Report on the Work of the Shaanxi Provincial Government (2013)

2017-04-19 16:01:53 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Fellow Deputies,
On behalf of the Shaanxi Provincial Government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberations and approval and for comments and suggestions from the members of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other delegates present.

I. Implementation situations of tasks set at the fourth session and review of work in the past 5 years

In 2012, faced with severe and complicated situation both at home and abroad and increasing pressure from unfavorable economic downturn, we have followed the guidance of the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of “Three Represents”, focused on the theme of the Scientific Outlook on Development and enriching the people and strengthening the province and the main line of transforming economic development mode, set the working method of making progress on the basis of stability, earnestly implemented the series of adjustment measures adopted by the Central Government, and comprehensively fulfilled all objectives and tasks. In 2012, Shaanxi Province’s GDP reached RMB 1445.1 billion, up 12.9%; provincial revenue reached RMB 280.01 billion, up 18.6% by the same caliber; total fiscal expenses reached RMB 332.69 billion, up 13.5%; urban per capita disposable income reached RMB 20,734 and rural per capita net income grew to RMB 5,763, up 13.6% and 14.6% respectively; registered unemployment rate was 3.9%; energy consumption per RMB 10,000 GDP dropped by 3.5%; emission of COD, NH3-N, SO2 and NOx dropped by 2.1%, 1.5%, 2.3% and 1% respectively.

1. Substantially enhancing economic adjustment and promoting sustained industrial growth with full efforts. By adopting measures such as reducing and exempting corporate taxes, providing special financial fund support, purchasing and storing bulk industrial products, cutting transportation fees by half and improving benefit mechanism between coal and electricity enterprises, we have effectively alleviated pressure of enterprises in production and operation. Although coal price decreased, its output increased by 18.5% and electricity output increased by 61.7%. Added value of industries above designated size was RMB 664.2 BILLION, UP 16.6%, which has played an important role in boosting economic growth.

2. Actively expanding consumption at the same time of emphasizing investment to increase coordination among efforts for pulling economic growth. We have continued to improve infrastructure construction, constantly increasing vigor of private investment, given full play to the guiding role of livelihood projects and supporting role of finance. In the whole year, we’ve fulfilled fixed asset investment of RMB 1,284 billion, up 28.1%, among which private investment took up 43%. We’ve actively made use of the effect of Xi’an International Horticulture Expo to further release consumption potential. Tourist reception of Shaanxi reached 232 million person-time with total income of RMB 171.3 billion, up 26.1% and 29.3% respectively. Total retail amount of consumer goods reached RMB 433.08 billion, up 16%. We’ve always paid attention to and strictly control general price level. Last June, price increase amount dropped back to below 3% after 26 months; price rose by 2.8% in the whole year, down by 2.9% compared to that of the previous year.

3. Carefully organizing major investment-attracting activities to foster new economic growth points in difficulties. We’ve placed emphasis on the follow-up and implementation of contracts sighed during the Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China, Agriculture Hi-tech Achievement Expo and Hong Kong and Macao Investment attraction activities, carried out activities such as enterprises owned by Central Government and private enterprises going to Shaanxi. In the whole year, we attracted RMB 340 billion domestic capital and USD 2.936 billion foreign capital, up 20% and 24.7% respectively. The Samsung Flash Disk Project in Xi’an set a new record for single foreign investment in China. We’ve also improved measures for supporting development of non-public economy and small and mini enterprises. The number of newly-added such enterprises reached 250,000 and added-value of non-public economy reached RMB 730 billion, becoming an important pillar for Shaanxi economy.

4. Vigorously developing modern agriculture by construction of standardized agriculture parks. By construction of province-level modern agriculture parks, we’ve increased the number of agriculture parks to over 1,300, occupying 2.26 million mu, which is 5.3% of arable land of the province. We’ve carried out farmer cooperative demonstration activity, covering 2 million agriculture households. We’ve actively promoted high-standard basic arable land construction and supported Yan’an in its efforts to turning ditches into land by 106,000 mu. Grain production has realized harvest for 9 consecutive years, with a total output of 12.45 million tons. Output of meat, eggs and milk as well as vegetables has increased comprehensively, and apple planting area, output and quality has ranked first in the country.

5. Enhancing the leading role of enterprise in innovation to improve technological innovation. 60% of the fiscal appropriation for technology development has been used to support enterprises in technological innovation. We’ve established risk compensation fund for loans for technology development, launched program for key technological innovation teams, promoted Yangchang Mode, and encouraged combination between scientific research institutions, researchers and real economy. We’ve started pilot project for combination between technology and finance and set up the first technology bank in the northwest of China. Shaanxi Technology Resources Coordination Center has officially entered into operation; Peidong New City technology demonstration base construction went on smoothly; Xianyang and Yulin has been newly added to be state-level hi-tech areas. The number of granted patents reached 15,000 pieces and technology contract amount reached over RMB 30 billion.

6. Continuously improving One City One Policy measure to realize coordinated regional and urban-rural development. We’ve carried out policies such as building the Great Xi’an City, Weinan East Gate, and Hancheng City with independent planning status pilot; continued to focus on construction of key demonstration towns, in order to develop all regions and realize accelerating urban-rural integration. Xi’an is forming its development pattern of Five District, One Port and Two Bases; Xi’an-Xianyang New Area construction has been smoothly launched, Xianyang is actively integrating into the Great Xi’an and the construction of an international metropolis is going on actively. Baoji is speeding up its plan for One Center, Two Demonstration Areas and Four Bases; Tongchuan is focusing on Chinese medicine, tourism ad culture industry, etc.; Weinan is enjoying faster pace in industrialization, urbanization and agriculture modernization; Yan’an is making hard efforts in implementing the three-year action plan for coordinating urban-rural development and industry structure adjustment; Yulin has enhanced its comprehensive economic strength; Shenmu has become the first county in Shaanxi to reach RMB 100 billion GDP; Yangling has enhanced its demonstration role for modern agriculture technology promotion and business mode. Hanzhong, Ankang and Shangluo has made more efforts to build a ecology-friendly, beautiful, rich and save South Shaanxi Province and their economic growth rates have been higher than the provincial level for 4 consecutive years. Finished investment for key demonstration towns reached RMB 10.6 billion and a brand-new outlook of the provincial has appeared. 1.11 million rural households entered towns and urbanization rate has amounted to 50.02%.

