Xi’an “Foreign Goods Port” to Create the “Online Silk Road”

2017-04-21 14:41:38 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

One-stop services including logistics, storage, delivery, clearance, inspection and quarantine and third party payment are provided by “foreign goods port” platform in Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park for cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

It is a great convenience to buy imported goods through“foreign goods port” platform. On April 13th, the journalists covering International Cooperation Summit on “the Belt and Road Initiative” conducted an on-the-spot interview in the Park.

Yuan Xiaojun, General Manager Assistant of Bounded Company of Xi’an ITL Group introduced that after Xi’an received approval to be a cross-border e-commerce pilot in March 2014, prompt initial export business was successfully conducted within only 2 months. October 2014 witnessed the official launch of Xi'an Cross-border E-commerce Platform - “foreign goods port” platform and its normalized operation. The operation area consists of monitoring center for customs inspection and clearance, international postal service area, logistics and delivery receipt area, storage area, packing lines and other functional areas.

The “foreign goods port” platform mainly exports clothing, shoes and hats, toys and daily necessities to the United States, Britain and Russian and imports milk powder, paper diapers, healthcare products and snacks from Japan, Netherlands and Germany. An O2O model for cross-border e-commerce integrated with e-commerce enterprises, logistics business enterprises and financial service providers has been established under strict customs supervision.

Ulife, the offline outlets for imported goods, has perfectly combined with “foreign goods port” in integrating advantages of online and offline sales. Officially opened in September 2015, Ulife has become a highlight of “Xi’an Port” and will expand its business in Shaanxi Province to further promote O2O model nationwide.

The export trade in Shaanxi, an inland province, has long been restricted due to transportation and logistics conditions. Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park, through its active involvement in the “the Belt and Road” and the construction of “largest inland port in China”, has changed the situation and established one-stop service center for “sea-rail combined transportation and inland declaration”. At present, with the settlement of the well-known cross-border e-commerce enterprises such as foreign goods port, Alibaba and JD.com, the Park is a gathering place for enterprises in Shaanxi as well as northwest China. The“foreign goods port” will be the service platform for cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Xi’an and Shanxi Province, as well as the center for online trading and offline distribution of quality products both home and abroad.

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