Chan-Ba Ecological District Establishes International Opening Access

2017-04-18 16:01:01 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The foundation of the Free Trade Zone in Shaanxi plays substantial roles in opening Shaanxi to the outside world and in promoting new economical growth. As an important part of the Free Trade Zone, Chan-Ba Ecological District (CED in short) held the Free Trade Zone Construction Development Forum and a Promotion Conference on the afternoon of April 9 to establish international opening accesses.

Honored guests including Wang Zhongmin, vice president of National Council for Social Security Fund, Zhou Hanmin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC, Zhou Keren, former deputy secretary of Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and Mark, executive and founder of the Bretton Woods II Committee attended the conference and offered suggestions for the construction of international opening access and the development of CED in such aspects as reform of the administrative system, finance, culture, commerce and trade. A number of enterprises signed contracts with CED on the spot and thus are offered a variety of privileges.

Providing first-class international administrative services

Li Shengrong, director of Shaanxi Free Trade Zone Development Office and deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, first proposed that CED should lay emphasis on the innovation of talents system.

Oriented to future new industries and high-end talents, CED is endowed with important strategic positioning. With its focus on finance innovation, cultural exchanges, conference, exhibition, and foreign trade, it endeavors to implement a “policy combination” model by linking the policies provided by the ecological district, the pilot free trade zone, the financial district, the consulate district and the Euro-Asia Economic Forum zone together to provide first-class international administrative services for enterprises. The aim is to create a government business service environment through innovation in systems, services and carriers.

By system innovation, it means “handling optimized business online at one window”; by service innovation, it signifies “providing high-quality services to enterprises in foreign business”; and by carrier innovation, it denotes “improving informationized services by constructing online information platform.” It is worth mentioning that CED establishes a specialized online platform for SFTZ project examination and approval which provides 25 online services that will save 15% handling time.

Establishment of an experimental financial area

As the one and only provincial financial development zone, CED positively sought innovation in financial services and laid emphasis on constructing important financial business zone with high efficiency in funds accommodation and financial services. Ever since the establishment of Xi’an Financial Business District in Chan-Ba in 2008, it endeavors to build a functional area with strong financing capacity and finance services. There are currently more than 100 financial organizations and supporting projects in CED, which has already become a financial center with competitive advantages.

To deepen Silk Road financial innovation cooperation, CED will offer financial services to the construction of the economic Belt and transform Xi’an Financial Business District into an international financial cooperation platform with support from the Euro-Asia Economic Forum, Chan-Ba Financial Summit Forum, and Xi’an Consulate Zone. Moreover, CED issues green bonds, develops green finance and builds a green finance demonstration zone by relying on its ecologic advantages.

To facilitate Silk Road conferences and headquarter economy, CED expands foreign trade commodity exhibition and cultural exchanges through the Euro-Asia Economic Forum and Xi’an Silk Road International Convention and Exhibition Center. The development of convention and exhibition industry can improve industrial structure and city image, which are important components of city competitiveness.

Extension of modes of trade service

Free trade zone refers to the cancellation of major tariff barriers, non-tariff barriers and market entry restrictions between two or more than two countries to open investment channels to facilitate the free flow of commodities, service, capital, techniques, and talents. It is a special area supported by special policies. CED encourages enterprises to set up headquarters and to construct operation units which integrate logistics, trade and settlement. The establishment of the CED positively facilitated investment attraction, brand promotion and introduction of international brands. For the next plan, CED will jointly develop offshore trade with countries including Korea, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Meanwhile, CED will innovate interactive development of e-commerce under the principle of fair competition, and build the public service platform for trade service. Besides, CED will endeavor to reform intellectual property disposal and income administration by establishing the operating center of intellectual property, carrying on service outsourcing, boosting the development of software research, industrial design and information administration, and enhancing reciprocal recognition of meter service with countries along the Silk Road.

Construction of an international cultural exchange axis

As vice mayor of Xi’an Qiang Xiao’an has said, CED, which assumes the task of a new highland for opening-up and a new center of international exchanges, is an axis for international cultural exchanges that support the building of the Greater Xi’an area. It is a new open passage that connects cooperation and exchanges in economy, science, technology, and culture between the eastern and western regions of China, between Asia and the Europe and other parts of the world.

Relying on its ecological environment, CED focuses on all-in-one tourism and makes improvements by integrating various sources via smart tourism to build an international tourist resort. After its official approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in August, 2013, Xi’an Consulate Zone has signed entry agreements with more than 10 foreign affairs agencies and established four consulates, the matching projects including the Silk Road Culture & Art Center, Hannover International School etc. are in progress. With the opening of the free trade zone as a new start, CED expects to issue a series of measures for reform and innovation so that it will pay due contribution to the building of “Greater Xi’an” into a nationally central city.

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