Li Keqiang Met with Shaanxi Delegation

2017-03-17 17:31:58 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On the morning of March 9, Premier Li Keqiang attended the review conference of Shaanxi delegation and gave significant speech. At 9:00, Li Keqiang walked vigorously to the 1# East Hall of the Great Hall of the People. With warm applause, Li Keqiang, with smile, shook hands with all NPC members of Shaanxi delegation to show his greeting.

Anyone who can find the formation principle of haze will be amply rewarded

When Li Keqiang attended at view conference with Shaanxi delegation, Zhou Weijian, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and superintendent of CAS Institute of Earth environment, said excitedly “the premier stated in governmental report that we shall fight for blue sky and enhance research on formation principle of haze as well as improve scientificity and accuracy of countermeasures, this coincides with views of our scientist! And we wrote to dear premier especially.” Mr. Li Keqiang raised his hand with the letter and said “here it is and I have approved it.”

After listening to suggestions on “formation causes, development trend, environmental effect and countermeasures of haze in north area” by scientists from various disciplines, Li Keqiang said “if any scientific team can understand thoroughly formation principle and perniciousness of haze and give effective countermeasures, we are willing to reward the team with premier reserve fund! This is an urgent affair for people’s life. We should know it thoroughly at all costs!”

In my heart, the masses of people are our god

When Li Keqiang walked through Guo Qing, a member of NPC and Ankang municipal party secretary, Guo Qing took some photos recording premier’s visit in Jinpo Village of Xunyang County in 2014 and reported progress of Jinpo Village on overcoming poverty in these three years.

Guo Qing reminded that Yang Kang, a stay-at-home child in Jinpo Village greeted by premier three year ago, and her families have moved in the new house in town. The girl called and told her father who worked in another city that “a great person came to her home”. With this news, Li Keqiang smiled and said: Ordinary people are our god and masses are great people in our mind.

How sonorous is the tune of Qinqiang (Shaanxi Opera)

When attending at view conference with Shaanxi delegation on 9th, Li Keqiang said affectionately that Shaanxi has deep historical cultural foundation and being brave to struggle, liking Qinqiang and Xintianyou (a kind of Shaanxi local melody), which are sonorous and high. The Shaanxi should carry forward this sonorous spirit and revolutionary history and tradition, overcome difficulties, deepen reform of key fields, expand openness for future, and race to control the highland for reform and open in northwest area.

Delegates perceived premier’s worry, anxiety and care in his report

Premier Li Keqiang visited Shaanxi Delegation on 9th March. Wang Yongkang, standing committee of Shaanxi Provincial Committee and Xi’an municipal party secretary, said that in the government report, there are over 40 items referring to people, 28 items referring to masses, 40 times referring to innovation, and 30 times referring to execution, practice and implementation. Therefore, it shows the matters concerned by the premier: the most worried matter is employment, the most anxious matter is environment, and the highest cared matter is gain sense of masses.

Yan’an, the Revolutionary Holly Land, is located in Shaanxi, so it should be supported maximally

Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council, visited Shaanxi Delegation on 9th March, and NPCs gave speeches passionately. The holder reminded the conference time is limited again and again and hoped the premier can speak more. Li Keqiang told him “today, I come here to listen and I can speak less”. When seeing raising hand of NPC from Yan’an, the premier said friend from old revolutionary base area has something to say, please!

With encouragement from premier, Yang Fengqi, a member of NPC and party branch secretary of Hougoumen Village in Yanhewan Town of Ansai County, reported overall development conditions of the village, including industrial development and rural e-commerce development.

Li Keqiang said Shaanxi is one of origins of Chinese civilization and the hometown of revolutionary shrine Yan’an, Shaanxi has made excellent contribution for Chinese cultural inheritance and Chinese revolutionary construction, so it has to be supported with national policies. The premier required in site principals of relevant departments to reply every opinions and suggestions proposed by NPC from Shaanxi to give maximal support.

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