Xi’an topped the most popular tourist destinations in China

2018-10-11 10:14:40 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

During the National Day holiday, an upgraded light show of the Great Tang Welcome Ceremony, Ode to Chang’an, was held in the South Gate of Xi’an.

Different styles of artistic performances and cultural displays were held in the Chinatown of the Great Tang All Day Mall and has attracted many citizens.


The Muslim Quarter of Xi’an is still one of the indispensable destinations to enjoy the food for those who come to the ancient city.

The weather in Xi’an was pleasant during the holiday. Under the promotion of the series of cultural tourism activities such as “Xi’an · A brand of Chinese Culture and Tradition”, the National Day holiday has been the most popular holiday in Xi’an since 2000. Both tourist visits and revenue have reached new highs.

According to the 2018 National Day Tourism Forecast Report by Ctrip, Xi’an ranked first among the “top 10 popular tourist destinations in China.” During the holiday, the tourism market was in good order. No major tourism complaints have been made and no major travel safety incidents have occurred.

The traditional scenic spots were attractive and the cultural products popular.

Various popular cultural tourism products have been launched in the traditional scenic spots, making the place more attractive.

At the same time, the featured blocks and rural tourism have attracted the public and tourists to come. 3.08 million tourists have been received in rural home inns. Besides, the Beiyuanmen Style Street, the Dayan Pagoda Cultural and Leisure Scenic Area and the Great Tang All Day Mall received 1,659,800, 551,000 and 481,000 tourists respectively.

Abundant tourism products made Xi’an more attractive.

The great autumn tourism activity in Xi’an and a variety of cultural tourism activities promoted after the first “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival” enriched the holiday.

The opening of the “Maker” in the Xian Inno Start-up Wonderland of Xi’an High-tech Industries Development Zone, 2018 Golden Autumn Tourism Season of the New City and Jiefang Road Fantasy Festival held in the trading area, the grand ceremony Ode to Chang’an on the City Wall, 2018 All People Talent Show and Chang’an Shopping Carnival in Tang style, and the Seventh Han Culture and Art Festival held in Xi’an Hancheng Lake, all these activities formed a marvelous celebration for the holiday. Tourism performance products in the Huaqing Pool, Xi’an City Wall, and Bai Lu Yuan Studios also drew people’s eyes.

Many tourist attractions offered discounts and civilized travel became a new highlight.

Before the holiday, many scenic spots in Xi’an slashed their prices by 7-17% including Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum and Huaqing Palace to actively respond to the national call to reduce the prices of the key state-owned tourist attractions. During the holiday, almost 50 A-level scenic spots were opened for free. The preferential policies benefiting people were adopted by the Tang Paradise, the Daming Palace National Heritage Park, the Xi’an City Wall, the Guanzhong Folk Art Museum, the Xi’an Beilin Museum, and Qujiang Polar Ocean Park, which triggered a boom in tourism.

Novel publicity and marketing strategies invigorated the “online popular city”.

Xi’an has made innovations in its tourism publicity and marketing strategies during the holiday. Making the best use of relevant video platforms, Xi’an organized flash activities during the holiday to sing songs for our motherland with the National Day Holiday celebration as the theme. This not only carried forward the patriotism spirit but also attracted a large number of tourists. Joining hands with Douyin and other video platforms to publicize its beautiful sceneries and delicious food, Xi’an enjoys its popularity as an “online popular city.” It ranked second in view counts of the short videos that record the image of cities.

The leading officials of the CPC Xi’an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to tourism work during the holiday. The Xi’an Tourism Development Commission made early arrangements and coordination and conducted supervision and inspection continuously before and during the holiday. Departments in municipal level including the department of police, traffic, trade, commerce, price, quality supervision, religion, food and drug supervision, and city management performed their own specific duties to carry out law enforcement inspections. Governments in district and county levels as well as relevant administrative committees of the development zone also paid great attention to the tourism work during the holiday and fulfilled their functions in accordance with the principle of localized management. The mechanism featuring coordination between the higher and lower levels with joint efforts has been made to meet the target of “safety, order, quality, and efficiency.”

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