Report on the Work of the Shaanxi Provincial Government (2012)

2017-04-19 15:40:11 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Fellow Deputies,
On behalf of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, I would now like to present to you my report on the work of the Shaanxi Provincial Government for your deliberation and approval. I also welcome comments and suggestions on the report from the members of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other non-voting delegates.

I. Implementation situations of objectives and tasks set at the fourth session 

In 2011, we closely focused on the themes of scientific development and enriching the people and strengthening the province, and the main line of transforming economic development mode, actively coped with the influences of intensified macro-economic situations, strengthened the efforts to solve outstanding issues, and smoothly accomplished the expected targets of “starting steadily and winning the first battle” set for the beginning year of 12th Five-year Plan period. It is estimated that Shaanxi Province’s GDP reached RMB1200 billion, up 13.8%. Provincial revenue reached RMB157.797 billion, up 28.27% by the same caliber. Total fiscal expenses reached RMB292.885 billion, up 32%. Fixed-asset investment of the province reached RMB1000 billion, up 30%. A total of 411,000 urban residents entered the workforce, and 158,000 persons re-gained employment after deployment. The registered unemployment rate was 3.6%. Urban per capita disposable income rose to RMB18,200, up 16%. Rural per capita net income grew to RMB5,000, an increase of more than 20%. Outstanding of deposits of urban and rural residents totaled RMB900.5 billion, up 12.7%. Energy consumption per RMB10,000 GDP dropped by 3.5%, and tasks on reduction of emissions of main pollutants completed primarily.

The main work accomplished in 2011 includes the following:
1. We insisted on paying equal attention to structural adjustment and investment expansion, and tried to keep continuous economic growth.
First, we enhanced the organization and coordination of economic activities and ensured steady and fast industrial growth. We enhanced the adjustment over transportation of coal, electricity and oil, released policies to reduce taxation burden of advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises and promote development of civil-military integration industry, sped up growth of new emerging industries, accelerated elimination of lagged production capacity, invested over RMB100 billion to transform the traditional industry, and realized RMB540 billion of added-value for above-scale industries, up 17.8%. Second, we tried to solve the issues such as tightened credit scale and increase requirements for project approval actively, and enhanced construction of key projects. Newly increased financing amount of banks reached RMB230 billion, and the financing scale of capital market and securities exceeded RMB35 billion. The percentage of private investment to fixed-asset investment increased to more than 50%, ensuring the demands of projects under construction or to be constructed. The highway mileage reached 3800 kilometers. Expanded construction project of Xi’an Xianyang Airport was completed primarily and the Subway Line 2 of Xi’an was put into operation, becoming new signs for development stages of Shaanxi. Third, we kicked off the construction of modern agricultural industrial base and demo park, and promoted stable growth of agricultural industry. We implemented road and land construction project in northern Shaanxi, accelerated the development of leading enterprises and special rural cooperatives, and actively promoted land circulation. Total grain output of the province reached 11.95 million tons, and the grain industry has obtained abundant harvest for eight years in succession. Total fruit output of the province reached 13.32 million tons, total vegetable output reached 14.53 million tons, the live pig amount in stocks reached 8.8 million heads and the production volume of eggs and milk increased by 6.9% and 4% respectively. Fourth, we exerted great efforts to promote reform on integration of scientific and technological resources, and elevated the driving impetus of science and technology to economic growth. We released policies to support development of high-tech areas, improved R&D institutes of enterprises and dispatched 100 chief engineers to SMEs. We also accelerated the construction of scientific and technological resource center of the province and promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The total number of patents applied reached 31,000, of which, the number of invention patents reached 12,000. The transaction amount of technical contracts firstly exceeded RMB20 billion.

2. We successfully held the Xi'an International Horticultural Exposition and greatly promoted the development of modern service industry.
Xi’an City organized an innovative, characteristic, high-level and influential International Horticultural Exposition, which was participated by all people in the province. The 178-day exposition was safe and stable, with climax happened frequently. The number of visitors entering the park exceeded 15 million persons (times). The event showcased the opening, green and low-carbon new image of Shaanxi to domestic and overseas visitors, and greatly enhanced the confidence and sense of proud of all people in the province. Holding of the exposition also greatly increased the income of industries such as culture, tourism, catering and trade. Xi’an Xianyang Airport ranked a leading position in the country for growth rate of number of passengers, while occupation rate of major hotels in Xi’an was kept at above 95%. In the whole year, the province receipted 184 million domestic and overseas tourists, and the total income of tourism industry reached RMB132.5 billion, up 26.3% and 34.7% respectively. The added value of cultural industry reached RMB37.2 billion, up 30.2%, and the percentage to GDP reached 3%. Total retailing amount of social consumables in the province reached RMB373 billion, up 18.5%.

3. We carefully implemented the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone Development Planning, and accelerated the coordinated development of regions in the province.
We formulated implementation plans of key works in the year, and signed the strategic partnership agreement on joint construction of planning area with 10 national ministries and commissions and Gansu Province. We adjusted the development mode of Xi’an-Xianyang New District and determined the layout of a modern farmland city centering on “one district and five cities”. A total of 16 projects were introduced in the year, with the total investment reached RMB161 billion. Development of the district saw the structure of “five dragons dance in Xi’an-Xianyang and five cities compete with each other for new changes”. We insisted on providing classified guidance and taking different policies for different cities, and deepened the regional development strategies. The fiscal department of the province arranged RMB3.65 billion of special fund each year to support sustainable development of Yulin, urban-rural coordinated development of Yan’an, transformation and development of Tongchuan as a resource city, recycling development of three cities in southern Shaanxi, Baoji’s construction as a deputy central city and Yangling’s construction as a national innovation city for agricultural technology, forming a new situation where various cities and districts compete with each other for development. With 31 key demon towns as the focuses, we accelerated the construction of happy homeland for farmers through community-styled planning, special capital support, tilt land utilization indicators and dispatch of special cadres to work at the towns. Construction of a total of 468 projects started, and the total investment completed reached RMB5 billion. In the whole year, a total of 1.15 million rural populations settled their homes in urban areas, and the urbanization rate of the province reached 47%.

