Mobile Smart City Changes the Life of Xi'an Citizens

2017-08-22 14:25:04 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Alipay Demonstration Street at Beiyuan Gate attracts many visitors every day

When Xi’an’s "ancient capital grey" meets with Alipay’s "technology blue", what fantastic reaction will happen? As mobile payment and mobile government are increasingly popular, recently, Ma Yun, chairman of the board of Alibaba has said in Xi’an that he will, together with Xi’an Municipal Government, build Xi’an into the first mobile smart city in northwest China.

“I hope to participate in the construction of Xi’an technology capital, fashion capital and consumption capital.” Ma Yun said that Ant Financial will further increase investment and development in Xi’an, and make full use of modernization and high-tech power, so as to help the construction of Xi’an city.

On August 19, Xi’an signed cooperation agreement with Ant Financial, announcing to jointly promote the construction of Xi’an mobile smart city. Both parties agreed to comprehensively cooperate on transportation, business, people’s livelihood, government affairs, credit and other fields, so as to make business more intelligent, finance benefit more people, and society more efficient, increase people’s sense of acquisition, thus promoting city upgrading in a larger scale and creating “new smart” of ancient city.

Mobile payment wakes up city life

Scanning QR code to check out is convenient and hygienic

After six o’clock in the morning every day, numerous cart with signboard of quality-assured breakfast occur on streets and roads of Xi’an on time. Journalist has understood that since 2015 when Xi’an Good Morning Ancient Capital “Quality-assured Breakfast” Wellbeing Project starts the cooperation with Alipay, over one thousand breakfast stalls in Xi’an have been connected with Alipay at present.

Wei Nan, manager of the planning department of Xi’an Good Morning Ancient Capital Quality-assured Breakfast Project Co., Ltd. said, “Presently, popularity rate of paying quality-assured breakfast with Alipay is relatively high. Every day over ten thousand people use Alipay to buy quality-assured breakfast.”

For a long time, there had been a problem for office staff to buy breakfast in morning rush hour. Time is running out, but so many people are lining up to buy breakfast, and it is even more upset to prepare change or wait for change. Li Xiaoling, quality-assured breakfast salesperson outside Kaiyuan Mall near the Bell Tower said, “Alipay has solved many inconveniences in breakfast payment. It saves time for cashier to pay change, is hygienic, and greatly promotes the efficiency of breakfast carts.” Citizens who have experienced it said, in the past, we shall wait for long from starting to line up to pay and get the breakfast when buying breakfast in morning rush hour, but now we only need to scan the QR code on the cart and get the breakfast, which is quick and in no need of lining up to pay money.

Cui Weiting, quality-assured breakfast salesperson outside Administration Center, told journalist that there are many young people coming and going, and they can sell 1,300 to 1,400 breakfasts, of which a half are paid with Alipay.

Besides, during August 18 to September 8, quality-assured breakfast has “one cent for breakfast” in Xi’an every Friday. You can have RMB 3.5 off if paying with Alipay for breakfast costing over RMB 3.5. We can see many people lining up to experience this sales activity for breakfast on site. It is understood that this is a promotional activity of Alipay Ant Financial for promoting mobile smart city in Xi’an. With increasingly broadened payment scenes, vegetable markets and other scenes will join in gradually, and Xi’an citizens will have more conveniences in payment in daily life in the future.

Let information run for citizens

Using mobile phone to check accumulation fund benefits over 2.2 million employers

Except using Alipay to wake up Xi’an, mobile smart city can make the public service of government more precise, fine and humanized. A few days ago, Xi’an house accumulation fund Alipay Smart Service Platform was formally opened. From August 18, employers with provident deposit in Xi’an House Accumulation Fund Management Center can check personal accumulation fund deposit, extraction, loan and repayment detail and other information in Aliay city service module after getting real-name authentication on Alipay without having to enter user name and password. It can avoid inconvenience made by employers’ forgetting user name and password, reduce operation procedures, and promote convenience and safety for employers to check personal accumulation fund information. This service will benefit over 2.2 million employers with the provident deposit.

“In later period, the center will actively promote the use of Alipay’s face authentication, intelligent agent and other services.” Ma Tao, deputy director of Xi’an House Accumulation Fund Management Center, said that the cooperation with Alipay is the implementation of “administrative efficiency revolution”, the creation of “smart city”, and a beneficial attempt for House Accumulation Fund Management Center to speed up promotion of “Internet+ government affairs service”. It also provides employers with a more safe, convenient and quick service based on multiple check services such as phone, website, business hall, etc. which makes it convenient for employers to check the information of house accumulation fund in time and plays a positive role in safeguarding their own rights and interests.

The most intuitive experience of building a mobile smart city is that mobile payment is further popularized and infiltrated. Citizens living in mobile smart city can conveniently consume, travel and see a doctor, etc. with only a mobile phone. According to the agreement signed by Xi’an and Ant Financial Group, in the future Ant Financial Group will provide advanced technology and bring in industrial investment, through exporting technology, investment and talents, it will help Xi’an municipal government solve smart travel and other problems and increase public service level.

