has exceeded 4,000 billion. The number is more than twice as much as the GDP of Shaanxi last year. It is believed that, with such huge capital, under the promotion of more capital of the “Circle of Friends”, the development of Xi’an will achieve a new breadth.

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