4. We implemented big events expected and wanted by all people in the province and laid a foundation for sustainable development of Shaanxi.
We initiated construction of five systems and 10 projects, and raised another upsurge for water conservancy construction in the history of Shaanxi. The progresses of comprehensive for integrated control project along Weihe River exceeded the expectation. Over RMB4.2 billion were invested accumulatively to reinforce a total of 190 kilometers of dike, accounting for 38% of the total planning. The ecological-landscape belts were primarily formed in large and medium-sized cities along the river. Last year, we overcame the flood of Weihe which had never take place in past 30 years. Wanggedu Reservoir in Yulin and Nangoumen Reservoir in Yan’an started water storage, pre-stage work of Dongzhuan Reservoir was in busy progress, and Hanjiang-to-Weihe River Water Transfer Project started construction comprehensively. We implemented the unprecedented 10-year migration project for disaster avoidance and poverty aid in southern and northern Shaanxi, with 800 concentrated allocation sites constructed. So far, the project had allocated 152,000 persons from 38,000 households in southern Shaanxi, and 78,000 persons from 18,000 households in northern Shaanxi. We tried not to increase burden of the public with migration and realized stability and enrichment of people through migration. Such methods were well received by the public, experts and the media. We solved the housing issue of low and intermediate-income residents, in particular, low-income residents based on the proportion of 23% of total number of urban households. A total of 2.1 million guarantee houses were planned to be constructed during the 12th Five-year Plan period, with 448,300 houses already constructed in last year. Thanks to effective capital raising, land guarantee and working measures, construction of a total of 481,300 houses was started last year, taking a lead in the country. Over 200,000 households moved to a new house last year.

5. We did a better job in matters related to people’s life steadily, and tried to elevate the public service level.
We insisted on the indicator that 60% of the newly increase fiscal strengths should be used to people’s livelihood. The fiscal departments of the province invested over RMB234.6 billion, and significant progresses had been made in matters related to people’s life as committed to the people. First, we accomplished the full coverage of basic endowment pension of urban and rural residents one year ahead, the number of urban and rural residents covered by the endowment insurance reached 14.37 million, and 3.13 million residents enjoyed endowment pension. The province had taken a lead in the country for promotional speed and coverage of the endowment insurance. Second, we promoted the five reforms on pharmaceutical and healthcare systems in a comprehensive manner. Per capita fiscal subsidy of basic medical insurance to urban and rural residents was increased to RMB200, and the reimbursement proportion of hospital expenses reached 70%. All grassroots medical and healthcare institutes all realized “three unifications”, drug prices dropped by over 46.14% averagely, standardization construction of county holidays, health centers in towns and townships and community health service centers was started, and four provincial projects such as Northwest Women's and Children's Hospital had progressed smoothly. A total of 2.72 million elders above 65 years ago, and 5.96 million women of child-bearing age enjoyed free medical inspection. Over one million cataract suffers accepted free surgery treatment, 249,000 puerperal women in rural areas enjoyed free child-bearing service, and the treatment scope of children suffering from cyanotic congenital heart disease and leucocythemia was expanded to the entire province. The number of pilot units for reform of county-level hospitals increased to 56, and medical reform mode of Zichang, Shenmu and Zhen’an became models for national promotion. Third, the comprehensive mechanism to promote and expand the employment became more complete. We arranged RMB2.42 billion of special fund for employment, newly issued RMB3.7 billion of small-amount guarantee loans, developed 26,000 public welfare posts, organized 184,000 persons to attend employment and entrepreneurship trainings, and transferred 6.67 million of laborers in rural areas while completing the employment task in urban areas. Fourth, outstanding issues in development of educational industry were properly solved. The total expenses for educational industry in the year reached RMB51.27 billion and a total of 441 standardized kindergartens were newly constructed or re-constructed. We implemented the system to exempt education guarantee fees for one year before schooling and offer living subsidies for children of poverty-stricken families. The gross entrance rate in one year before schooling increased to 87.4%. We completed the three-year safety project for campus of elementary and middle schools, and unified and elevated the public expense standards for per capita urban and rural students enjoy compulsory education. The public expense for middle and elementary school students is RMB700 and RMB500 respectively. The average allotment for high school students in the province was increased from RMB4,620 to RMB9,000. Over RMB5.16 billion of debts of high schools were solved. Each year, we arranged RMB480 million to support high schools affiliated to departments and research high schools in the province, and determined to arrange RMB300 million to support development of privately-run high schools. We further improved the education sponsorship system, offered living subsidies for 483,200 rural boarders enjoying compulsory education, issued RMB1.1 billion student source place student loan to 184,000 college students, and benefited 2.207 million students through the egg and milk project. Fifth, public culture construction was enhanced continuously. The public libraries, art galleries and cultural halls in the province were opened for free, and reparation and re-construction of 86 sites which accommodate two halls were conducted. Radio and TV signals were available in natural villages with more than 20 households. We implemented the construction of rural emergency-response broadcasting network, accelerated the construction of book houses in rural areas and promoted the PE Fitness Project in an in-depth manner. The protection over key cultural relics and non-substantial cultural heritage was enhanced, the large cultural heritage protection projects such as the Great Wall of the Hall Dynasty were implemented, the 6th Art Festival was held successfully, the “Chang’an Drawing School” and “Tiandi Shehuo” went abroad to foreign countries, and a batch of excellent works such as the Story of Xijing and the Revelation of Northern Shaanxi generated great influences throughout the country.

6. We have paid attention to and strictly controlled commodity prices, and effectively ensured that basic life of low-income population was not reduced.
With respect to increase of commodity prices since last year, we insisted on doing analysis and researches on monthly and quarterly basis, and ensured market supplies and stability of commodity prices by taking various measures. First, we released 11 measures to support production of live pigs, organized “Farming-Supermarket Docking" actively, realized direct selling of vegetables in commodities, reduced circulation costs and increased the effective supplies of agricultural byproducts. Second, we kicked off adjustment and control measures at appropriate time, input 783 tons of meat reserves, 22.73 million grams of edible oils, 244 million grams of grains, abolished 31 items of administrative fees charged from enterprises involved, exempted RMB1 billion of vehicle tolls, and strictly inspected and punished illegal behaviors such as malicious hoarding and force up commodity price. Third, we established the linkage mechanism of commodity price growth rate and living subsidies for low-income populations, issued RMB1.23 billion of living subsidies to urban and rural low-income populations, offered RMB173 million of basic living subsidies to students, and enhanced the public welfare service function of dining halls of high schools through rectification and standardization of contracted operation. Fourth, we applied fiscal and taxation policies to elevate the salary level of employees of low-income industries, increased the per capita annual income of employees in state-owned textile, forestry and food industries to RMB20,000. With the release of effects of various policies, consumption prices of residents dropped since Q4. It is estimated that growth rate of commodity prices in the year would be 5.7% and the overall trend is under control.

