The people’s benefits performance ushers in the 2018 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day

2018-06-23 00:35:54 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On June 8th, 2018, the people’s benefits performance The Oriental Appeal and the Qin Dynasty’s Charm, a traditional cultural brand, was unveiled at the Xi’an Yisu Grand Theatre to celebrate the 2018 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. In the evening, the national orchestral music, Eternal Blossoming of the Red Flowers, performed by the Shaanxi Radio & TV Traditional Orchestra, won loud applause and cheer from the audience. Ren Zongzhe, the Chief of the Culture Department of Shaanxi Province, enjoyed the wonderful performance with the audience.

The theme of this year’s Cultural and Natural Heritage Day is “The colorful intangible cultural heritage, the better life”. The slogans are “Seeing People, Seeing Things, Seeing Life”, “Living Inheritance, Vitality Reproduction”, “Intangible Cultural Heritage Makes Life Better” and “New Era, New Life, New Inheritance.” The intangible cultural heritage originates from the people’s production and life. It is the result of the intersection of traditional culture and social needs. It is an important chapter of the excellent Chinese traditional culture. It connects the feelings of the Chinese nation and carries the glory and honor of the Chinese civilization.

It is known that hundreds of activities of The Oriental Appeal and the Qin Dynasty’s Charm, which are hosted by the Culture Department of Shaanxi Province, the Qin Opera Revitalization Office of Shaanxi Province and the News Channel of Shaanxi Radio and Television Station, have been held in various cities around the world and major cities in China.

The Cultural and Natural Heritage Day of the people’s benefits activities by the Culture Department of Shaanxi Province are targeted at carrying out the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and pushing forward with the innovative transformation and development of Chinese operas. They also encourage the artists to put themselves into the common people’s lives to keep producing great works, to sing for the great times and express the people’s feelings. The artists should “have taste and style, value responsibility, and say no to kitsch”.

Over the past few years, under the guidance of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province, with “Cultural Shaanxi” as the leading core, the cultural brand The Oriental Appeal and the Qin Dynasty’s Charm as the handlebar, the Culture Department of Shaanxi Province has been actively conducting traditional Shaanxi cultural series performance (broadcast) activities with the theme of “Passing on the Shaanxi voice and telling good Shaanxi stories”. The activities have demonstrated the Shaanxi spirit, and boosted the cultural confidence, making Shaanxi a culturally advanced province, and shaping a new image of Shaanxi that features both historical and modern charm and combines traditions with fashion perfectly.

On June 9th, the newly adapted historical Qinqiang Opera Golden Kylin jointly produced by Chengcheng County Theatrical Troupe, Weinan City Qinqiang Opera Troupe Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Radio & TV Traditional Orchestra will be performed in the Xi’an Yisu Grand Theater.

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