7. Strengthening energy conservation, emission reduction and the key area treatment to comprehensively promote ecological environment construction. We’ve eliminated 3.783 million tons backward production capacity, 35.7 million meters of textile printing and dyeing capacity; building energy consumption per unit area in large and medium-sized cities has decreased by 3.4% on average. City and town sewage treatment plants have covered all counties; we have added 1.8 million kilowatts new thermal power denitration units and 20 cement denitration production lines. 187 Wei River Basin water pollution control projects have started and 95 projects have completed; 19 polluting enterprises have been shut down; COD and ammonia concentration at the mainstream sections have decreased by 15% and 40% respectively. Xi’an has led West China in PM2.5 monitoring and publishing. The province has added 4.89 million mu forests and treated 6,604 square kilometers of water and soil erosion area.

8. Earnestly improving people’s livelihood and accelerating the equalization of basic public services. First, do everything possible to promote employment. New jobs for urban residents reached 420,000, initial employment rate of college students reached over 80%, and 6.89 million rural labors were employed. Second, to double efforts in affordable housing construction. We completed RMB 78.474 billion investment, newly constructed 417,700 units and completed 310,800 units, which becomes the biggest highlight of key county and town construction. Third, to actively promote poverty alleviation and relocation project to avoid disasters in northern and southern Shaanxi. In 2011, investment of RMB 10.85 billion was made in southern Shaanxi for relocating 60,200 households; investment of RMB 3.22 billion was made in northern Shaanxi, and 17,800 houses were completed with 4,170 households moved into new houses. In 2012, southern and northern Shaanxi started 80,000 and 17,800 house construction and completed 53,000 and 7,218 respectively. Fourth, to accelerate the improvement of the social security system covering both urban and rural areas. 16.93 million urban and rural residents got the basic old-age insurance, the insured rate reaching 98.1%; sanitation workers, taxi drivers and flexible employees were included in the social security system; basic pensions of enterprise retirees increased to RMB 1,888 per person per month, higher than the national average level. 97% of urban and rural residents were covered with basic medical insurance; hospital reimbursement and subsidy proportion exceeded 70%; 20 kinds of serious illness were all included in the new rural cooperative medical subsidies, proportion of hospital reimbursement of workers exceeded 81%. Fifth, to actively build a new type of assistance system. Urban and rural low minimum security standards were increased to RMB 20 and RMB 180 respectively; minimum standards for centralized and decentralized support for households enjoying the five guarantees in the rural area raised RMB 1,000 and RMB 700 respectively. We’ve implemented the issuance system of subsidies for people with disabilities and orphans, and led the country in increasing personnel living allowance for “three noes”. Old age allowance has been extended to 70 year-old people; people above 65 year-old could enjoy preferential treatment; free examination was offered to 2.7 million people above 65 year-old. We’ve introduced the country's first funeral rescue and public cemetery building measures and carried out pilots in 25 counties. Sixth, investment in education has been effectively guaranteed. Annual education spending was RMB 69.3 billion, accounting for 20.8% of the total financial expenditure. 325 kindergartens have been newly built or expanded; spending for kindergarten, preschool and special education students reached RMB 200, RMB 1,000 and RMB 1,500 respectively. In accordance with the quota of RMB 300 higher than the national baseline standard, we’ve unified public funds for per student subsidy in urban and rural compulsory education schools, and that of boarding schools increased by another RMB 200. Following the standard of RMB 400 per year per student, public funding grants were offered for high school students. Provincial college students’ financial allocation increased to RMB 12,000 for undergraduate students, RMB 9,000 for vocational college students. Policies such as nutrition improvement program, egg and milk program and subsidy for boarding students from economically disadvantaged families benefited 2.779 million students. Seventh, to continuously improve health service support capabilities. Key projects such as the Northwest Women and Children's Hospital, Northwest Medical University and general practitioner training base have been accelerated; reform of the rural medical institutions have been comprehensively completed; reform of county-level public hospitals have been spread out; medicine sales at grassroots medical institutions has followed zero-profit mechanism; medicine price has decreased by 24.6%. The success made in Shaanxi has been known as China's sample for medical reform. Eighth, to implement family planning policies. We’ve increased subsidy for families that lost their only-children and adopted one-time subsidy. 4.47 million times of free medical examinations have been offered to rural childbearing age women; 237,000 rural puerperae have enjoyed free hospital delivery. Ninth, to accelerate the improvement of basic public cultural system. 50 museums were open for free; we’ve actively held activities to spread culture and play movies in the countryside; facilities for cultural activities have been distributed to 3,610 and communities; 250,000 households have all got access to radio and television and full coverage of administrative villages has been realized for rural libraries. We’ve further promoted the great relic site protection work and completed and opened the Qin Emperor Mausoleum Ruins Park; provincial archives and local chronicle archives have been put into operation. We’ve accelerated sports projects for benefiting people; athletes of Shaanxi won 2 gold and 2 silver medals at the London Olympics, which is the best record in Shaanxi history.

9. Deepening reform and innovation mechanisms to constantly enhance the inner vitality for development. We’ve actively promoted the tax, financial, resource price and rural reform. We’ve increased the integration and restructuring of state-owned resources, strengthened the operating asset management of administrative institutions, set up a batch of large-scale state-owned backbone enterprises such as the food and agriculture, logistics Group and Yan'an Oil and Gas Company, Yulin Energy Group. We’ve carried out appraisal mechanism for state-owned enterprises; provincial SASAC has supervised total assets of RMB 1.082 trillion, an increase of 28%. We’ve conscientiously implemented the 36 new regulations of State Council, supported the participation of private capital in the construction of major projects and restructuring of state-owned enterprises; the second large-scale private investment company Hexie Company has been formally established. We’ve promoted in-depth reform of the cultural system, supported the establishment of a modern enterprise system at cultural units after the restructuring; 66 kinds of non-political newspapers have basically completed their reform.

10. Centering on strengthening and innovating social management to further transform government functions. Shaanxi has been leading in the country to adopt measures for strengthening community committee, specifying institutional preparation and the treatment of personnel and openly recruiting 2,000 high-quality staff. We’ve improved the mechanism of government playing the leading role in safeguarding the interests of the masses, carried out the activities of Three Ask and Three Answer and solved a number of hot issues people are concerned about. We’ve optimized the set of government agencies, and led the country in adjusting industry and commerce, quality supervision system, and completing salt management system. We’ve strengthened the administrative capacity building, submitted 7 draft local laws and regulations to the Provincial People's Congress, handled 499 proposals from the deputies of People’s Congress, 657 proposals from CPPCC, formulated and modified 14 amendments to government regulations. We’ve increased ability to respond to public emergencies, increased production safety management, fought against all kinds of criminal activities in accordance with the law, and resolutely safeguarded economic and social order and national security; Peace Shaanxi activity has been further carried out. We’ve strengthened government affairs opening and clean government building, organized 24 times of citizen representatives entering the provincial government with 800 person-time; college students have interned at provincial government agencies; we replied over 1,200 messages from netizens; we advocated open budget at 43 provincial units, strictly controlled expenses for government building construction and public funds for traveling abroad; we have continued to regulate commercial prepaid card management; the credibility of the government and executive power have been improved significantly.