7. We guided the transformation of development mode through energy conservation and emission reduction, and elevated the ecological environment construction to a new level.
In accordance with the requirements that achievements should be made in the beginning year, we strengthened the construction of ecological environment. First, pollution control measures were strengthened. We constructed a total of 94 sewage treatment plants, realized the full coverage of Guanzhong and counties in northern Shaanxi, and increased the sewage treatment rate in cities and towns of the province to 70%. We kicked off the domestic garbage and sewage collection and treatment projects in combination with the construction of key demo towns, and carried out comprehensive environment rectification projects at 448 villages and 25 scaled breeding enterprises. We widely applied the new facilities and new technique for industrial emission reduction, set up desulfurizing and Denitration facilities at Xinshang Power Plant, and became one of the eight provinces awarded by the State Council for emission reduction work. Second, a three-year action plan for water pollution prevention and control along Weihe River was formulated and implemented. We paid equal attention to educational, management, engineering and legal measures, took strict measures to clean the water of Weihe River in three years, and realized the synchronization of anti-flood and ecological treatment work. Third, efforts were made to reduce resource consumption level. We exerted great efforts to develop environmental protection industry, promoted energy, water and land conservation in a comprehensive manner, eliminated 2.95 million tons of lagged production capacity, developed 870,000 mu of water conservative irrigation area, implemented development and trimming of 280,000 mu of lands, and activated and utilized 62,000 mu of land in stocks. Fourth, plantation and forestation activities were carried out in an in-depth manner. We planted 4.886 million mu of forest, completed re-plantation task of 1.59 million mu after forestation and returning farmland to forests, accelerated the construction of 1,000 li ecological corridor of Weiha River, greened 5,521 kilometers of truck lines, constructed 54,600 mu of greenland in urban areas, and controlled 6,561 square kilometers of water and soil loss areas.

8. We insisted on promoting the reform and tried all means to enlarge the opening.
First, we did a better job in reform of administrative management system, improved the “three determination” work of provincial-level administrative institutions, carried out classified reform of business units, improved the public service system of towns and townships based on withdrawal of townships and merger of towns, carried out pilot project for reform of administrative management system at developed towns, adjusted administrative management systems of existing industrial and commercial administration and quality inspection units, and implemented the administrative management system of food safety and highway traffic safety. Second, we deepened cultural system reform, carried out reforms in county-level cultural units, actively promoted the reforms of newspaper and magazine publication units, and integrated and established Shaanxi Broadcasting Corporation and Shaanxi Broadcast & TV Network Industry Group. Third, we innovated on financing system. Fiscal department of Shaanxi Province and Yanchang Group and Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metals Group invested and established Guarantee Housing Construction Corporation and Southern Shaanxi Migration and Movement Engineering Corporation to raise RMB11.55 billion and RMB6 billion of capitals respectively. Guanshan Industrial Fund raised RMB10.1 billion in the first stage, and Mindong Investment Company, the first company dominated by private-run company, was established with the registered capital of RMB1 billion. Fourth, we improved the juridical person governance structure of state-owned enterprises, standardized and strengthened the management of capital earnings of state-owned enterprises, and established energy, fuel and financial holding group companies. Fifth, we exerted great efforts to develop non-public economy. In the whole year, number of SMEs increased by 25,000 and the percentage of non-public economy reached 50.5%. Sixth, we promoted pilot projects for transparent budget among 10 provincial departments, became the earliest one in the country to release the “three public” expenses, integrated and utilized various types of special funds of the province, comprehensively cleared up and standardized financing platform of the government, and disposed governmental debts by categories. Seventh, we released the policies and measures to promote leap-forward development of opening economy, successfully held the Euro-Asia Economic Forum, and the Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China, Agricultural High-tech Fair and Hong Kong and Macao Business Invitation Fair. The total amount of foreign investment in actual use reached USD2.3 billion and the total amount of domestic investment in actual use reached RMB280 billion, up 26.4% and 16% respectively. The import and export amount accomplished reached USD14.62 billion, up 20.8%. The number of new enterprises whose import and export value exceed USD100 million reached six, and overseas investment made by enterprises reached USD320 million.

9. We tried to innovate on social management and actively promoted the harmony of the society.
First, we insisted on adjusting social benefit structure and made great efforts to solve difficulties of special populations. Based on the implementation of generalized system of preferences, we released 26 new policies in last year to solve the difficulties of special groups such as over-aged employees of collective enterprises, 5/7 workers, family member workers and demobilized serviceman. We implemented basic living guarantee for orphans and living subsidies for disabled persons, and some places also established a long-term mechanism for increase of benefits. Second, we solved the hot issues and difficult issues concerned by the society, and elevated the ability to cope with public incidents. We took strict measures to enhance supervision over food safety, strengthened building of emergency-response capability, enhanced the management over new emerging media such as internet, established and improved dynamic population management mechanism, and implemented the safety production responsibility sense persistently. Thirdly, we deepened the construction of safe Shaanxi and achieved significant results in comprehensive management of social security. We enhanced the construction of grassroots public security offices and judicial offices, strengthened the inspection and disposal of social conflicts, deepened the “clearing the network” action plan, attacked various criminal and economical crimes in accordance with the laws and gradually enhanced the sense of safety of the public.

10. We enhanced the building of the government and continuously elevated the administrative efficiency and service level.
The provincial government placed the administration by law at the first place, insisted collective law-studying system, voluntarily accepted the supervision of the provincial people’s congress and its standing committee as well as the democratic supervision of the provincial committee of CPPCC, and further improved the reporting work and liaison and communication mechanism. In the whole year, we dealt with 544 pieces of suggestions of the NPC deputies and 761 proposals of CPPCC members, submitted nine draft versions of local laws and regulations to standing committee of provincial people’s congress, formulated and revised eight governmental rules, abolished 363 provincial-level administrative approval projects, and abolished 118 normative documents. We took “openness and transparency” as our basic requirements, insisted on releasing governmental information in accordance with laws, established special letter and visit system for special groups, carried out the activities to invite the public to visit the government on a regular basis, dealt with 1,200 issues mentioned in messages leaf by netizens and complained online, and accepted supervision of the society. We strengthened responsibility and accountability system, carefully and strictly dealt with public incidents involving production safety and food safety, and enhanced the public trust of the government. In accordance with the spirits conveyed at the 4th working meeting on clean government, we further standardized the governmental procurement work, strictly controlled the construction of buildings, halls and galleries and outbound travel at public expenses, cleared and rectified official vehicles, standardized the management of commercial pre-paid cards and effectively promoted the building of an honest and clean government.

Fellow deputies, our province also achieved significant progresses in other aspects in the past year. The national defense mobilization ability and militia and reserve forces building level was elevated continuously. Hardware facilities of some reserve forces were greatly improved. The exchange and cooperation with Taiwan were further developed, the overseas Chinese affairs achieved new results, religion management work became more standard, the new archive of Shaanxi Province and local chronicles hall were completed and opened to the public, the national unity was strengthened, the women and children’s undertaking was developed comprehensive, and the spiritual civilization construction was deepened. The province saw the pleasant phenomenon that economic development accelerated, the society was harmonious and stable, cadres united together, and people lived a happy and healthy life.

