On the evening of March 21st, the “Blooming China · Fascinating Xi'an: 2018 Spring Trips to Xi’an” was launched at the South Gate of the Xi’an City Wall.The activities will last for two months from March 21st (on the Spring Equinox) to May 21st (on the Grain Buds), covering eight themes:
Admiring the spring –the time to appreciate the spring blossoms
Visiting in the spring –the time to have an outing in the spring
Picking in the spring–the time to experience fruit picking
Playing with the spring–the time to keep fit & relax
Sightseeing in the spring–the time to climb mountains
Tasting the spring–the time to enjoy delicacies in ancient towns
Seeking the spring –the time to learn history and humanities during spring trips
Missing the spring –the time to experience nostalgia and ancestor worship

On the basis of the eight themes, Xi’an city has planned to implement 28 important activities, propose 31 top-quality tourist routes for the spring trips, hold more than 100 themed programs and recommend over 200 tourist attractions. What’s more important is that you will enjoy a 25% to 50% discount of all tickets to the brand tourist attractions during this period (including holidays for the Tomb Sweeping Day and the May Day)!

Ticket Information

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