In the past year, Shaanxi also made significant progress in other aspects. National defense mobilization capacity has continued to increase; the reserve forces camp conditions have improved markedly; “double-support” activities have been further held. The development of the cause of women and children has sped up; economy and trade, culture, education, science and technology cooperation with Taiwan have realized new breakthroughs; new achievements in overseas Chinese affairs have been made; religious management has become more standardized; national unity has continued to strengthen.

Fellow deputies, this government has fulfilled its term. Our work in 2012 has come to a successful conclusion. In the past five years, we have actively responded to the serious challenges of the international financial crisis, made hard efforts to overcome the Wenchuan earthquake and July 18 rainstorms, landslides and other natural disasters, and made remarkable achievements in promoting the reform and opening up and modernization. Shaanxi’s development has got a new starting point and entered into a rising channel.

Firstly, the overall strength of Shaanxi has realized new breakthrough in history. The average annual economic growth was 14.3%; GDP was more than doubled and met the targets of “Eleventh Five-Year” two years ahead of schedule, rising to 16 in ranking of the country. Per capita GDP reached USD 6,110 in 2012, three times of that in 2007, increased to 95% from 77.1% of the national average. Local fiscal revenue and spending were 3.4 times and 3.2 times compared to five years ago, an average annual growth rate of 27.5% and 25.8% respectively.

Secondly, structural adjustment has achieved remarkable results. The pivotal role of competitive industries has been further enhanced, traditional industries have accelerated transformation and upgrading, and new industries have sped up its growth. Oil equivalent has exceeded 60 million tons, ranking first in the country; service and cultural industries have realized average annual growth rate of 13.4% and 16% respectively; Yanchang Group is expected to become one of Top 500 companies in the world; the number of enterprises with over RMB 10 billion main business income has increased from 10 to 19, with profits accounting for 45.1% of profits made by above-scale industries.

Thirdly, a number of major projects which are important for the overall situation and are expected by the masses have started construction. We’ve carried out the unprecedented relocation project for avoiding disaster and alleviating poverty in southern and northern Shaanxi, which has relocated more than 20 million people from regions with bad environment to new communities that are far from disasters, convenient in transportation and complete in facilities, radically improving production and living conditions. The construction of affordable housing projects has led the country for two consecutive years; housing difficulties of low-income groups have been apparently eased. We’ve implemented ten projects such as introducing Han River to Wei River and Wei River treatment, setting off a new upsurge in water conservancy construction. These initiatives have made the basis for sustainable development in Shaanxi more solid.

Fourthly, guarantee for development has improved significantly. Total fixed assets investment totaled RMB 4.28 trillion, an average annual growth of 30%. New railway mileage was 1,265 km; Xi'an Xianyang International Airport has become one of the country’s large airports with twenty million throughputs; Xi’an Subway Line II was put into operation smoothly; highway mileage exceeded 4,000 kilometers, turning the long-term bottleneck into new advantages. Energy saving and emission reduction goals have been realized; first phase of Natural Gas Project has been fully completed; the protection and treatment in key areas have been intensified; projects to turn Guanzhong area into parks, to turn northern Shaanxi Plateau into green land and southern Shaanxi mountain into forests have comprehensively started; the green area of Shaanxi has extended northward by 400 kilometers.

Fifthly, opening up to the outside world has realized breakthrough. We accumulatively introduced foreign investment of USD 9.93 billion, an average annual growth of 39%; we introduced domestic investment of RMB 1.1 trillion and realized import and export trade of USD 58.13 billion, an increase of 165.5% and 150% respectively over the last five years. We successfully held the 2011 Xi’an International Horticultural Expo, comprehensively showing development, opening and green image of Shaanxi to the country and the world. 80 companies of World’s Top 500 have set up 130 companies or branches in Shaanxi province; a number of enterprises have gone abroad to participate in international competition. Shaanxi’s integration into the economic globalization is gaining stronger momentum.

Sixthly, living standards of the people have been significantly improved. Shaanxi has led the country in carrying out eight major livelihood projects which are guaranteed by medium-term financial budget. In the past two years, 80% of the new financial revenue and fiscal spending has been used for social welfare; a total of RMB 925.5 billion has been invested in the past 5 years; framework of public finance has initially formed; public goods system has become more and more sound; long-term mechanism for safeguarding the interests of special groups has been basically established; the average annual income of urban and rural residents increased by 14% and 16.9%, with ranking in the country moving eight and two forward, which is the best level in nearly 20 years; the urban-rural income gap has been narrowed from 4.07 : 1 to 3.6:1; the fruits of development have benefited more people in the province.

Fellow deputies, facts have fully demonstrated that over the past five years, the people of the province have moved toward the goal of scientific development, enriching people and strengthening the province; Shaanxi’s economic strength has been significantly enhanced, foundation for development has been consolidated, changes in urban and rural development have taken place; progress has been made in social undertakings; the public service has been improved significantly; people’s living standards have been significantly improved. These achievements are the result of the correct leadership of the provincial CPC committee, are the result of supervision and support by the Provincial People’s Congress, CPPCC Provincial Committee and the community, and are the result of the unity and struggle of Shaanxi people. Here, on behalf of the Provincial People’s Government, I would like to pay high tribute to the people, Shaanxi army officers and soldiers, police officers and police officers! I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all deputies, members of the committee and people of all walks of life who have strongly supported the work of the government!

By summarizing the past five-year struggle, our experience is: we must unswervingly adhere to the principle of taking development as the most important task, firmly bear in mind the idea of overtaking others at turning points, and accelerate development to solve problems in marching forward. We must firmly grasp the main line of transforming economic development mode, follow the principle of adjusting and optimizing structure for making and expanding rooms, and promote transformation in development and seek development in transformation. We must continue to increase efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood, implement all requirements of the country and try our best to meet the needs of the people, so as to match the level of public services and economic development with the needs of the masses. We must unswervingly push forward reform and opening up, continue to break rigid ideological shackles with wisdom and boldness, continue to get rid of structural and institutional obstacles which are restricting the development, and maximally stimulate innovation and creativity. We must always maintain the high-spirited and energetic state of mind, and promote work at all fronts to a new step with courage to impose pressure and determination to struggle forward. We must strive to maintain unity and harmony, consciously adhere to the party’s core leadership, accept the supervision of the NPC and the CPPCC and the community, and make the whole province united in mind and action on the way toward our goal.