These achievements were outcomes of correct leadership of the CPC provincial committee, the supervision and supports of the provincial people’s congress and the provincial committee of CPPCC, and also the joint efforts of all people in the province. Here on, I would like to show the greatest respect and gratitude to cadres and people, armies stationed in Shaanxi, officers and soldiers of armed forces, and public security police on behalf of the provincial government! I would also like to express sincere appreciation to all deputies, committee members and persons from all circles of the society who gave great supports to work of the government!

Looking back over the past year, we clearly recognized that besides solving the deeper conflicts such as low-income of urban and rural residents, low urbanization level and low economic extroversion, there were also new issues in economic and social development and our work: increase rate of commodity prices was higher than the expectation, and the factors that drive increase of commodity prices would exist for long period of time; although the industrial growth was fast, there were many difficulties for sustainable and stable growth; investment activities faced the double difficulties of insufficient capitals and projects, and the influences on sustainable economic growth were great; the rigorous limitations on energy conservation and emission reduction became stronger and stronger, and the difficulty to fulfill individual indicators was great. Moreover, the public service ability still had distance with expectation of the public, the interest pursuits of different groups intersected with each other, the duty to keep social harmony and stability was still heavy, the public opinions and consciousness to serve for the public of the civil servants needed to be enhanced, the building of honest and clean government and anti-corruption war were still long-term tasks, and execution ability of the government must be elevated. These all need our efforts.

II. Objectives and tasks and general plan for work in 2012

Currently, world economic situation is complicated and changeable, and world economy is still lingering between slow recovery and deepened recession. The imbalanced, inharmonic and unsustainable conflicts in economic development of China remain outstanding, and the economic downturn trend is obvious. These bring severe challenges to economic growth and economic organization mode of our province. In general, economic development in this year also enjoys many favorable conditions. Holding of the 18th National Congress of the CPC and the 12th Congress of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of CPC will inject new energies for economic development, and will create rare opportunities for continuity and stability of macroeconomic policies. We shall clearly understand the situations, face the difficulties, grasp the opportunities, firmly grasp the general tone of seeking progress amid stability, closely focus on the main themes and main lines, insist on taking and implementing various measures in a comprehensive manner, properly deal with the relations between speed, structure and commodity price, and try to keep stable and rapid economic growth. We shall insist on people-orientation, improvement of people’s life, innovation of social management and solving of social conflicts, and keep the stable and harmonious development situation of the province. We shall continue the reform and opening up, work hardly, integrate the high sense of political responsibility and cautious and delicate professional dedication spirits, spare no efforts to implement the general plans and elevate various work to a new height.

The expected targets for economic and social development of the province are as following: GDP increases by 13%, growth of fixed-asset investment is no lower than 25%, total fiscal income increases by 17%, registered unemployment rate of urban residents is controlled below 4.5%, urban per capita disposable income and rural per capita net income grow by 14% and 15% respectively, growth rate of commodity price is controlled at 4%, energy consumption per RMB10,000 GDP drops by 3.5%, emissions of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen and sulfur dioxide reduce by 1.5%, 1.5% and 2% respectively, nitrogen oxide emission sees zero growth, and PM2.5 index is gradually brought into monitoring system.

Determination of aforesaid targets is mainly due to following reason: in recent years, economic growth of our province is in ascending trend. Considering various factors, it is necessary to keep certain growth speed and leave space of adjustment, so as to avoid economic up and down radically. These targets not only reflect the requirements of surpass-pursuing and pressure self-imposing, but also the demands to ensure fulfillment of “three elevations” and development into a medium-developed province, enlarge employment, increase income of residents and improve people’s life. Under the situation where all places in the country compete with and catch up with each other, not negligence is permitted. We shall integrate the forces to seek for development, focus on implementation and realize leap-forward development.

Under the background of economic downturn, such growth speed includes qualitative requirements: “turning around and surpassing others” shall pay equal attention to direction, balance and speed. We shall insist on seeking for progress amid stability and seeking for speed amid better development, properly deal with the relationships of increment and stock, focus on the cultivation and support of development of real economy in the economic work, and pay more attention to people’s life, creation of harmony and elevation of happiness index of the public. In detailed work, we shall insist on solving imbalanced, inharmonic and unsustainable conflicts in economic development, and stick to the improvement of people’s life, increase welfare of the public and enhancement of the blood ties between the party, the government and the people.

1. Keeping stable and rapid economic development
We will continuously carry forward the driving role of fixed-asset investment. Stabilization of economy is the key to keep stable and rapid economic development. This year, we will arrange RMB1250 billion of fixed-asset investment, and support project constructions of infrastructure, agricultural, people’s life and advantageous & characteristic industries, as well as ecological and environmental-protection sectors. We shall accelerate the construction of Xi’an-Chengdu Passenger Dedicated Line, and the railway construction scale will reach 1500 kilometers. We will start the construction of Baoji-Hanzhong Highway and road along the Yangtze River, and the highway traffic mileage exceeded 4000 kilometers. The coal production capacity will increase by over 30 million tons, and the new energy installed capacity will exceed three million kw. We will continue to implement Shaanxi Gasification, power transmission, Xi’an railway and rural power grid reconstruction projects.

We will actively promote adjustment of economic structure. First, we will ensure stable growth of industry. We shall accelerate the development of strategic new emerging industries and promote the development of laser machine, new material, new energy, bio-pharmaceutical and internet of things industries while enlarging the advantageous industries such as energy and chemical industry and equipment manufacturing industry, so as to ensure that added value of above-scale industries exceeded 17%. Second, we will continue to integrate reform of scientific and technological resources. We will accelerate the construction of “one center and one base”, do a better job in “RMB100 Billion and Hundred Project” technical reform project, support scientific research institutes and high schools to cooperate with enterprises based on their scientific research achievements, encourage the combination of technological personnel with real economy, strengthen IP protection, and ensure that the number of patents applied shall be no less than 32,000, while the amount of transaction in technology shall be no lower than RMB26 billion. Third, we will exert great efforts to promote civil-military integration industries. We will encourage military enterprises to develop civil products through supports in terms of land and capital, and support local enterprises to enlarge auxiliary scale of military products. Fourth, we will continue to cultivate and enlarge industrial cluster and county-level economy. We will continue to enlarge 21 industrial clusters such as aerospace and aviation, further support development of national high-tech areas and development areas, continuously improve development environment of SMEs, accelerate the construction of 100 county-level industrial concentration areas, and increase the percentage of county-level economy to more than 55%. Fifth, we will speed up development of modern service industry. We will strengthen the pilot project for reform of national service industry of Xi’an, promote construction of key logistics parks, open new air routes and schedules between Xi’an and key cities home and abroad, actively guide domestic and overseas financial institutes to settle in Xi’an, enhance the overseas promotion of tourism products and construction of star-rated hotels, standardize the development of Greater Qinling tourism project, start construction of 30 characteristic tourism towns such as Chenlu, Fenghuang, Huayang and Qingmuchuan, and develop a batch of excellent products for rural tourism.

