East Axis: Exemplifying "the Internationalization" of Xi'an

2017-08-23 10:02:32 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Design Sketch of Xi’an Sports Center

East axis of Great Xi’an (area in red circle)

The industrial pattern of “Five Ports and Four Cities” in the eastern central areas of Great Xi’an

Five Ports: Expo Finance Port, Free Trade Port, Trade Logistics Port, Smart Business Port, International Airport

Four Cities: International Ecological City, International Sports and Health City, Silk Road International University City and International Cultural Tourism City

Beautiful Chanba Expo Park

In the map of the “Spatial Pattern Plan of Great Xi’an”, there are 3 north-south axes running through Great Xi’an, among which the east axis is both an ecological modern service axis and a cultural exchange axis. With numerous cultural relics, it witnesses the rich history of the ancient capital city, runs through many modern service landmarks and links Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park (XITLP for short), Chanba Ecological District (CBE for short) and Qujiang New District. A new ecological modern service center performing modern service, cultural sports and exposition is thus built to promote the development of the eastern area and make Xi’an a city with high cultural atmosphere and “international style”.

The stereoscopic Silk Road

Establishing Open Accesses

With sesame seed cakes made of Kazakhstan flour and imported meat, the traditional snack, Chinese hamburger is internationalized inside out. Goods from all over the world are continually transported to Xi’an and altering ordinary people’s life style and quality. Relying on XITLP, Xi’an, the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, stands once again at the forefront of China’s opening-up.

Ports are moved inward, orders are handled on the spot, and multimodal transport and seamless docking are realized. By virtue of the inland port platform that XITLP offers, China-Europe Train “Chang’an” connects Central Asia and Europe by transporting Chinese high quality products to Central Asia and Europe and returning back with goods from these countries. Cargo charter flights for cross-border e-commerce started by Xi’an cross-border e-commerce platform “Iesroad”, bridge the world trade by “truck-air-truck”. Xi’an Port, the first inland port with both international and domestic codes, opened the international land-sea freight transportation channels with Port of Melbourne and Port of Lyttelton. All-round opening of “land-sea-air” makes Xi’an which is not along the coast, along the river and near the border stand at the forefront of opening up.

“Global purchase, sale and enjoyment” is gradually turning into reality in the ancient city. Aiju Grain and Oil Industry Group establishes a factory in Kazakhstan, to import quality agricultural products from Kazakhstan and output domestic production capacity. Shaanxi Fu tea is also sold to Central Asia through the channel. XITLP helps the “B & R” achieve seamless trade.

Successive approval of Xi’an Railway Port, Designated Port of Imported Meat, Designated Port of Imported Cereals, Imported Automobiles Port adds more advantages for the trade platform. More and more foreign quality goods efficiently enter common people’s life and give them the chance to enjoy fresh life synchronous with the world. The import and export trade is growing rapidly. In 2016, the cargo throughput of Xi’an Port reaches 130 thousand TEUs and 2.62 million tons with a year-on-year growth of 20.3%. The establishment of the stereoscopic opening channel at the northernmost end of the East Axis has become an important support to carry out the B & R initiative.

City-Industry Integration

Building a New Sports Culture Center

Sports show the spirit of a city as well as the lifestyle and quality of the citizens. After awarded the 2021 National Games, Shaanxi will build Xi’an Sports Center which will be completed in 2020.

Xi’an Sports Center, located in the west bank of Bahe River, covers an area of 1300 mu from Xiangdong Road in south to Liuxin Road in north. With beautiful natural landscape, good municipal infrastructure and convenient transportation, it is composed of one stadium with 60 thousand seats and 3 gymnasia which include one sports gymnasium with 12 thousand seats, one swimming and diving gymnasium with 6 thousand seats and one tennis gymnasium with 15 thousand seats. Together with the surrounding green square and fitness facilities under the planning, it will become a “green, open, vigorous and quality” sports-themed park and a new landmark in Xi’an, promote the rapid development of the eastern area, and help XITLP to be “the biggest inland port and a world-class modern service industry park”.