While fully affirming our achievements, we are well aware of the unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable problems in development. They are mainly as follows: industrial structure is not fully reasonable; capability of independent innovation is not strong; energy consumption level is still high; environment bearing capacity is relatively fragile; market players are not sufficient or excellent; openness needs to be improved; employment pressure continues to increase; people’s income, especially income of farmers is low; it is still an arduous task to enhance the level of public services; social management innovation should be strengthened; bureaucracy, formalism and extravagance and other phenomena also exist to varying degrees; fight against corruption is a long-term task. In this regard, we will take effective measures in our future work to solve them.

II. Overall strategy and major tasks in future 5 years

Following the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the overall arrangements of the 12th Shaanxi Provincial CPC Congress, it has become the central task of the whole province to build a Shaanxi into a western province with strong economy, strong science and education, strong culture, rich people and beautiful ecology. Currently, situation of the world, country, and province is undergoing profound changes; the building of a strong western province faces both serious challenges and significant opportunities. The world economy has entered into transition period of adjustment from the period of rapid development; the contradiction between downward pressure of domestic economy and production overcapacity has intensified; uncertain and unstable factors in the world and unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable domestic development have interwoven. But we should also see that the stimulus measures taken by the world have gradually exerted effect; new round of technological and industrial revolution are forming major breakthroughs; China is still enjoying important strategic opportunities for development; our country has given priority to the large-scale development of the western region; all sectors of our province have risen to the national strategic level; the economy continues to go up; momentum for development is accelerating to release. We should find opportunities, create opportunities, and seize opportunities, work hard, struggle to catch up others, so as to ensure that we will not lag behind in building a prosperous province together with the country.

In the next five years, the general requirements of the economic and social development in our province are: to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of the “Three Represents” and the scientific outlook on development as guidance, closely center on the main line of scientific development, enriching people and strengthening province and accelerating the transformation of economic development, comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, focus on improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth, guarantee and improve people’s livelihood with greater efforts, realize goals of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, plan and start the “13th Five-Year Plan”, and further accelerate the building of a strong western province. The main objective of the economic and social development are: to double GDP, fiscal revenue, and urban and rural residents’ income, to realize 60% of urbanization rate, research expenditure to take up about 3% of GDP, forest coverage rate to reach 45%, per unit of GDP energy consumption and emissions of major pollutants to be significantly reduced, the quality of the environment to be significantly improved.

The main tasks of the next five years in the province’s economic and social development:
- To speed up upgrading of comprehensive economic strength. We should further improve the infrastructure system of transportation, water conservancy, electric power, information, etc, double efforts in coordinating regional development, improve the level of the open economy, accelerate the construction of a modern industry with Shaanxi characteristics with major adjustment, cooperation and circulation, promote simultaneous development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, and make the province’s economy to continue to move forward with more balance, coordination and sustainability in the development.

- To speed up the improvement of independent innovation capability. We should adhere to the combination of scientific and technological innovation, the development of education and personnel training, accelerate reform of scientific and technological resources, focus on building market-oriented research and technological innovation system with enterprises being the mainstay and production, education and research being combined, deepen the comprehensive reform of the education field, strengthen and optimize personnel, promote economic growth by more relying on scientific and technological progress and the improvement of the quality of workers so as to make Shaanxi lead in the country in innovation.

- To speed up the improvement of soft power and influence of culture. We should comprehensively implement the eight culture projects, strengthen urban and rural public cultural infrastructure construction, improve the public culture system, strengthen the cultural market players, develop new culture industry, promote fine art creation, obviously increase the proportion of culture industry added-value in GDP, enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, and fully demonstrate the charm of a cultural Shaanxi.

- To speed up the increase of happiness index of Shaanxi people. We should take the more equitable benefit for all Shaanxi people with development achievements as our goal, continue to strengthen system construction, further carry out livelihood projects, promote employment with higher quality, basically realize synchronization between income growth, economic development, growth of labor reward and increase of labor productivity, further improve the basic social security system, and make new progress in the aspects of education, labor income, medical services, pension and housing.

- To speed up the improvement of integration level of urban and rural development. we should intensify the enforcement of policies for strengthening, benefiting and enriching farmers, scientifically plan scale and layout of cities and towns, establish and improve long-term mechanism for coordinating urban and rural development, gradually realize equal exchange of production factors in urban and rural areas and balanced allocation of public resources to make the urban system in the province more robust, basically form the new countryside and significantly narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, realize orderly transfer of agriculture population, and form a new pattern of industry promoting agriculture, the city promoting towns, industry and agriculture benefiting each other, and urban-rural integration.

- To speed up the upgrading of the level of ecological civilization construction. We should integrate ecological civilization into economic, political, cultural and social construction, comprehensively implement the strategy of main functional areas, significantly reduce the energy, water, land consumption, further strengthen the protection and treatment of key areas of Qinling Mountain, Wei River, Han River, and Dan River, etc., carry out the project of benefiting Xi’an with eight rivers, strengthen the prevention and control of urban air pollution monitoring, double efforts to promote green development, cyclic development and low-carbon development, so as to make the environment of Shaanxi better.

- To speed up the improvement of government efficiency and public service capacity. We should further promote administration according to laws, effectively transform government functions, promote separation between government and enterprises, government and capital, government and social institutions, government and society, strengthen and innovate social management, coordinate social interests, maintain fairness and justice, constantly enhance the credibility and the executive power of the government, and strive to build a service-oriented government with scientific functions and optimized structure which is clean and efficient and satisfactory to the people.
The above-mentioned targets and tasks have conformed to the new expectation people for a better life and are a solemn mission entrusted by the people and the times. We must fulfill our duties, live up to their trust, and unswervingly unite all Shaanxi people to struggle for their realization. We firmly believe that the 37 million hardworking and intelligent Shaanxi people will surely make new progress in the history. A new well-off, harmonious and beautiful Shaanxi will surely appear in the eyes of the world!

III. Major work of 2013

The year 2013 is the first year for implementing the spirit of the 18th National CPC Congress and is the first year for the new government. We should continue to grasp the tone of making progress on the basis of stability, solve development problems with the idea of reform, make greater efforts to improve the people’s livelihood, and continue to consolidate the good momentum of economic and social development in Shaanxi. The major targets for this year are: GDP growth rate reaches about 12.5%; total fiscal revenue grows by 16%; the registered urban unemployment rate to be controlled within 4.5%; the province’s per capita disposable income grows by about 15%, of which urban per capita disposable income grows by 14% and rural per capita disposable income grows by more than 15%;  price rise to be controlled below 4%; RMB 10,000 GDP energy consumption falls by 3.5%; emission of COD, NH3-N, SO2 AND Nox to be reduced by 20%, 2%, 3% and 4%.