We will vigorously promote the development of the open economy. We will give priority to undertake the industrial transfer as to expand the investment invitation, take fostering diversified business entities as breakthrough to increase the import and export, and expand the foreign economic and technical cooperation sectors by contracted projects and labour service cooperation. We will also enhance the construction of Xi’an international zone of harbor services and the comprehensive bonded zone and actively strive to add special supervision areas by customs. We will organize to set up an investment development company overseas with the purpose of providing better services for enterprises to go global and invest in foreign countries and regions. Besides, we will regard the improvement of investment environment as an important task, further perfect the investment invitation assessment mechanism, firmly investigate and treat classic cases on damaging the lawful rights of the investors. We will work hard for inviting foreign capital worth of US$ 2.875 billion and domestic capital 320 billion yuan and realizing the import and export value over US$16.3 billion in 2012. We will continue implementing the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Area Planning and focus on the improvement of infrastructure and ecological environment and the development of equipment manufacturing and cultural industry.

2. Comprehensively accelerating the development of modern agriculture
The steady development of agriculture and the continuous increase of farmer’s income are our invariable guidelines. We should ensure the cultivated area reaching 45 million mu (about 3 million hectare) or more, with the total grain output exceeding 11.5 million tons, vegetable output reaching 15 million tons, fruit output reaching 14 million tons, of which, apple output reaching 10 million tons. In addition, the output of meat, egg and milk will reach 1.15 million tons, 0.53 million tons and 1.95 million tons respectively in 2012.

Firstly, we should firmly implement various kinds of policies on supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers, constantly increase the investment in village, agriculture and farmers, ensure that all agricultural subsidies on purchase of grain, live pig, agricultural means of production, improved breeds and agricultural implements could be fulfilled on time, and practically protect and enormously arouse farmers' production enthusiasm. Secondly, the year of 2012 has been oriented as the year of the construction of modern agriculture demonstration areas. We will promote the mode of Yangling demonstration area, boost the transfer of the right to land contracted management relying on leading enterprises and large proprietors, absorb the social capital and technologies for agriculture, and speed up the construction of modern agriculture demonstration areas. Thirdly, we will perfect the agricultural and scientific technical service system, accelerate to build a promotion center of agricultural scientific technologies, encourage agricultural research institutions and universities to dispatch related technicians to kinds of agricultural demonstration areas so as to popularize the advanced and applied technologies for farmers. Fourthly, we will continue paying more attention to the construction of water conservancy and infrastructure in rural areas, vigorously push forward the project of water-diversion from Hanjiang to Wei River, take water-conservation reform in 13 large-scaled irrigated areas, accelerate to build 51 key counties on irrigation and water conservancy, implement the reconstruction of water conservancy facilities in farmlands in 16 counties with great amount of grain, build 500,000 mu basic farmlands, fill the trenches and fertilize the land for cultivation with the area of 200,000 mu, and increase the irrigated area with water conservation reaching 800,000 mu. Fifthly, we will focus on improving the overall quality and operation level of farmer’s professional cooperatives, foster top100 professional cooperatives, and guide farmers to access to market. Sixthly, we will tightly seize the movement of migrates and qualified farmers into urban areas, earnestly fulfill the Outline for Poverty Alleviation from 2011-2020 of China, determine the villages and people whose annual income is lower than 2,500 yuan, realize the effective linkage among subsistence allowances, basic endowment insurance, and policies on poverty alleviation, so as to help 600,000 people get rid of poverty.

3. Endeavoring to expand the consumption while stabilizing the price
To expand the domestic demand is the basis to keep the steady and fast economic growth. We should make the effective management on inflation expectation to avoid the influences on people’s life caused by the price hike and improve people’s consumption capacity and the consumption demand by taking various measures simultaneously.

We should ensure the effective supply of agricultural products and by-products, implement the system of provincial governors taking responsibility for the "rice bag" (grain supply) program and city mayors taking responsibility for the "vegetable basket" (non-grain food supply) program so as to boost the advanced “vegetable basket” program. Besides, we should enhance the production of pigs and fulfill related supported measures, enhance the storage of meat, grain and oil and bring market control into full play. We should continue perfecting the price-subsidy linkage mechanism to ensure that the basic life of the people with low income could avoid the influences caused by the price hike. We should strictly implement the policies on “green channels”, make practical efforts in the direct selling of vegetables in social communities and accelerate to exert the road tolls on provincial secondary roads so as to minimize the circulation cost. We should also strengthen oversight and supervision of the market, intensify our efforts to supervise the food safety and crack down on the manufacture and sale of counterfeit or substandard goods and violations of dominating and cornering the market as well as forcing up price so that people could buy relieved and safe food.

We should perfect fiscal, taxable and credit policies on encouraging residents’ reasonable consumption, actively foster consumption hot spots involving autos, tourism, health and regimen, reduce taxes on services, support the development of labor-intensive services, give priority to boost the consumption in the endowment and housekeeping services in communities, support the sound and steady development of the real estate market, increase the effective supply of housing by various ways and meet the demand of commercial residential buildings used for living and improvement. We will pay greater attention to the consumption in rural areas, continue implementing projects like “Agricultural Implements into Rural Areas”, “Direct Farm Purchase Program” and “Ten Thousands of Villages and Thousands of Townships”, and determine to boost the consumption of residents in rural areas in housing, culture and home appliances. In addition, we will continue making great efforts in famous exhibitions like Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China and China Agricultural Hi-tech Fair, large festivals and commodity promotions, with the purpose of realizing the social retailgoods of 442 billion yuan with a growth of 18.5% throughout 2012.

We will constantly implement the guideline on the synchronous development of the income growth of rural and urban residents and the economic growth, focus on the improvement of residents’ income in expanding consumption, continue improving the pension of retirees of enterprises and making it closer to the pension of those retirees that took the work at the beginning of the P.R.C, continue improving the subsistence allowance for both urban and rural residents, and solving the actual difficulties of the special groups by implementing related policies and systems. We will urge enterprises to strictly implement the salary guideline and collective salary negotiation, minimum wage standard and other social security measures, practically coordinate the fulfillment of wages of peasant-workers with their pays, and take fiscal and taxation supportive policies to solve lower income of workers in some industries. We will continue executing the seven projects conducive to increase farmers’ income, take initiatives in developing new ways to increase their income, guarantee land property rights of farmers and make great performance in determining the rights of farmers’ property, like houses.

