Flowers Viewing in Hanzhong of Southern Shaanxi in March

2017-03-17 17:46:55 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

March is the most beautiful time in Hanzhong. Hundreds of flowers, such as peach blossom, apricot blossom, pear blossom, cherry blossom and rape flower as well as many unknown flowers, are blooming in the field and slope. Hanzhong is decorated liking a beautiful, fresh and natural picture integrating nature and human beings. Viewing from a hill, there are thousands of miles of golden, glorious and fervent view. Millions of mu of rape flowers bloom synchronously so that the Hanzhong likes a golden city. The golden land and blue sky bring a flower sea, liking a fairy tale world. With light wind, pale cloud, and fragrant rape flower, spring in Hanzhong is beautiful extremely.

Since 2010, Hanzhong has held seven tour cultural festivals of beautiful rape flower sea of China in Nanzheng, Yangxian, Mianxian, Hantai, Chenggu and Xixiang successfully. This festival has become the most remarkable and beautiful city card of Hanzhong and has become one of “the top ten flower festivals in China”.

The Hanzhong tour cultural festival of beautiful rape flower sea of China in 2017, with the topic of “golden flower sea, beautiful Hanzhong”, will last from beginning of March to end of April. The main place is set in Yangxian, and the launching ceremony will be held in “Yinxiang Yangzhou Plaza” in Yangxian on 23rd March.

Top points of main place in Yangxian in 2017

Point 1: view of “crested ibis and bright moon” to make the main place shining

Point 2: light show with topic of “good, rich and honored future” shocking all tourists in the peony park

Point 3: 20 tour cultural activities and sport competitions to enrich connotation of the festival

Point 4: show of mascots and simulative statues of “four rare animals in Qinling” (crested ibis, panda, golden money, and takin)

Point 5: the first good festival with local styles in Yangxian to attract your taste

Point 6: riding activity with topic of “golden flower sea, charming Yangxian” to hug the nature

Point 7: exhibition and sell of special agricultural goods to bring you pure life with “crested ibis organic” products

Point 8: photography competition with topic of “flower and beauty” to feel special view in hometown of crested ibis

Point 9: overlooking the golden flower sea with fire balloon and manned helicopter with the topic of “overhead love”

Point 10: the first competition of water bicycle and dragon boat to enjoy and experience water activity

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