1. To continue to put stabilizing growth at the first place
We should increase investment in fixed assets on the basis of structure optimization. We should finish RMB 1.6 trillion annual fixed asset investment, up by over 25%, and focus on projects of infrastructure, people’s livelihood, agriculture, electric power supply and competitive industries. The mileage of highways under construction should not be less than 1,000 km; we should build Xi’an into a transportation hub, continue and newly build Xi’an-Xianyang North Ring Road and Yulin-Jia County, etc. We should accelerate the construction of 17 railways such as Xi’an-Chengdu railway, Xi’an-Hefei Railway, West Mongolia to Central China coal transportation railway, etc., actively speed up construction of City Railway from Xi’an to Tongchuan, Xi’an subway and Hanzhong, Ankang, Yan’an airport. We should start construction of Dongzhuang reservoir. We should add 50 million tons new coal production capacity, 5.4 million tons of oil equivalent, 1.92 million kilowatts of installed electricity capacity.

We should focus on emphasizing sales, stabilizing production and maintaining growth so as to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial operation. We should enhance the matching between production and sales, realize price coordination between coal and electricity, and ensure orderly, safe and stable supply of production factors. We should actively develop the energy and chemical products market, increase subsidies and intensify purchasing and storing of key products, expand sales of heavy trucks and fuel-efficient cars and other products. We should implement the technical renovation project, and implement preferential tax policies for major technical equipment manufacturing enterprises. We should encourage financial institutions to expand credit scale and innovate financial products so as to solve the financing problem of SMEs. Added value of above-scale industries should grow by about 16%.

2. To adopt effective measures for boosting consumption growth
We should foster consumption hot spots at the same time of maintaining the basic stability of prices. We should increase the proportion of fiscal expenditure for improving and expanding consumption, increase the income of residents, especially low-and middle-income groups via multiple channels, actively implement preferential tax policies in circulation field and measure of stimulating consumption with credit, and strictly implement the annual leave with pay system.  We should support culture, leisure, sports, fitness consumption, develop housing and automobile consumption, nurture network and credit consumption, improve the matching mechanism between building materials enterprises and projects such as affordable housing, key town construction and relocation, etc. We should vigorously develop the economy, and try our best in holding Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China, Agriculture Hi-tech Achievement Expo, Transnational Purchasing in Western China and various consumption promotion activities. The total annual retail sales of consumer goods should grow by 16%.

We should stress the improvement of consumption environment and improve long-term mechanism for expanding consumption. We should implement key projects such as market-building demonstration, Shaanxi brand promotion and modern logistics innovation, accelerate the construction of the country’s trade and logistics center in the western region, and the two national wholesale markets of Luochuan Apple and Meixian kiwi, and encourage cities to cultivate business centers of the city. We should earnestly implement the state real estate control measures to direct healthy development of the real estate market. We should fully implement the high quality grain and oil project, accelerate the building of key commodities circulation system, improve matching between agriculture and supermarkets and work of vegetables entering communities, spread experience accumulated in Weinan food safety supervision system reform, and ensure quality and stable price of basic commodities required by urban and rural residents.

3. To promote strategic adjustment of industrial structure
We should vigorously develop new chemical and new energy industries, and promote transformation and upgrading of energy and chemical industry. We should accelerate the construction of Ten Major Parks and Ten Major Projects, actively develop and make use of coal bed methane and shale gas, and focus on promoting Dow-Shenhua project and Yanchang Oil Yan’an State-level Shale Gas Demonstration Area. We should accelerate the construction of northern Shaanxi wind power base and solar photovoltaic power plant, actively promote the application of distributed photovoltaic products, and do a good job in Han River hydropower cascade development and small hydropower plant construction in southern Shaanxi.

We should follow the requirement of being independent, integrated and high-end and accelerate the construction of advanced manufacturing base and aerospace industrial base. We should actively implement the cooperation agreements with state-owned enterprises such as China Aviation Industry Corporation, China North Industries Group Corporation and China Electronics Technology Group, etc, center on the research and production of large aircraft, heavy vehicles, new type oil drilling equipment, permanent magnet wind turbine, smart grid devices, high-end precision numerical control machine tool, etc, develop supporting industries in our province, and upgrade the overall level of the equipment manufacturing industry. We should implement one million automobile production project and advance transformation and upgrading of one hundred typical demonstration companies.

We should continue to exert the effect of Samsung Project and actively foster strategic emerging industries. We should focus on the implementation of major state technology projects such as core electronic devices, high-end general chips and basic software, etc, stress major projects such as Compass Application Northwest Center, Data Center of Three Communication Operators, Huawei Global Exchange Technology Center and Ericsson Global Services Center Xi’an Branch, etc., develop cloud computing, Internet of Things, Mine Perception and Smart City, strengthen information industries and boost other industries. We should rely on state-level high-tech zones, development zones and industrial bases, breakthrough a batch of core technologies, promote industrialization transformation of scientific research achievements, accelerate the development of industries such as the aerospace, new materials, bio-technology, energy saving and environmental protection industries, etc.

We should adhere to the principle of protecting the superior and eliminating the inferior and pay close attention to the transformation of traditional industries. We should strengthen our judgment of development trends of each industry, formulate corresponding programs, digest, transfer, integrate and eliminate some industries, stress on the improvement of industrial concentration of the non-ferrous metals, textiles, construction, iron and steel, cement and other industries, and optimize the industrial layout. We should support counties in building industrial concentration areas and promote the development of county economy.

We should double our support in finance, taxation and land use, etc. and accelerate the development of modern service industry. We should do a good job in comprehensive reform of Xi’an state modern service industry, actively build key logistics parks, and vigorously develop new industries such as e-commerce. We should accelerate the construction of the Western financial center, expand local financial strength, develop multi-level capital market, and effectively serve the real economy. We should vigorously promote the integration of culture, tourism, science, technology and finance, accelerate the construction of the State-level Qujiang Cultural Industry Accumulation Area, Xi’an Digital Publishing Base and Packaging Base for Printing Industry, support leading enterprises in Shaanxi such as Shaanxi Culture Industry Investment Holdings Group, Shaanxi Broadcast and Television Network, Publishing Group, Huashang Media Group, etc. We should actively develop high-quality tourism projects, try add new airlines from Xi’an to other cities in China and the world, double efforts in tourism environment governance, and promoting the transformation of a big tourism province into a strong tourism province.

4. To substantially improve work on agriculture, countryside and farmers
We should expand our thinking, actively explore and comprehensively address issues regarding agriculture, countryside and farmers. We should maintain over 46 million mu of sown area, over 12 million tons of total output, 15.3 million tons total vegetable production, 14.5 million tons of fruit output, of which apples take up 10.5 million tons, and output of meat, eggs and milk reached 1.2 million tons, 55 million tons and 205 million tons respectively.