4. Further pushing forward the coordinated development of between rural and urban areas, and regions
We will earnestly implement launched supportive policies of all kinds, and strive to launch policies on the construction of Great Xi’an and Weinan as the East Gate of Shaanxi by joint efforts, encourage cities and regions in Shaanxi make full use of policies flexibly and strength their own vigor for development. We will seize the opportunities like the Western Development Plan, the 12th Five-Year Plan and the Plan on Flourishing Revolutionary Base Areas of Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia to win over some projects so as to boost the construction of the said areas.

We will spare no effort to advance the urbanization as a development strategy of Shaanxi, accelerate to build Xi’an as an international metropolis and a cluster of towns in Guanzhong. We will continue to boost the construction of Xixian New Area, speed up of the construction of the five new towns of Konggang, Fengdong, Qinhan, Fengxi and Jinghe, and constantly improve the status of Xixian New Area in national strategy. Besides, we will speed up the urbanization of 43 key counties, still focus on the construction of 31 key demonstration towns while building public service facilities like kindergartens, schools, hospitals and sewage treatment. In 2012, we will plan 510 projects with the total investment of 6.2 billion yuan, including the residential buildings with the area of 600,000m2.

We will intensify the urban refined management. Large and medium-sized cities should give priority to perfect urban functions, strengthening urban management and improving urban taste. We will strictly implement urban programs, rationally determine the border, scale, orientation and population density of the urban development, and firmly avoid the cake-style development. We will make more efforts in the construction of urban infrastructure focused on garbage and sewage treatment, and solve problems in transportation facilities in large and medium-sized cities to maintain the traffic order. Moreover, we will deepen the construction of digitized Shaanxi, develop intelligent cities and comprehensively improve the Informatization.

We will improve all guarantee measures, carry out centralized management of household register, and keep boosting qualified rural residents to settle in cities. In 2012, our objective is to boost 900,000 rural residents to settle in cities. Meanwhile, the youth in rural areas will have priority to settle in cities and help them adapt the urban life.

5. Striving to boost the great development and prosperity of the socialist culture
We will fully implement the spirits of the 6th Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, bring our advantages in cultural resources into full play, further increase the investment in culture and promote the development of the cultural industry by the “eight projects” engaged in building Shaanxi as a strong cultural province.

We will accelerate to set up the public cultural service system covering the whole province, support free museums, memorial halls, art galleries, libraries and cultural centers to develop related services meeting their own functions, further push forward the construction of “a cultural center, a library and a town cinema in each county”, continue the distribution of facilities for cultural stations at the grassroots level, complete the task that 250,000 households in rural areas have broadcast and television, and realize that every administrative village has a rural library in 2012. Besides, we will support the masses to carry out all kinds of cultural activities, vigorously boost the “One-yuan Theatre” to enrich people’s cultural life. We will intensify efforts in the protection and construction of Chang’an Town of Han Dynasty, Xianyang Town of Qin Dynasty and Kunming Lake of Han Dynasty, strengthen the protection of intangible cultural heritage, and do a good job in the new round of the redaction and modification of local chronicles.

We will exert ourselves to promote the leap development of the cultural industry. We will pay close attention to support Shaanxi Cultural Industry Investment Holding Group, Shaanxi Broadcast Network Industry Group and China West Film Group to develop; exert the demonstrate effect of Guanzhong Folk-custom Museum and the Tang King Market to guide social capital to invest in cultural industry by various ways; accelerate the construction of Qujiang New Area, Xixian culture and education park, Xi’an entertainment base on Wenyi Road, Xi’an national printing and packaging industry base and digital publishing base to promote the scaled development of the cultural industry; actively develop the comprehensive platform for the trade of audio and video products, cartoon and game products, regulate the trade of cultural property and works of art, and perfect the system of the cultural market.

We will further deepen the reform in cultural mechanism; consolidate the achievements in the reform of mechanism of cultural enterprises; probe into the corporate governance structure of building cultural public institutions; set up and perfect the supervision mechanism of stated-owned cultural property; promote the culture integrated with scientific technology; develop emerging cultural business; support the production of cultural quality goods.

We will adhere to guiding the cultural construction with the socialist core value system; take in-depth study on Scientific Outlook on Development and put into practice, energetically carry forward the spirit of patriotism, Yan’an Spirit, and the spirit of the time of reforms and innovation; constantly deepen the construction of civic virtues; set up a new image of Shaanxi people, patriotic, faith, diligent, plain, grace, tolerate, praising virtue and etiquette highly, pragmatic, and enterprising.

6. Pragmatically enhancing the construction of the ecological environment
Firstly, we will keep on the environmental governance in key regions. We will boost the comprehensive governance of Wei River and implement the governance and tree planting tasks in 2012 as soon as possible; implement the 3-year sewage treatment plan of Wei River and firmly weed out pollution sources along the river; perfect the joint prevention and control mechanism on air pollution in cities in Guanzhong and carry out the cleaner production in cement, coal chemical industry and other industries involving heavy metal; take in-depth law enforcement inspection in the environment pollution caused by oil and coal enterprises in North Shaanxi, and severely investigate and treat violations of all kinds; improve the mechanisms to compensate for resource and ecological environment depletion, expand the scope of emission trade, vigorously promote the technologies of filling and coal mining with water conservation and enhance the treatment of gobs and subsidence areas; intensify the protection of the ecological environment of Qinling Mountains and accelerate the comprehensive treatment of Han River and Dan River to ensure the clean water for Beijing.

Secondly, we will strictly control the discharge and emission of principal pollutants. We will focus on enhancing the control of nitrogen oxide of vehicles and ensure desulfurization and denitration facilities of coal-fired power plants and key non-electric industries could be accomplished on time. We will enhance the construction of facilities of sewage and refuse treatment in urban areas. In 2012, all sewage treatment plants in county towns and cities will put into operation, the processing ratio of sewage of Shaanxi will reach 75%. By the end of 2012, over 60% large livestock and bird farms will be allocated with solid waste and sewage treatment facilities.

Thirdly, we will pragmatically enhance the ecological construction. We will implement key forestry projects, consolidate and expand the achievements made in the afforestation, carry out the activity of the construction of garden city and forest city, launch the garden construction of Guanzhong, strive to realize the afforestation with the area of 4 million mu, virescence of expressways, national and provincial highways and lines along railways with the length of 3,312 km, and governance of soil erosion with the area of 6,500 km2.

Fourthly, we will further effectively conserve resources. We will boost the application of new equipments and technologies in energy-saving, vigorously develop the energy-saving and environment-friendly industry and low-carbon industry and push forward the energy conservation in industry, construction, transportation and public organizations; optimize the market allocation of resources like gas, coal, oil and salt so as to fully embody the market value of resources; continue perfecting the reforms in water price and motivating policies on water conservation and foster the atmosphere to save water in the whole society; establish and improve the trinitarian goal responsibility assessment system on land for construction, balance of land requisition and compensation, and grain output growth so as to ensure the cropland for our descendants. In 2012, we will weed out backward capacity of 1.5 million tons, the water consumption per 10,000 yuan will decrease by 5% and the recycling rate of water will amount to 8%.

