Graduation season: sing a song for youth

2018-07-03 11:56:10 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

To leave beautiful memories to both themselves and to their universities, graduates have inspired themselves to take creative photos.

The graduation photo of Northwestern Polytechnical University showed the features of its three majors: aviation, aerospace and navigation.

Graduates of Xi’an Jiaotong University made a creative display showing the Spirit of the Move to Xi’an from Shanghai

Graduates came to Xi’an Railway Station to relive their first arrival to the ancient city 4 years ago.

All graduates meet in September and say farewell in June. It was 4 years ago that the youth carried their suitcases to their universities. Now, they have grown up and will carry their suitcases again to start a new journey.

During the past 4 years, they have studied and made some great achievements. During their farewell this summer, the happiness and sorrow of the past will be added to their character and give them limitless strength.

In the blink of an eye, 4 years have passed, and everything seems to have happened as if it was just yesterday. Have a look at the campus again. The girl sharing the same desk and the boy on the upper berth may drift apart from now on.

“To take the wind, to fly in the sky and to see the great rivers.” Every end means a new start. To memorize the years without any regrets, to realize the ideals deep in your heart, to sing the melody of youth, and to seize the wonderful tomorrow. Farewell, my university, you are as high as the mountain and as deep as the sea; farewell, my teachers and professors, we will never forget your knowledge and your kindness; farewell, my schoolmates, thank you for your company in the past 4 years. I will miss you all so much in the coming days, but I will share no sorrow to you now!

It is like seeing my own children off at this moment every year.

The graduation season is always the time full of sorrow, as it is during this time that the graduates set sail from the universities. They will take their responsibilities and make great effort in achieving their own dreams with aspiration.

Every year at this moment, laughter and tears can be seen at every corner in the campus. We may have had quarrels in the past, but now a hug may speak louder than any words. To cherish and to wish is the best words for each other.

Graduation is both a song for farewell and the cornerstone for young people to make progress. To save the unforgettable moment, universities and colleges may host some activities to celebrate it, and to see graduates off with their best wishes. The graduation ceremony is the most sacred and warmest moment in the deep hearts of all graduates.

It is hard to say goodbye to their universities, the relationships between teachers and students, and the friendship among schoolmates. The Publicity Department of the CPC Committee of the universities carried out campaigns for taking graduation photos. Photo walls and hand-held photo frames were set to facilitate photo taking for graduates to remember their youth.

The graduation ceremony of Xi’an Jiaotong University always draw people’s eyes every year. On June 23rd, the 109th (2018) graduation ceremony, in which the degrees were awarded, was held in Xi’an Jiaotong University. The parents, teachers, professors, students, schoolfellows and graduates were invited to give their best wishes to the graduates through a series of activities and in other methods including internet broadcasting, photo shoots and new media “A Letter to Xi’an Jiaotong University”. 6,869 graduates waved to their beloved teachers, professors, parents and schoolmates in order, and started the new phase of their splendid life. Around 46,000 congratulation messages have been sent on WeChat during the graduation ceremony. Nearly 40 media outlets witnessed the glorious moment of the graduates with the teachers, professors, friends and parents. The 2018 Graduation Ceremony of Xi’an Jiaotong University showed the mission of its graduates to dedicate their lives to western construction and to serving the country through all-round and multi-platform exhibition, interaction and broadcasting.

On June 20th, the “family portrait” of 5,000 graduates from Xidian University was the hot topic on the Internet. On the morning of the same day, nearly 5,000 of the 2018’s undergraduate graduates of Xidian University took a large “family portrait” at the South Campus. The school party secretary Zheng Xiaojing, the president Yang Zongkai and other leaders helped stage a precious memory together with the 2018’s undergraduate students. Two 360-degree rotating billion-pixel cameras recorded this grand reunion scene, setting the “family portrait” to a film 4 meters in length, and leaving a good memory for both nearly 5,000 graduates and Xidian University.

“The school is very attentive to leave such a precious memory for us.” Liu Wei, a graduate of the School of Communication Engineering at Xidian University said, “It’s the first time that I took such a large-scale photo, I’m very touched, as the graduates in other universities didn’t have such an opportunity”

“It is expected to create a sense of ‘ceremonial’ for the graduates, inspiring their love for the school, and leaving a precious historical archive for the school.” A teacher in the Student Affairs Office said, “We send these graduates away from generation to generation like they were our children. We hope that the ‘family portrait’ for students will be continued as Xidian will always be their family, and the Alma Mater will always be their powerful backing.”