We should stress construction of key parks and accelerate the development of modern agriculture. We should adopt classified management of the 150 provincial level modern agriculture parks, support planning and construction of modern agricultural parks, resort to legislation to turn the parks into permanent arable land, encourage leading enterprises, farmers’ specialized cooperative organizations to be involved in the development of parks, promote accumulation of capital, land, technology, talent in parks, and increase comprehensive benefits of food production, vegetable basket project and various other businesses. We should launch the program of training occupational farmers and accelerate the training of new occupational farmers. We should give full play to the radiation effect of Yangling Demonstration Zone, actively promote Pingli Mode and Dali Mode, and complete the promotion system for new agricultural technology. We should further improve irrigation and water conservancy construction, continue to implement reconstruction projects at irrigation areas, construct 500,000 mu of basic farmland, treat ditches for 100,000 mu of farmland and add 800,000 mu of water-saving irrigation area.

We should scientifically plan the layout of towns and villages and focus on integration of urban and rural development. We should combine measures such as construction of key demonstration towns, town and village reorganization, vacant village treatment, migration and relocation, encouraging farmers to resettle in cities, arrange infrastructure construction at the same time, intensify public service functions such as education, health care, culture, etc., accelerate the construction of 1,000 new rural demonstration communities, and fundamentally improve basic production and living conditions in the rural area. During urbanization and new rural community construction, we must resolutely avoid copying traditional rural phenomenon.

We should resolutely implement all policies benefiting and enriching the farmers and adopt various measures to increase farmers’ income. We should intensify efforts to integrate agriculture funds, increase direct subsidies to farmers, and effectively protect farmers’ transfer income. We should continue to carry out projects such as increasing output of grain and fruits and doubling income from husbandry, etc., actively cultivate the secondary and tertiary industry such as agricultural products processing and tourism agriculture, carry out pilots for encouraging farmers’ entrepreneurship 6 counties such as Cheng County and Xixiang County, etc., and guide farmers to be employed in parks so as to realize investment and salary from land resource and create new channels for constantly increasing farmers’ income.

5. To further accelerate urbanization
We should continue to follow the idea of beautifying cities, strengthening counties, enlarging towns and bettering communities and advance the construction of new type urbanization. We should give full play to the radiation effect of the Great Xi’an, accelerate the pace of province and city construction, support Xi’an and Xianyang in developing strategic emerging industries, modern service industry, improve urban infrastructure, and actively support Xi’an-Xianyang New Area in establishing experiment zone for the country to innovate urban development mode. We should strengthen cities in Guanzhong, foster new regional central city in northern and southern Shaanxi, encourage rapid development of Shenfu and Dingjing region, Hanzhong Basin, Shangdan and Hancheng City, stress Baoji-Caijiapo, Tongchuan-Fuping Binchangxun and Yuehe Chuandao demonstration area construction, emphasize 43 major counties, support qualified counties to establish districts and cities, and gradually expand conditional County, a city divided into districts, and gradually expand municipalities with independent planning status. We should further stress the construction of 31 key demonstration towns, start construction of 30 culture tourism towns, and support all cities in developing towns with distinctive features.

We should target at making the city comfortable and convenient for the people and effectively strengthen city management. We should make full use of the cultural and scenery characteristics, take overall consideration of space, industry, resource, environment, housing and municipal facilities of the city, intensify infrastructure construction, and improve public services. We should pay close attention to details in city management, vigorously solve the problem of traffic congestion, disorder of city appearance and parking difficulties, etc, further carry out activities to build health city, forest city, garden city and civilized city, and optimize the ecological and cultural environment to constantly improve the level of the city.

We should encourage all cities to make good and flexible use of policies and emphasize the implementation of initiative of “one city, one policy”. We should support Yan’an in building city on the mountain and carry out three-year plan for structure adjustment so as to be enlisted as state pilot for coordinating comprehensive reform in urban and rural areas. We should support Baoji in perfecting its sub-central city functions, support Weinan in accelerating new type industrialization, support Tongchuan in developing and strengthening alternative industries, support Yulin in upgrading industries and ecological construction, and support Yangling in agricultural technology innovation and demonstration. We should further increase our support for Hanzhong, Ankang and Shangluo, speed up construction of transportation and other infrastructure, develop distinctive economy and green industry, enhance bearing capacity of towns, and expand room for cyclic development.

6. To advance ecological civilization construction
We should pay close attention to energy conservation and emission reduction and double our efforts in comprehensive treatment of key areas and problems. We should actively build low-carbon demonstration province, stress application of new equipment, new technologies and new processes, comprehensively promote energy saving in industry, construction, transportation and public institutions, strictly control the emission of major pollutants, make every effort to win the battle against Wei River pollution prevention and treatment in three years. We should intensify nitrogen oxides emission control of motor vehicles, do a good job in desulfurization and denitrification at coal power plants and key non-power industries, and advocate classification of urban garbage for harmless treatment. We should further improve the rural environmental remediation work, construct 43 demonstration counties for rural environmental treatment. We should carry out the activity of moving industrial enterprises from cities to suburban areas and do it from the main city area of Xi’an. We should continue to strengthen joint prevention and control of air pollution in northern Shaanxi and Guanzhong and start monitoring and treatment of particulate matters in key cities.

We should earnestly intensify ecological protection and construction to further optimize national land development space. We should double efforts in ecological restoration and protection of water sources, forests, wetlands and mineral development area, do a good job in protecting water sources for project of introducing water from south to north, carry out the project of North Qinling Mountain treatment, launch Kunming pool water conservancy project, and intensify comprehensive treatment of coal goaf and collapse areas. We should comprehensively clean-up idle land and save and intensively make use of land. We should carry out the most stringent water resource management and actively promote the reuse of water. We should continue to implement key forestry projects, consolidate achievements from returning farmland to forest, realize 4 million mu of afforestation in the whole year, provide virescence to 3,300 km of highway, national and provincial highway and railways, and newly treat 6,500 square kilometers soil erosion area.

We should constantly improve the system and mechanism of ecological civilization to provide a powerful guarantee for the building of a beautiful Shaanxi. We should intensify energy-saving assessments and environmental impact assessments of new projects, improve monitoring and evaluation system for energy saving and emission reduction targets, continue to improve ecological compensation and emission right trading system, accelerate the establishment of reversed mechanism for energy conservation and emission reduction, and accelerate the elimination of enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution.