Wu Gang, member of Shaanxi Provincial Decision Advisory Committee and deputy director of the Economic Department of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, commented that Xi’an Sports Center locating in XITLP corresponded with “healthy Shaanxi and quality Xi’an” and would cause an investment boom with a flow of people, logistics, capital and information. In the future, Xi’an Sports Center will be a comprehensive sports gym for international and domestic high-level games, youth training and public recreation. It will become one of the most international, ecological and vigorous regions in Xi’an, build international life circles and health industry clusters, and promote leapfrog development in the eastern part of Xi’an.

Water as the Medium

Building a New Platform for Ecotourism

CBE is a bright pearl inlaid in the eastern part of Xi’an for its good environment and beautiful scenery. CBE endeavors to build a tourist industry of “ecologicalization, tourismification, landscaping and gardening”. In the future, taking “water” and “green” as core elements, it will construct functional ecological corridors along Chanhe River and Bahe River, build an ecological framework connecting mountain and water, value biocenosis and biodiversity of aquatic species purifying water, increase the function of the negative oxygen ions in fighting against air pollution, effectively improve the ecological environment quality of the region as well as that of Xi’an, and take a leading role as a national demonstration area of ecological civilization.

After years of construction and development, CBE has completed recreational travel projects, including Xi’an Expo Park, Chanba National Wetland Park, Taohuatan Park, Chanba Zishui Park, and ChanBa Yanminghu Leisure Park. They are not only important achievements of the ecological civilization construction of CBE, but also an important carrier of people sharing ecological achievements and spreading ecological concepts.

With water as the medium, CBE makes great efforts in enhancing the international culture and exhibition culture, and will make itself a modern cultural tourism industrial zone with the most “international style”. Based on Euro-Asia Economic Forum, the “B & R” initiative and the national and international level standards, Xi’an Silk Road International Exhibition Center, located in bank of Bahe River and adjacent to Xi’an Expo Park, will create “a new polar nucleus in the northwest exhibition industry and a new engine of Xi’an exhibition economy”.

In addition, the highly anticipated “Wanda Cultural Tourism City” has officially settled in CBE. As a key project in Xi’an, the China Cultural Tourism City will be officially in trial operation in the second half year. And people-benefit project Guangyuntan Park is under construction and the 4th Expo Music Festival will be staged in September. CBE is trying to build a new stereoscopic travel brand and a exemplary model of eco-tourism by actively developing ecological tourism, cultural tourism and creative tourism.

The Opening-up Gesture

Promote comprehensively the “international style” of Xi’an

It is urgent to “make Chang’an an international wet city and an upgraded version of San Antonio.” Xi’an who is promoting the construction of a national center city and an international metropolis city needs a window for international communication, and Xi’an Consulate Area located in Xi’an East Axis plays an important part of this mission.

Xi’an Consulate Area is located north of Guang’an Road, west of Jinyi Road, south of Chanba Avenue, and east of the 9th Jinmao Road. Approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and officially constructed in August, 2013, with a total investment of about RMB 4.5 billion yuan, it plans to cover a total area of 610 acres and a total construction area of about 610 thousand square meters, and is composed of 3 functional areas including a building area, a foreign culture area and a Silk Road business district. The building area constituted by unified construction buildings and self-built buildings can hold 25 countries’ consulates and other buildings. The foreign culture area mainly builds supporting facilities including Silk Road international art centers, foreign affairs service centers, tourist service centers, foreign-related hotels, international schools and commercial services. The Silk Road business district is to construct Silk Road international trade centers, first-class office buildings and international apartments.

As one of the 9 China embassy and consulate areas being formally approved, Xi’an Consulate Area has become an important opening-up platform for Shaanxi and Xi’an. At present, visa centers of France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Hungary and Spain have settled in the area and annually handle more than 100 thousand visa applications. Besides, Kampuchea Consul-general has settled in the area recently.

Relying on Silk Road, the “B & R”, ASEAN, the BRICS and SCO, Xi’an Consulate Area takes Eurasia as the diplomatic priority. It endeavors to construct a new “B & R” diplomatic window, a new starting point of Silk Road Economic Belt, a forerunner zone of international metropolis, a gathering area of consulates, business institutions and international organizations, a bearing zone of foreign affairs, international economy and trade, and cultural exchanges, and a supporting area of business office, international conferences and foreigners to open a door for opening-up.

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