Overseas Chinese Representing Hanzhong to Seek for the Legend of the Silk Road

2017-04-21 09:15:48 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Kang Xiaoping, the chair of the Union of Overseas Chinese of China, unveils the nameplate of Zhang Qian’s Memorial Hall

Overseas Chinese representatives are planting the significant tree together

Hanzhong City in April is a great place to see the combined beauties of rape flowers, blue skies, and boundless mountains. From April 4th to April 6th, the cultural surveying activity, held by the union of returning overseas Chinese, made its first stop here in Shaanxi Province. More than 50 representatives participated in the activity, and discussed related affairs with both Xi’an and Hanzhong. The mission objective for the union at this time is to deepen the understanding of the ancient Silk Road.

On April 4th, the aforementioned representatives, along with Kang Xiaoping, the chairman of the union; Cheng Miangui, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Shaanxi Provincial Union of Returning Overseas Chinese; and many other authorities participated in the assessment of Xi’an’s future development of tourism.

Kang Xiaoping, as well as the representatives, executed the nameplate unveiling process for Zhang Qian’s memorial hall. She also hoped that overseas Chinese could make it possible for the world to better understand and know the province of Shaanxi, so that the connection between Shaanxi, and “the Belt and the Road” could be made accessible to other countries outside China.

Zhang Qian, who was the pioneer of the Silk Road, has made two successful expeditions historically that proven to be helpful in maintaining and fortifying progressive relationship between China and other countries of Asia and Europe. His devotion to China’s allied relationship with other countries is being respected by generations of people in China and other parts of the world, thus the memorable nameplate and the special tree-planting ceremony is not only for his sole veneration, but also a promotion of the spiritual yet time-honored Silk Road.

During the speech, many representatives introduced the history of Hanzhong and its ancient people. By analyzing multiple fields in Western Han Dynasty, Zhang Qian’s footsteps along his way were being expressed and reproduced in form of picture and graph presentations.

Liu Qi, the minister of the communication department of the Union, expressed his idea that Shaanxi, as the key to the construction of “the Belt and the Road,” is the place and the very first stop for the union to utilize, to better tell stories of traditional Chinese history to countries along the “Road.”

After the speech, multiple state-of-the-art projects were signed, to fortify Hanzhong with better overseas Chinese-brought resources, and better developmental power.

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