"Western American Crape Myrtle Manor" in Meixian County Meets the Best Time to Enjoy Flowers

2017-08-10 09:40:09 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The flower season of the red crape myrtle lasts for several months, which makes the flowers the most beautiful scenery in summer. On August 3, in the Western American Crape Myrtle Manor located in the east of the Textile Industrial Park in Changxing Town, Meixian County, Baoji City and in the north bank of Weihe River, the crape myrtle flowers of a thousand mu had the best time for their seasonal display. The fiery red flowers fell over each opening, delicate and charming. While strolling through the footpaths in the Manor and enjoying the white clouds, dancing butterflies and waved flowers, the tourists were lost in the beautiful and romantic flower sea, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The "Western American Crape Myrtle Manor" project was invested and built by Shaanxi Wantian Landscaping Development Co., Ltd. with crape myrtle flowers of American “Three-red” (Red Rocket, Red Dynamite, and Pink Velour) as main. These types of flowers are endowed with a higher ornamental value as they have a large number of flowers and red colors and a long flowering period for 128 days from June to October every year. They are also resistant to drought, high temperature and low temperature of -23℃, and with fewer diseases and insect pests, they are easy to grow and manage. In landscaping projects, isolated planting, pair planting, mass planting, group planting, linear planting and other methods can be adopted to create landscaping scientifically and artistically, based on local actual situations and requirements of the landscaping. Besides, rich in alkaloid and lagerine, the American “Three-red” crape myrtles have a high medicinal value that the tree barks, flowers, leaves and roots all can be used as medicine, with functions such as clearing heat and removing toxicity, promoting diuresis and expelling the wind and dissipating blood stasis and stopping bleeding. The wood of the trees is hard and resistant to corrosion, which can be used as material for farm tools, furniture, buildings and so on. In addition, “Crape Myrtle Culture” conveys peace and happiness, carries the meaning of a good and long life and also symbolizes the eternal friendship.

It is learnt that the "Western American Crape Myrtle Manor" project began to put into production in 2014, with a total construction area of Phase I of about 2,000 mu and the construction investment of about RMB 95 million Yuan. At present, an annual output of crape myrtle seedlings reaches 4.2 million, the number of scions and cuttings reaches 1.5 million, and 44 greenhouses have been built, covering a total area of 20,000 square meters. The completed road construction reaches 5.2km, and the local rural labor surplus of 346 people has been solved, with the annual output value of about RMB 20 million Yuan. The Company plans to start the construction of the Phase II project in two years. In Phase II, the land transaction of 1,000 mu and the total area of 3,000mu are planned, and the crape myrtle lake ecological water surface of 50 mu and a smart solar greenhouse (about 6,000 square meters) will be built. Besides, it is planned to build a hall putting sales and display functions in one, a crape myrtle garden hotel, a large wedding photography base of American crape myrtle flower landscape, a long corridor with European and American exotic perceptions, a restaurant with European and American characteristics in the solar greenhouse, a large children's playground, an European and American culture and art exhibition hall, and so on. The planned total investment is RMB 380 million Yuan, and after completion the output value can be increased to RMB 220 million Yuan. After the completion of the project, about 800 households of guesthouses and rural home inns around the Park will be indirectly boosted, the economic income of about RMB 170 million Yuan outside the Park will be created, and the local rural labor surplus of about 1,000 people will be solved.

The crape myrtle town will become a town characterized by tourism and sightseeing, and will become the largest crape myrtle ecological manor in the west putting the breeding of trees and flowers, demonstration and promotion of science and technology, environment science popularization education, leisure and tourism in one. While promoting the overall economic benefits of the local villagers, the Crape Myrtle Industry will also become the city card of Meixian County of Baoji!

This summer, at the foot of Taibai Mountain, people’s faces and the crape myrtle blossom were all red and bright. Come and enjoy the flower sea and encounter the beautiful landscape, you will have fun in the golden sunshine!

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