The filming of “family portraits” was one of the activities in the graduation season of Xidian University. A large number of activities were arranged as well, such as the smiling wall design for the graduates from the colleges, the selection of student representatives for the graduation ceremony, the selection of “graduate star”, the selection of the most popular teacher amongst graduates, the graduates’ forums, and the activity of “traveling the campus and sealing medals”. In addition, each graduate would receive two sets of “Alma Mater Gifts”, namely the school commemorative bookmarks and the graduation albums.

Figure out the path to realize dreams with aspirations

“I didn’t like standing in front of the camera. However, I am extremely eager to take photos before graduation, so as to remember the beauty of my university, every corner of the campus and every friend around me.” It was the mood of nearly every graduate student during the graduation season.

The Northwestern Polytechnical University, as an exclusive university in China that features the simultaneous development of aviation, aerospace, and navigation personnel training and scientific research, it was also full of tenderness during the graduation season.

“In 2014, along the Fengshui River, the seeds of 3,600 dreams sprouted. With the youthful dreams and sweat, we have not forgotten our original intentions and moved forward for the past 4 years. Recalling the past, the years are long and we don’t sue for injuries. Now, students are the pillars of our country. On August 28th, 2014, the blue-and-white school bus carried us into the schoolyard. We were moved that the enthusiastic seniors welcomed us from all corners of the country and thoughtfully prepared rest berths for our parents. At the opening ceremony, we played the school anthem and formally became students of Northwestern Polytechnical University.” In the 2018 college graduation video, the students of Northwestern Polytechnical University recited it with all their hearts.

On the afternoon of June 25th, the 2018 graduation ceremony of Northwestern Polytechnical University was specially joined by representatives of overseas graduates. Cavana, a student of the School’s International Education Institute, recalled the four-year study career at the Northwestern Polytechnical University. “I learned about different cultures during the exchanges with my classmates, solid professional knowledge under the guidance and care of the teachers, and the correct attitude and value of life under the humanistic cultivation of the school. When I was enrolled at the beginning, I was naive; when I graduated, I gained a lot!”

The 4-year meticulous cultivation, the kindness of teachers will always be remembered for the rest of our lives. At the graduation ceremony of Northwestern Polytechnical University, the teacher representatives from the front-line positions, such as teaching and management, received flowers from the graduate representatives. The teachers also handed out graduation yearbooks and CDs for the 2018 graduates. The amiable smile, loving embraces and parting entrusts condensed the profound friendship between teachers and students. At the ceremony, the graduate representative sent a special graduation gift to their Alma Mater: a calligraphy work collectively designed and created by several college graduates. It read “working tirelessly to cultivate defensive intellectuals; stay true to the mission and realize the Chinese Dream by teaching.” This special present was used to express their gratitude to the Alma Mater.

“Swim like a fish in the sea, fly like a bird across the sky.” More than 200 graduates from Xi’an Jiaotong University have consciously joined the national defense and military industry, working at state key units, such as the China Academy of Engineering Physics and the China National Nuclear Corporation. In addition, 1,533 people will work in western and northeastern China, accounting for more than 40% of the graduates. Among them, some people who combine their personal ideals with the development of the nation, decided to dedicate themselves to the grassroots instead of high-paying jobs in big cities, to realize their youthful dreams of the motherland and achieve value in life.

“Whenever there is a need for our country, I will go there. The struggle for youth is not only in high-end office buildings in first-tier cities, but also in Western townships that urgently need help to develop.” Li Ming, a master of Applied Finance from the School of Economics and Finance in Xi’an Jiaotong University, was selected as the directional selected graduates of the Organization Department of the Party Committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. He said that although he was not a native in Ningxia, he was willing to spend his youth in this promising land. At the first year of graduate school, he chose regional economics as his major, which was based on local economic research. He hoped that he could use what he learned to contribute to the development of grass-roots economic society. “The grassroots need us. They also provide a broad platform and opportunities for young people. We often say practice what you have learnt. Working at the grassroots level is the best way to apply knowledge.”