By opening up mobile Internet and all kinds of government affairs services, construction of “Internet + government affairs” can be promoted, which makes public service more efficient. According to the data from Ant Financial, since April, 2016 when Xi’an Alipay “city service” was online, it has opened up 36 online government affairs services including government affairs, medical treatment, vehicle owner, transportation and integration, etc., served 9 million person-time of Xi’an users in total, with its users increasing by 13 times compared with the previous period. Great efforts are made in “let information run more and people run less”.

Commercial consumption drives industrial innovation

Finance benefits more, business more intelligent

Convenience of mobile government affairs is only a point for driving Xi’an in the creation of mobile smart city. What is more common is mobile payment scene everywhere on Xi’an streets. QR codes can be seen everywhere no matter at food and beverage stalls in Hui community, at wholesalers in North West Light-Duty Wholesale Market, or in large supermarkets such as CR Vanguard, etc.

Journalist has discovered in North West Light-Duty Wholesale Market, the biggest wholesale market in northwest region that, most merchants have an Alipay QR payment code posted in the store. Zhao Hua, who has been wholesaling and selling electronic goods for 11 years, summarized the five advantages of “charge code”: totally free, easy bookkeeping, anti-counterfeit money, free from change, real-time broadcast.

“Since May this year when I started to use Alipay charge code, for consumers, they can get a bounty every time they pay by pay code; for merchants, it has reduced the rate of getting counterfeit money with online payment and the transmission of pathogen to a certain extent. Besides, it displays every bill, which is more simple and explicit for merchants and reduces my workload.” Zhao Hua was happy to show voice prompt function of charge code, “it has real-time voice prompt for every bill and avoids online fraud.”

As business person, on one hand, they have to earn money to create revenue, and on the other hand, they have to save money to save cost. Bringing in of mobile payment can earn more money, but for small merchants, there is a high threshold for joining in and a high withdraw service charge rate. However, once “charge code” was occurred, it was named “charge tool for merchants with the lowest threshold in history”. Zhao Hua feels good about “charge code” and becomes offline promotion service provider, promoting “charge code” among other merchants in North West Light-Duty Wholesale Market.

“Presently, among over 1,600 merchants in the market, 70% has been using Alipay for charging.” Chen Zeyi, general manager of Shaanxi North West Light-Duty Wholesale Market Management Co., Ltd. said that, with the changing of business environment, North West Light-Duty Wholesale Market has been seeking for industrial upgrading into market with both retail and wholesale, It is now relying on Alipay to make more marketing support and data precipitation, so as to promote software capability of the market and build North West Light-Duty Wholesale Market into the first “retail + wholesale” market in northwest China.

Credit consolidates mobile smart city

Citizens can pay life fee at home

Xi’an is famous for delicious food. Most of visitors wandering in Hui Minority Street, landmark of Xi’an, choose to taste Jiasan soup dumpling, Shaanxi Thirteen ice cream and other delicious food. No matter Xi’an citizens or foreign visitors, they do not need to carry wallet for shopping or buying here, which can be done by scanning Alipay code. So far, average daily transaction number of offline merchants in Xi’an Koubei has reached about 270 thousand.

Zou Liang, vice president of Ant Financial, believed that every mobile payment can be precipitated as data and accumulated as credit, and that mobile smart city can make business more intelligent, finance benefit more people and society more efficient. “With many years of accumulated technological capability and exploration and practice in mobile payment and credit city construction of Ant Financial, we hope to, together with more partners, contribute our power to building Xi’an into mobile smart city.”

The data indicates that by the end of June, 2017, Ant Financial has issued consumer loans of RMB 18.266 billion in Xi’an in total, and has issued business loan of RMB 4.687 billion for 50.4 thousand small and micro-sized enterprises and personal operators, of which merchants with the biggest number of loans has got 1,510 times of loan, the lowest of which is RMB 11. Many small and micro-sized enterprises are users who cannot be covered by financial institutions in the past.

Nowadays, Xi’an citizens can use mobile phone to pay life fee at home easily, and nearly 0.5 million Xi’an people have paid life fee with Alipay. Citizens can travel with only a mobile phone, for many automobile passenger stations support to buy tickets through mobile payment; nearly a hundred of parking lots has joined in Alipay “smart parking lot” plan; 18 universities of Xi’an has opened up campus card, and hundreds of thousands of university students are experiencing convenient campus life through mobile phone.

With mobile payment, mobile government affairs and other convenient services as measures, promotion of sense of acquisition as the core, we are to promote the smart upgrading of business consumption, transportation and public service of the entire city, drive the application of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other new infrastructures in the city, so as to achieve future city upgrading model with the trinity of end, network and cloud, and synergetic development of hardware and software infrastructure.

Ma Yun believed that, Xi’an is an important city in northwest China, the starting point of “Belt & Road”, and one of the central cities in China’s Western Development. Alibaba and Ant Financial have been concerning about Xi’an and the development of northwest region, focusing on development and service opportunities in Xi’an, and hoping to join in the construction of Great Xi’an, so as to better contribute to the construction of “Belt & Road” and China’s Western Development.

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