7. Improving the people’s livelihood with greater determination and efforts
Firstly, we will take promoting employment as the objective with priority of the social and economic development. We will earnestly implement all measures to expand employment, enhance the vocational training, newly increase petty loan worth of 6.5 billion yuan, encourage people to start their own business, attach importance to the employment of graduates from colleges and universities, demobilized and retired veterans, farmers who are settled in urban areas or whose land are requisitioned, poverty-stricken families and people who had difficulty finding a job, and establish harmonious labor relation. In 2012, our objective is to newly increase 340,000 urban citizens to be employed; the employment rate of graduating students could reach over 80%; realize to transfer 6.5 million rural labor forces for employment.

Secondly, we will pay attention to the construction of low-income housing projects. In 2012, we will complete all low-income housing projects which were started last year and start new 436,000 apartments in 2012, including 57,000 low-renting apartments, 94,000 public rental apartments, 300,000 apartments put into service. We will prepare central and provincial financial fund of 11 billion and land with the area of 30,000 mu for the construction of low-income housing. We will intensify the duties of governments at all levels, fully exert the role of Shaanxi Low-income Housing Construction Company, accelerate the construction process, and ensure the quality. Besides, we will establish and perfect Shaanxi low-income housing information system to ensure that the information of apartments and eligible people are fair and transparent, and make pragmatic efforts to solve the housing problem concerned by all people.

Thirdly, we will pragmatically boost the migration project in South and North Shaanxi. We will complete the migration task in 2011, including 80,000 households with 295,000 people in South Shaanxi and 22,000 households with 88,000 people in North Shaanxi, and drive up the progress of the poverty alleviation. We are confident and adequate to successfully finish the great event vital to the peaceful life and work of millions of people by the integration of the financial capital and the effective operation of migration companies in South Shaanxi.

Fourthly, we will accelerate to set up and perfect the social security and assistance system benefiting urban and rural residents. We will advance the social security including endowment insurance and medical insurance from systemically to practically; all counties and regions will be the demonstration places where local people could enjoy the social endowment insurance for both rural and urban residents; fundamentally solve the residual problems on endowment insurance of retirees of collective enterprises; perfect the flexible social security system of employees; implement the policy that sanitation workers and taxi drivers could apply for the endowment insurance; solve the treatment problem of people engaged in community work; push forward the social security; enhance the assistance for scroungers and outcasts, especially for outcasts under age; and actively boost the funeral and interment reform in urban and rural areas and the cemetery construction.

Fifthly, we will make continuous efforts to work out highlighted problems in the education development. We will adhere to the requirement that education expenses shall take up 16% or more of the total financial expenditure and further optimize the education layout and structure. We will perfect the public spending subsidy mechanism for preschool education with the standards as follows: 200 yuan per every student from kindergarten, 1,000 yuan per student from preschool before primary school and 1,500 year per student under special education. The average spending standards for students under the compulsory education will be improved to 800 yuan for pupils, 1,000 yuan for middle school students and 1,100 yuan for students under the special education. Besides, students from higher vocational colleges and undergraduate colleges and universities could enjoy the public spending of 8,000 yuan and 12,000 yuan respectively. We will ensure the standardized kindergartens built last year could be put into use on time, build and rebuild 325 kindergartens in 2012. We will strengthen the safety management of school buses, integrate with resources of vocational education, and realize the effective linkage between secondary education and vocational education. We will continue increasing supports for colleges and universities subordinate to ministries and that with high-level research subordinate to Shaanxi and guide the sound development of private colleges. Based on the nutrition improvement for rural students under the compulsory education, we will further advance our nutrition project for students. In addition, we will make substantial efforts to solve the entrance problem of children of rural residents who settle or work in urban areas, left-behind children and disabled children, strive to improve the admission rate of colleges and universities so that make our students enjoy the fair opportunity for college education.

Sixthly, we will improve the capacity for guaranteeing the medical and health services. We will increase the per capita subsidy to 250 yuan in new rural cooperative medical services and basic medical insurance for urban residents and further improve the reimbursement proportion. We will continue executing public health services, e.g., rural pregnant women could enjoy free parturition in hospital, the elder aged 65 or above could enjoy the free healthy examination, rural children suffering from leukemia and congenital heart disease could enjoy the assistance, both urban and rural residents could file their own health record and enjoy the free prevention against serious communicable diseases and endemic disease.  We will launch the public hospital reform at the county level overall and gradually implement the centralized purchasing, price and distribution of medicines in the health care institutions at the county level or above; continue carrying out secondary hospitals’ assistance for matched health care institutions in matched counties; actively implement the training plan of 10,000 country doctors and strive to realize that every health service institution in the community or health clinics in townships could have qualified general practitioner. We will speed up the construction of key projects like Northwest Maternal and Child Care Hospital; support the social capital to invest in public health service institutions; build a Center for Disease Control and Prevention respectively in North Shaanxi, Guanzhong and South Shaanxi and a rehabilitation center for children with physical disabilities in Guanzhong; continue paying close attention to the personnel system reform in health clinics in township; and enhance the construction of health offices in villages. We will implement various kinds of award and supportive policies on family planning, keep the birthrate low and balance the sex ratio.

8. Constantly intensifying and innovating the social administration
We will thoroughly implement the requirements made by Chinese President Hu, that “try our utmost to stimulate the social vigor, increase harmonious factors and reduce disharmonious factors to consistently boost social harmony”, and take working out the serious problems that affect the social harmony and stability as the breakthrough to improve the scientific social administration.

Firstly, we will further transform the functions of the government and intensify our ability on social administration and public services, especially in rural areas, while putting forth efforts in the economic adjustment and market supervision. We will consolidate the achievements made in the management of localization of industrial and commercial and quality monitoring departments, and straighten out the management system of salt industry as required by the localized food safety responsibility system. Secondly, we will practically enhance the construction of urban communities, define service contents and work specifications, increase supports in capital, facilities and formation, make full use of the role of the autonomy of the masses in the social administration. Thirdly, we will improve the dominant mechanism on the CPC and government maintaining the benefits of the masses, positively take policies and measures to adjust the benefit-based relationships of the masses, adhere to mechanisms on leaders’ acceptance of interview and responsibility for the accumulated petition of letters, enhance the work of administrative review, administrative mediation and people’s mediation, and pay attention to the treatment of source of social contradictions. In particular, we should solve the contradictions easily to intensity such as land acquisition, remove, illegally financing, land flow and benefits of mines in rural areas. We unswervingly rectify the unhealthy tendency that damage benefits of the masses. Fourthly, we will intensify the integrity education, advance the integrity construction of the government, commerce, society and administration of justice, integrate social resources, and build a credit investigation system of Shaanxi to provide authoritative credit investigation services. Fifthly, we will continue boosting the construction of safe Shaanxi, carry out publicity campaigns to promote legal knowledge prescribed in 6th five-year plan, perfect the emergency system and disaster prevention and reduction system, strengthen the production and transportation safety, rigorously monitor the safety of public places, improve the capacity to cope with public emergencies, and ensure the safe production and life. We will improve crime prevention and control system, intensify the management of special groups, do a good job in clearance and governance of hidden dangers of the public security, crack down on pornographic products and illegal publications and severely fight against all kinds of criminal and economic crimes to safeguard the national security and social stability.