The Alma Mater will always care about you.

On June 29th, during the graduation concert and outstanding graduation commendation conference at Northwest University, representatives of 2018 graduates accepted this year’s special graduation gift from the hands of the party secretary and the headmaster. The gifts were the documentary literature works Liangjiahe, with wishes to the school on the title page.

Wang Yajie, the Communist Party Secretary, and Guo Lihong, the headmaster of Northwest University wrote: Dear students, when you leave the campus with your dreams and embark on a new life journey, please remember that your Alma Mater will always care you, have concern for you and support you. We are a lifetime community with a common destiny! The Alma Mater will continue to take root in China and strive to become a world-class university. We also hope that you will come down to the solid earth of the motherland, step by step, and work hard for the national rejuvenation.

As one of the activities in the graduation season, the Northwest University has held the outstanding graduates commendation conference and graduation concert for the third consecutive year. At the conference, the shared deeds and emotions of the Wisteria prize winners and foreign graduates have encouraged and moved all students.

Northwest University has presented each graduate with the “Lantian Jade Seal” engraved with their own names since 2015. The seal symbolizes the endless love and lifelong commitments of Alma Mater and graduates. In this year’s graduation season, the Northwest University also launched a series of activities such as “As time goes by, enjoy creative graduation photograph of the Northwest University”, “Jade Scroll and Rubbings”, “Planting Laurels in the Alma Mater” and “Restoring the Dormitory as First Seen” to stimulate students’ love and honor for the school, as well as advocate graduate leaving school in a civilized and economical way. The 2018 graduates who were about to leave school held jade seals, printed their names on an 11.6 meters scroll in turn. The length of scroll represents the 116-year school history. Creative modeling beside the landmarks on campus, like “I love Northwest University” (“我爱西大”), “We graduated”(“毕业啦”) and “Hello future” (“你好未来”), have attracted teachers and students to take photos together.

The series of graduation events elaborately planned by the Alma Mater carries the sincere love, expectation and dismay for graduates. It also carries anticipations for the future growth of graduates.

On the evening of June 20th, the 2018 Xi’an College Graduation Ceremony under the theme of “Fall in love with Xi’an·Graduation without good bye” was held at the South Gate Cultural Etiquette Square in Xi’an City Wall Scenic Area. 350 graduate representatives from 20 colleges and universities attended this peculiar graduation ceremony. Xi’an sent the grand performance “Dream Chang’an—Great Tang Welcome Ceremony” as a special gift to students.

With the afterglow of the setting sun, warm-up shows including Hello Tomorrow and Girls of NWU attracted students to sing along together emotionally. Wishes of students were written all over on the “Wishes Wall” to express their sadness, including “wish you can keep young through all the ups and downs”, “the city which is hard to say goodbye to”, “long live youth and futures within grasp”, “LOVE XI’AN”, etc.

“Thanks for the Alma Mater to give me the opportunity to participate in today’s event. The cartoon version of the Terra-Cotta Warriors are of great Xi’an characteristics and the performance was amazing. It is time to leave and it is hard to say goodbye to the university where I have so many memories. I will always be a part of NWU no matter what kind of positions I will take in the future. We wish NWU all the best and Xi’an a brighter future”.

“This unique event makes me feel the passion of the city. The experience will always be cherished and will guide me to move forward.”

“It has never ceased to celebrate through singing and dancing in the Han and Tang dynasties and dancing with white feathers and luxury dresses was highly spoken of. The glorious era will be maintained as long as there is justice, integrity, hard-working and simplicity. The grand event was beyond description. It is time to graduate and I hate to say goodbye to Xi’an. I want to say I love you, Xi’an”.

With the in-depth implementation of the Five-Year Action Plan for Millions College Students to Stay in Xi’an for Employment and Entrepreneurship and the “Three New Policies” including the New Policy of Household Registration, New Policy for Talents and New Policy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Xi’an is making efforts to solve the most concerned, realistic and urgent problems for young people and is striving to build Xi’an into a city featuring entrepreneurship, youth and green as well as a city that is suitable for living. This grand ceremony was intended to tell tens of millions of university graduates in Xi’an to fall in love with the city and to stay in Xi’an after graduation.

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