Fastest High Speed Train to Chengdu to be Open

2017-05-24 09:53:26 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Sichuan province (Chengdu is the capital) in ancient China is called Shu. It neighbors Shaanxi province in the south. Strategically it is considered as easy to defense but hart to attack for its geographic position.

The way connects Xi'an and Sichuan is hard since ancient times with the Qinling mountains and Ba mountains blocking the way. While since this way plays a significant role in Chinese economic and cultural development, people have been exploring it for a very long time:

In 1958, Baoji-Chengdu railway, the first railway from central Shaanxi to Sichuan was on operation

It connects the northwest and southwest China and for the first time improved the convenience of travelling from central Shaanxi to Sichuan. Till now, it still takes 8 hours from Xi’an to Hanzhong and 16 hours from Xi’an to Chengdu.

On Oct. 1st, 2007, the high speed way was officially on operation

It shortens the time from X’an to Hanzhong to 4 hours and Xi’an to Chengdu 9 hours, which is the fastest way besides flying.

In the October of 2012, the Xi’an-Chengdu high speed rail began the construction

Xi’an-Chengdu high speed rail travels from the north to the south through Guanzhong plain, Qinling mountains, Hanzhong plain and Ba mountains. The construction went through extremely difficult geological condition.

In 2017, the Xi’an-Chengdu high speed rail is expected to be on operation in early October

Xi-Cheng high speed rail, also called Xi-Cheng passenger transport line is the first high speed rail travelling through Qinling mountains. It starts from Xi’an and goes towards south to Hanzhong then enters Sichuan province. The route extends 643km and the train operates with the speed of 250km/h.

14 stations set up on the line:

Shaanxi: Xi’an North Railway Station, Epanggong station, Huxian east station, Xinjiechang station, Foping station, Yangxian west station, Chenggu north station, Hanzhong station, Xinji station and Ningqiang south station.

Sichuan: Guangyuan zhongzi station, Jianmenguan station, Qingchuan station, Jiangyou north station.

Ticket price:

Xi’an-Hanzhong: 75rmb around

Xi’an-Chengdu: 220rmb around

Hanzhong-Chengdu: 150rmb around

What’s fun in Chengdu:

Sichuan is home to the famous Chines food—hotpot

And also they’ve got this popular but wired snack: rabbit head, it is very delicious though.

And they have this largest panda base in the world!

In Jinli and Kuanzhai alleys, you can taste the most various and authentic local snacks.

Global center: the biggest individual building in the world with food and entertainment all available.

Chunxi road: famous shopping street

Happy Valley: famous Chinese amusement park

Just can't wait to travel to Chengdu to have all these delicious food!

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