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--------2017 “Shangluo Gaoxin Cup” National Qinling Mountains Cycling Race

2017-06-19 09:02:58 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

National Qinling Mountains Cycling Race has become the fashion leading fitness campaign in Shangluo .

Shangluo features picturesque scenery and moist air and is endowed with the beauty of life. Cycling athletes from all over the country activated this early summer. From June 9th to June 12th, the 2017 “Shangluoe Gaoxin Cup” National Qinling Mountains Road Cycling Championship Finals were held in Shangluo. Players deeply felt Shangluo’s beautiful natural scenery and honest and friendly local folk customs; Shangluo citizens also enjoyed the players’ superb road bike athletic performance in this City and the infinite fun brought by green sports and ecological events.

This year’s National Qinling Mountains Cycling Race had attracted more than 20 professional cycling teams from all over the country, more than 300 professional players and more than 300 public players by network registration and the selection in this City, the players participated in the fierce competition of individual time trial, city criterium, adult man’s individual tournament and adult woman’s individual competition and other items.

With the popularity of concept of the low-carbon environmental protection, cycling is loved by more and more people, which have become a fitness way of popularizing health and pursuing fashion. Currently, there are more than 20,000 people in Shangluo becoming cycling enthusiasts. This year is the fourth time that the race held in Shangluo City, “Being ecological, civilized and healthy” is the theme, “Touring Qinling Mountains and visiting Shangluo City” is slogan, which have strong publicity to promote the city brand of “The most beautiful place around Qinling Mountains is Shangluo, Shangluo is a good choice for ecological live.” National Qinling Mountains Cycling Race has become the leading fashion of sports, boosting the new impetus to economic development and as a new engine, driving the development of sports industry.

Shangluo is located in the southern foot of the Qinling Mountains, both the Yangtze River and the Yellow River flow across the City, the City enjoys a long history of humanities, beautiful ecological environment, rich natural resources and advantageous location, therefore it is known as “the most beautiful place around the Qinling Mountains.” Since 2014, with the guidance and support of the State Sports General Administration, Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau and the relevant departments of the Province, relying on the eco-tourism resources and the enthusiasm of the whole people of advocating sports and loving sports, Shangluo City successfully built the green sports brand of country level-- National Qinling Mountains Cycling Race, to unveil the mystery of the Qinling Mountains as National Central Park to the public and fully demonstrate the attractive charm that Shangluo --the most beautiful place around Qinling Mountains. Shangluo relies heavily on the rich natural ecological advantages of the Qinling Mountains, and insists on promoting the integration of sports and tourism as an important starting point for boosting economic and social development, and strives to cultivate leisure and fitness sports brands, and spares no efforts to build sports and health tourism destination. It has successively organized more than 30 times large sports events, such as the National Grand Prix Race, the International Youth Women's Basketball Challenge, the International Youth Men’s Basketball Challenges of Four Countries, the Sino-US Youth Basketball Challenge, which shows Shangluo’s all-round new image of being innovative, beautiful and happy, and serves as a strong boost to the City's economic and social sustained and rapid development.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the average annual growth of Shangluo’s economy is 11.9%, 2.1% higher than the Province level. Shangluo Power Plant, Zhen’an Pumped Storage Power Station and a number of major projects concerning long-term development have started construction, photo-voltaic industry chain is typical in the Province, new energy vehicles, intelligent manufacturing and other emerging industries develop rapidly, vanadium-nitrogen alloy production of Yongheng Vanadium Industry Group in Shanyang is number one in the world, Jinchuan Fengxing saponin clean production process is domestic innovation, Shangdan Park is successfully promoted to the provincial high-tech zones, Shaanxi Ligeance Mineral Resources Co. Ltd. and Shaanxi Bico Pharmaceutical Group Holding Company Limited. have been successfully backdoor listed. At present, there are more than 20 domestic companies and international 500 companies settled in Shangluo.

In recent years, functions of Shangluo City continue to improve, urban and rural areas have also undergone tremendous changes. “Onebody with two wings” model of the central city has begun to take shape. With Huancheng North Road, Shangyang Avenue, city level bus terminal and city sports center put into use, Shangdan and Shangluo city trunks, city culture and art center, new Shangluo secondary school, Binjiang Ginkgo Park and other projects basically completed, planning area is fulfilled 54.5 square kilometers. Zhashui and Shangnan are successfully titled as the “national health county”. All counties and areas in this City are provincial health city or garden city. 12 towns are listed as the national key towns, Manchuan Pass, Yungai Temple, Dihua, Phoenix and other towns are known inside and outside the Province. There are 16 rural tourism demonstration villages. Zhujiawan, Qiandianzi won the title of “China’s most beautiful leisure village”, and landscape of livable tourism city and ecological leisure city take initial shape.

With the continuous optimization of the ecological environment, tourism industry of Shangluo is quietly rising. In 2016, the City's forest coverage rate reached 67%, it has increased by nearly 5% during past five years, leaping to the Province's first. Luonan and Shangnan become the national models of greening. Watershed management "river chief system" experience is promoting around the Province and guarantees that "clean river water for Beijing and Tianjin." Air quality year after year ranks first in the Province; "ShangLuo Blue" are bursting in Wechat Moments, and becomes a new business card of the City. Shangluo has leapt to the Province's first provincial tourism service standardization city, and among the "national top 100 tourist city" and "the most attractive tourist city."

Currently, known as in the oxygen bar, National Qinling Mountains Cycling Race has been rapidly growing as the national highway bike brand events. Shangluo's recent goal is to forge the National Qinling Mountains Cycling Race into a sports brand event that "leading Shaanxi, the domestic first-class and internationally renowned", as the most beautiful new city card. In the near future, Shangluo will adhere to the international, market-oriented and professional development direction, to develop the National Qinling Mountains Cycling Race into an international event, so that more and more people would understand Shangluo, love Shangluo and invest in Shangluo.

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