7. To constantly double efforts in guaranteeing and improving people’s livelihood
We should invest 80% of new financial revenue and fiscal expenditure in improving people’s livelihood and continue to advance major livelihood projects.
We should effectively do a good job in work for benefiting people by following the requirement of extending the coverage and increasing standards. Firstly, we should further improve the social security system which covers both urban and rural residents. We should strive to achieve social insurance relations inter-regional transfer without obstacles, explore and establish unified insurance collection mechanism for five kinds of insurance of enterprise employees, comprehensively promote real-time settlement for workers who take medical service at other places, and expand inter-provincial medical settlement. We should enhance ability in social security fund-raising, establish mechanism for determining security treatment and normal adjustment for various types of personnel, continue to increase pension for retirees of enterprises and provide preferential treatment for workers and technology personnel who participated in work at the beginning of the founding of China, and increase medical subsidy for rural and urban residents by RMB 300 per person per year. Secondly, we should continue to accelerate the construction of affordable housing. We should continued construction of 620,000 units of affordable housing and newly start 337,000 units, and explore new ways in terms of the allocation of housing, orderly exit and socialized management. Thirdly, we should actively advance migration and relocation in southern and northern Shaanxi and poverty alleviation at poverty-stricken areas. We should guarantee over 80% centralized placement rate, increase subsidy standards for residents who move to apartments, and complete relocation of 60,000 households and 228,000 people in southern Shaanxi, 16,000 households and 60,000 people. Over 900,000 poverty-stricken people shall get rid of poverty. Fourthly, we should actively create conditions to take care of interests of special groups. We should establish reward system for people who have made contribution to the country and who help others for a just cause, provide subsidy for martyrs, and improve the linkage mechanism between price and subsidy. We should improve the social old age care service system, add 30,000 beds at various types of pension institutions, and promote caring senior people at home and community-based table service for the elderly. Fifthly, we should effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and children. We should continue to implement the measure of providing free medical examination for women of childbearing age in rural areas and free hospital delivery, start programs for improve child nutrition at poverty-stricken areas, carry out rehabilitation for disabled children below 6 years old, provide medical guarantee for child leukemia, congenital heart disease, etc., and effectively solve rescue and education problems for left-behind children, orphans and disabled children.

We should adopt more proactive employment policies and do everything possible to expand employment. We should vigorously develop the tertiary industry and small and mini enterprises, actively develop public service jobs, and support the family service industry and self-employment. We should standardize the construction of human resources market, strengthen vocational and technical training, improve employment assistance for disadvantaged groups, add small loan of RMB 6.5 billion, and focus on employment of college graduates, demobilized soldiers, people resettled in urban areas and farmers whose land has been taken over. We should add 350,000 jobs in urban areas, make initial employment rate of college graduates exceed 80%, and transfer 6.5 million rural labor force.

We should promote coordinated development of education at all levels to provide education to the satisfaction of people. We should rationally allocate resources and vigorously promote equity in education. We should continue to provide one year of free pre-school education and realize full coverage of kindergartens at all administrative villages and towns during the year. We should promote balanced development of compulsory education and make hard efforts to solve the school selection problem at urban areas. We should encourage distinctive high school education and establish a modern vocational education system. We should continue to support construction of universities of 985 and 211 Program, support construction of teaching and research university, guide and support the healthy development of private colleges. We should gradually adopt local pilots of nutrition improvement program in addition to state pilots and realize the unification of the nutrition improvement program and egg and milk program.

We should further strengthen the work of public health and accelerate the establishment of the basic medical and health system covering both urban and rural residents. We should strengthen the grass-roots level, deepen the county level, explore the city level, innovate system and mechanisms, and improve service level and capability. We should fully complete remote consultation programs from the township to the county and from the county to the province so as to improve the capacity of grass-roots health care. We should comprehensively launch end-stage renal disease program at county-level hospitals and well solve the problem of dialysis. We should promote Three Unifications of medicines at hospitals above city level, explore and establish new system for medicine circulation suitable for modern medicine logistics center. We should carry out pilots of commercial insurance taking part in major disease insurance for urban and rural residents in four cities, and improve medical security system for major diseases. We should launch the construction of Northwest Medical University and strive to put into operation of four key hospitals such as Northwest Women and Children’s Hospital and Shaanxi Province Hospital at the end of the year. We should adhere to the basic national policy of family planning, continue to maintain a low birth rate and strive to improve the quality of the population.

We should constantly improve basic public culture system and enhance capabilities in the supply of public cultural products and services. We should earnestly implement the policy of government purchasing public cultural products, actively apply for the second batch of national public cultural service demonstration projects, strengthen the distribution of cultural equipment and rural library management, do a better job in opening cultural facilities for free, continue to promote the availability of cable TV and live satellite to all villages, and vigorously support the work on movies, TV plays, dramas and literature. We should speed up the construction of the Second Provincial Library, the Archaeological Museum and the Xi’an-Xianyang New Area radio and television towers projects, complete the expansion of libraries, cultural centers and theaters at city and county levels and the construction of comprehensive cultural centers at key towns. We should effectively strengthen the protection of cultural relics, focus on the protection of Yan’an revolutionary site and the Han Dynasty Chang’an City ruins, and actively promote the protection of imperial tombs by legislative work. We should actively promote the application for Cultural Relics of Silk Road, strengthen intangible cultural heritage protection represented by Qin Opera, and complete the census and registration work of the province’s ancient books. We should accelerate the improvement of grassroots sports infrastructure and promote fitness activities of the people.

8. To continue to deepen reform and opening-up
We should make bold explorations in a number of fields according to the situation of Shaanxi on the basis of earnestly implementing national reforms. We should deepen reform of state-owned enterprises, strengthen assessment work, perfect management system for all kinds of state-owned assets, and foster and develop large enterprises and groups. We should further improve various measures to create a better legal system, policy and market environment for the non-public economy development, and support private capital in entering areas of transportation, water conservancy, municipalities, education and medical service. We should reform collective property rights system in rural areas, speed up the reform of land expropriation system, increase the proportion of farmers’ benefit in added-value of land, strengthen management of rural collective funds, assets and resources, and protect farmers’ right of land contracting, residential land use and collective income distribution in accordance with laws. We should push forward the reform of the supply and marketing industries. We should speed up the construction of demonstration base of Xi’an for coordinating technology resources, improve the operation mechanism of provincial technology resources coordination centers, further implement intellectual property rights strategy, strengthen the introduction and training of talented people, actively set up technology industry groups, and promote the industrial development of civil-military integration. We should accelerate fiscal reforms, to improve support capability of county-level governments in basic public services by following the requirement of building public finance system and concentrating financial resources to do big things, establish mechanism for guaranteeing funding for operation of township governments, comprehensively advance the reform of special financial funds management. We should deepen reform of the income distribution system, consolidate the income growth of workers in textile, food and forest industry, increase the income level of food industry workers, continue to raise the province’s minimum wage standard, and gradually establish a long-term mechanism for income growth of workers in low-income industries and wage payment guarantee mechanism.

