Bookstores in Xi'an Recommend

2017-05-23 17:58:13 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

World Reading Day is coming this Sunday! Let’s learn something about it.

World Reading Day was set up by the UNESCO in 1995 to encourage people, especially teenagers, to discover the pleasure of reading. It is also the day to honor great writers who made great contribution to human civilization. Every year on April 23rd, over a hundred countries celebrate World Reading Day.

Spring is just the best time for reading. Below are several bookstores in Xi’an we recommended before:

Qujiang Bookstore

Qujiang bookstore is the biggest comprehensive bookstore in northwest China. It has three floors with quiet reading zone and multiple relaxing recreations.

Opening hours:10:00-21:00

Add: Block 10 of Furong Xintiandi, Furong south road, Yanta district, Xi’an

Ziyouchuanxing Book Bar

The wooden stairs inside Tang West Market are always filled with books lovers in different ages. Those who think reading is just outdated may come here and feel the strong atmosphere of reading.

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00

Add:Branch at Xiaozhai: 1F of Jiahui Hantang Book City, east side of Chang’an middle road.

Branch at Tang West Market: northeast corner of 3F, Tang West Shopping Mall, 1 Laodong south road.

Branch at North Street: 8F of Min Sheng International Shopping Center.

Wan Book Store

Every desk is equipped with ottomans and a table lamp with green lamp-chimney, which was very popular in dramas of the Republic of China. It would be comfortable for people to rest and write something here.

Opening Hours:9:00—20:00

Add:Branch at Glorious Plaza: 195 Keji road, Gaoxin district. (Opposite to Gaoxin Chuangye Square)

Shiyu Book House: 1F of Xike Mansion, 9 Keji road. (Near University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

Shutiantang Book House: 9F of LUCKY KING International Shopping Mall, Jinhua South road.

Muguang Chuangyi House: 2F of LOTUS Supermarket, 3 Tangyan road.

Xinhuali Book Store

Opening Hours:09:00-21:00

Add: 74 Chang’an middle road.

Maodetiankongzhicheng Book Store

Here all the books can be classified into four categories as traveling, art, painting and literature. Besides, the biggest highlight of this book store is the postcards that are full of city characteristics!

Opening Hours:10:00-22:00

Add: L1-11 of INCITY, 33 Weiyang road.

Yanjiyou•Today Book Store

Some DIY activities are organized periodically here and those who are lucky enough may get a small cake or a bookmark.

Opening Hours:10:00-22:00

Add:Branch at Gemdale Square: 2F of Gemdale Square, 999 Qujiangchi east road, Qujiang new district.

Branch at Capital Malls: 4F of Capital Malls, 64 west section of south 2nd ring road.

Branch at INCITY: 3F of INCITY, 155 west section of Taibai interchange, south 2nd ring road.

Branch at Sunshine Paradise: 2F of Sunshine Paradise Shopping Mall, 60 Boshi road, Gaoxin district.

Teaing Books

Opening Hours:10:00-22:00

Add: 2F of Jinhui International Shopping MALL, north section of Fenghui south road, Yanta district, Xi’an

Xiangwang Cultural Space

Opening Hours:10:00-22:30

Add: beside Tianlang Jinchengyishu Hotel, Daxing east road.

Huiyin Gongyuan Book Store

Opening Hours:11:00 am—11pm

Add: 15 Defu alley, Fenxiang.

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