Shaanxi Simplifies Work Permit for Foreign Employee

2017-05-24 10:37:07 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

On April 1st, 2017, the double-track work permits, involving border entrance work permit and foreign experts work permit for overseas employees in China, will be streamlined into one system under reforms initiated by the State Council and implemented by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

★ Foreign workers will be classified into categories A, B and C:

Class A will include top talents

National personnel schemes and international standards are counted for the evaluation of the top-end foreign experts. Besides, this class also includes enterprise talents and brilliant youth talents.

B general professionals

The B category will include foreigners who can fill "short-term gaps, especially in management and technical areas", adding that in areas such as international trade, sports, culture and education consultancies, the Chinese employers are expected to set hiring limits after weighing in factors like company investments.

C those on short-term jobs

Include temporary, seasonal or unskilled foreign workers and those in the service industry. This is in line with the existing policy of local employment.

★ To apply for the foreigner’s work permit notice of China, you need to prepare:

※ Foreigner's work permit application

※ Original copy of wWorking experience reference letter original

※ Original copy of eEducational degree notarization original

※ Original copy of Nonon- criminal record notarization original

※ Original copy of Body check health examination report original

※ Employment contract or certificate

※ Original copy of Passport passport or international travel documents original

※ Full-face and bareheaded photo taken within 6 months

★ Documents needed for the foreigner’s work permit card of China:

※ Original copy of yYour visa (Z type or R type); or valid residence permit original

※ Original copy of Employment employment contract original

※ Original copy of health examination report Body check report original

Foreigners can apply for visa with a valid passport or certificate at embassy and consulate after required the notice of foreign experts work permit online.

The applying for the new work permit will allow applicants to download online forms for completion and submission, triggering a lifetime individual code for the storage of personal information, such as, working experiences, services and credits.

The “top talents” will enjoy the “fast passage” to apply for the permit by applying and submitting relevant materials online. The time of applying, delaying and discharging the permit will be shorten to 5 days from the original 10 days. And the duration of the work permit can be 5 years top.

And “top talents” in China can apply for the work permit inbound.

From April 1st, Xi’an Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs will dedicate to build a fast and convenient service system that allows foreign employees to apply and check the work permit online.

★ To acquire more info, please contact:

Xi'an Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs Office

Add: room 439, block 6, 109 Fengcheng 8th road, Weiyang district, Xi'an


China (Shaanxi) free trade area, General service hall at Gaoxin district of Xi'an

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