III. Major safeguard measures for completing tasks of 2012

The year of 2012 is the last year of this administration in office. It is significant for realizing the objectives prescribed in 12th Five-Year Plan to make good performance in 2012. We must seize every minute to work hard and ensure the smooth accomplishment of all tasks in 2012 based on current situations.

1. Keeping actively enterprising and high-spirited from beginning to end
It is an important premise to successfully complete tasks in 2012. We should overcome the negative emotions when facing with difficulties and make great performance in various kinds of work in 2012 with the high sense of political responsibility, abundant work passion and strong awareness of the general situation. We can’t be self-satisfied with the achievements and craven for difficulties. We should keep the élan to exceed, courage to increase the pressure ourselves and ambition to advance bravely with a heavy load. We should also make new methods and practical efforts in improving the comprehensive power of the economy, people’s living standard and quality, and the protection of the ecological environment. Such objective shall run through all work in 2012. We will boost the overall development of Shaanxi by excellent performance of all sectors nationwide.

2. Intensifying the government self-construction by advancing the administrative ability according to law
To advance the administrative ability is the basic guarantee to complete all tasks and the important content to boost the government self-construction. We must thoroughly implement the Five-Year Plan of the construction of the law-based government and be consciously subject to supervision by the Provincial People’s Congress and the standing committee as well as the CPPCC Shaanxi Provincial Committee. We will further improve the scientific decision-making mechanism of the government, sort out the regulations and documents of the government at regular intervals, continue reducing and adjusting procedures of administrative examination and approval, strictly regulate administrative fees, and strive to build a service-oriented government. We will intensify the efforts in accountability and effectiveness system, execute the first-be-inquired responsibility system, fulfillment within specified time system and mechanism for investigating and prosecuting improprieties to the letter, perform duties in a strict, normative, fair and civilized manner and make great efforts to improve the credibility of the government. We should vigorously push forward the transparent government affairs, constantly expand the range and items, comprehensively implement the open and transparent budget of governmental departments, and continue making government departments’ spending on official receptions, vehicles and overseas trips public. Power must be exercised in the sunshine.

3. Adhering to solving difficulties in development with the thought of the opening up and reform
It is the important experience to boost various kinds of work. In 2012, we will continue deepening the reform in all sectors based on actual conditions of Shaanxi. We will enhance the cooperation with central enterprises and carry out activities to encourage central enterprises to invest in Shaanxi. We will actively advance the diversification of investors and listing of enterprises, intensity the budget management of state-owned capital gains, perfect the assessment of province-owned enterprises to counterpart enterprises in China. We will strengthen the integration of national assets and proceed with the reform in grain, products, forestry, supply and marketing, and rural credit cooperative, and promote their great development. We will improve coordinated services for various financial institutions settled in Shaanxi and fully exert their role in supporting the development of the substantial economy. We will earnestly implement the Opinions on Encouraging and Guiding the Sound Development of Private Investment of the State Council involving 36 opinions, further optimize the development environment of the non-public sector of the economy, support integrated private capital to access  sectors including energy, infrastructure, municipal administration and social undertakings, and expand the space for business. We will implement the reform in resources tax and vehicle and vessel tax overall and timely promote the reform in price and vehicle use for official affairs. We will attach great importance to talents, fully implement Shaanxi Talent Development Plan, actively foster and bring in high-level talents for innovation, and improve the youthful talents in scientific technology mechanism so as to accelerate to build Shaanxi as a powerful province in science and education. We will steadily boost the reforms of public institutions by sorts with the principles of separating the functions of government from those of institutions, the functions of public institutions from those of enterprises, the management from the supervision. According to requirements for rural and urban coordinated development and equal basic public services, we will deepen the reforms in education, culture and public health and put forth efforts in eliminating the abuses in mechanisms, which are harmful for fairness, justice and the improvement of the people’s livelihood.

4. Further transforming the attitude with the core of serving the masses
Serving the masses is the starting point and goal of all our work. We must firmly establish the mass viewpoint, adhere to the mass line, and promote the relationship with the masses. We will carry out the activity of being a civil servant that satisfy the masses and carefully solve the most concerned, direct and substantial problems on benefit for the masses. We will deepen the pragmatic ethos, really reduce meetings and documents, take more time to investigate and research in basic roots, and coordinately solve the severe contradicts and problems in work. We adhere to the liaison system with deputies of the NPC and members of the CPPCC, perfect the governmental spokesperson system, attach great importance to the role of the media and the internet, timely tackle and reply messages left by netizens, persist in inviting citizens to come into the people’s government of Shaanxi, and keep the unimpeded channel for connecting the masses. We will take all work in a thrifty manner, strictly control the construction of the department offices, practically reduce the expenses in official receptions, vehicles and overseas trips, and ensure the newly-increase finance to be used in the improvement of the people’s livelihood and development. We will firmly enhance the construction of an incorruptible government, keep on all kinds of special governance, regulation the work of tendering and bidding as well as government procurement, expand the settlement range of cards specialized for the official affairs, strictly take charge of commercial prepaid cards, and solemnly investigate and treat all kinds of violations so as to win the trust of the masses by the honest and upright image.

Fellow Deputies, troops stationed in Shaanxi, officers and soldiers of the People’s Armed Police made outstanding contributions to the reform and development of Shaanxi for a long time. In particular, they played a key role in maintaining the social stability and dealing with emergencies. We should hold out the construction of revolutionization, modernization and normalization of troops as always, double efforts in reserve militias, deepen the defense education, actively carry out “double-support” activities, further consolidate and develop the good situation of unity between the army and the people.

Fellow Deputies, in 2012, our goals are inspiring and our tasks are heavy and onerous. Let us unite closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary, hold high the great banner of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, welcome the 18th the CPC National Congress of China and the 12th Congress of the CPC Representatives of Shaanxi with common efforts, under the direction of the Scientific Outlook on Development and the strong leadership of provincial Party committee.

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