We should accelerate “bringing in” and “going global” to further improve the development level of open economy. We should accelerate the integration of industry leaders at home and abroad with quality resources in our province, selectively attract investment from Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, pay close attention to the follow-up and implementation of contract signed in programs of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises entering Shaanxi and Hong Kong and Macao investment attraction activities, and actively welcome industry transfer. We should strengthen key export-oriented enterprises and industrial clusters, expand and strengthen traditional advantageous export industries such as fruit juice, heavy-duty trucks, oil drilling equipment manufacturing, etc., actively develop emerging export industries such as electronic information, aircraft and aircraft spare parts, earnestly develop service outsourcing and trade services, and support qualified enterprises to carry out a variety of economic and technical cooperation at abroad. We aim to introduce USD 3.67 billion foreign capital and RMB 400 billion domestic capital and realize over USD 16 billion in import and export, up by 25%, 20% and 10% respectively.

9. To constantly strengthen and innovate social management
We should accelerate the construction of urban and rural community service network by following the requirement of reasonable layout, complementary functions and standardized operation. We should comprehensively promote community service station construction, explore and establish a new community management system. We should continue to encourage college graduates to be employed at grass-roots rural areas and perfect the system of recruiting township civil servants from excellent village cadres. We should give full play to the basic role of the masses in participating social management, actively support social forces in setting up private non-enterprise units, and effectively strengthen the management of social organizations. We should attach great importance to new changes brought by urbanization on rural social structure, continue to carry out household registration system reform with the key in promoting residence permits, earnestly do a good job in service management of floating population, left-behind rural population and special groups and try our best to enable the floating population to share basic public services with local residents.

We should improve construction of public security system and emergency response capacity to substantially guarantee the safety of people’s lives and property. We should improve the quality and safety supervision system, give prominence to quality safety governance for important living and production supplies such as such as food, medicines, medical equipment and agricultural equipment, advance the full coverage of dynamic and quantitative management system for catering enterprises, and focus on catering safety at public places such as school cafeterias. We should target at safe and peaceful production and strictly implement the responsibility system for production safety, establish and improve classification monitoring mechanism for major hazards, comprehensively strengthen grassroots work, pay close attention to safety management of school buses and student dormitories, eliminate all types of security risks in a timely manner and resolutely curb extraordinarily serious safety accident. We should do a good job in disaster prevention and mitigation and annually build 3 city-level and 16 county-level storehouses for disaster rescue materials from 2013. We should continue to promote Peace Shaanxi activities, improve crime prevention and control system, intensify work on national security and confidentiality, and crack down on various criminal activities.

We should improve the mechanism for safeguarding people’s interests with governments playing the leading part so as to deal with a variety of interest relations. We should improve the responsibility system for dealing with complaints and the disputes mediation system, respond to the voice of the people in a timely manner, and solve people’s problems at the grass-roots level in the very beginning. We should actively promote laws, enhance the legal concept of the people, improve legal aid work, and earnestly safeguard social fairness and justice. We should comprehensively implement ethnic, religious and overseas Chinese affairs policy, speed up the improvement of production and living conditions at ethnic minority-concentrated residential areas, give full play to the positive role of religious personages and religious people, and further strengthen friendship with overseas Chinese. We should earnestly safeguard and guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of people from all walks of life through fruitful work of governments at all levels and promote social harmony and stability with all efforts.

10. To strive to strengthen self-construction of governments
We should always follow the principle of administration according to law and actively promote the construction of governments under the rule of law. We should consciously accept the law and work supervision of the People’s Congress and its Standing Committee, consciously accept the democratic supervision of the CPPCC, improve the consultation system between government leaders and deputies of People’s Congress and CPPCC. We should adhere to the system of collective law learning for the leadership team and enhance the ability of all levels of governments in deepening reform, promoting development, resolving conflicts and maintaining stability by law thinking and the rule of la. We should always take public participation, expert evaluation, risk assessment, legal review and collective discussion as necessary procedures for making major policy decisions, and improve scientific, democratic and rule of law level in decision-making. We should intensify executive legislature and regularly upgrading government regulations and normative documents. We should strictly regulate law enforcement, prohibit enforcing laws via words, interfere with law enforcement with powers and bend laws for private benefits, and resolutely prevent damage to the interests of the masses in construction, land acquisition and urban demolition.
We should continue to deepen reform of the administrative system so as to effectively transform government functions. We should steadily push forward the reform of major departments, earnestly carry out the clean-up of the sixth administrative approval affairs, continue reforms in public institutions, innovate administrative management method, strengthen the building of e-government, strictly control the formation of each organ and the number of positions for leaders, reduce ranks, streamline government and decentralize power, improve efficiency, and push forward the transformation of government functions toward creating sound market environment, providing quality public services and safeguarding social fairness and justice.

We should improve government working-style construction and comprehensively promote openness of government affairs. We should carry out mass line education activities with being pragmatic and honest for the people as the main content, resolutely implement the Eight Rules of the Central Government, reduce the number of meetings and documents, strictly control the scale of celebration ceremonies and forums, and vigorously promote the Yan’an Spirit. We should comprehensively promote system construction for punishing and preventing corruption, intensify administrative accountability, audit and performance supervision, give prominence to treatment of bad atmosphere of idleness and extravagance in administrative organs, further standardize government procurement and bidding procedures, promote the reform of public transportation vehicles, strengthen management of commercial prepaid card, clean-up of small exchequers and official business card settlement, resolutely investigate and deal with major cases, and double efforts in solving corruption problems existing closely to the people. We should conscientiously implement government information openness regulations and guarantee the people’s right to information, participation, expression and supervision. Apart from certain special units, provincial organs, this year, all people’s organizations and public institutions directly attached to governments should open their department budgets and expenditures for official activities, and those already opening budgets in the last year should open their settlement this year. We should continue to reply messages from People’s Daily website, adhere to the system of inviting citizen representatives into government and college students internship, and do a better job in running government microblog so as to constantly smooth channels for communicating with the people.

Fellow Deputies, troops stationed in Shaanxi, officers and soldiers of the People’s Armed Police made outstanding contributions to the reform and development of Shaanxi. We should hold out the construction of revolutionization, modernization and normalization of troops as always, deepen the defense education, improve defense mobilization system, double efforts in reserve militias, substantially improve resettlement of leaders and veterans from the military, improve the pension growth mechanism for those enjoying preferential treatment compensation, further carry out “double-support” activities, consolidate and develop the good situation of unity between the army and the people.

Fellow deputies, the grand blueprint of completing building a comprehensively well-off society is inspirational. The goal of building Shaanxi into a strong, rich and beautiful province is encouraging. Let’s closely unite around the CPC Central Committee led by General Secretary Xi Jinping under the guidance of the spirit of the 18h National CPC Congress, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, make exploration and innovation, strive to build Shaanxi into a strong province in the west of China!

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