Work Permit Policy for Incoming Foreigners in Shaanxi to be Enforced on April 1

2017-04-05 17:04:06 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

According to authorities from the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Insurances on March 27, the work permit policy for incoming foreigners in Shaanxi is to be implemented on April 1.

In order to achieve the effect of “1+1>2” scenario, the Office of Administrative Accreditation and Regime Reformation of the State Council announced the decision in December, 2015 to combine the “Foreigner’s Work Permit” and the “Foreign Expert Certificate” into the “Alien Employment Permit.” The new policy to be carried out on April 1 this year will feature “one-code (institutional code)-application,” “one-window-acceptance,” “one-network-processing,” and “one-number-management” characteristics. Meanwhile, the policy will categorize, simplify, and unify application documents per “Least Knowledge Principle” so that the amounts and types of applications would be clear and convenient for accreditations. Since foreigner-managements in other countries are usually controlled by a single department, this change is to allow China to meet the international standard so that foreigners are not being kept away by outdated policies, and more foreign talents would be absorbed into domestic industries. However, according to the Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, foreigners with the two aforementioned permits are still good before their expiration dates.

On the other hand, Xi’an is to achieve the online processing system featuring “online-processing,” “Completion within time limit,” and “real-time inquiries” based on the online platform - “System of Alien Employees’ Services and Management.” Xi’an Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs is also to provide express lanes to allow “one-on-one” efficient processing procedure for foreign professionals at this time to limit the accreditation steps and time needed.

While the blueprint of “the Belt and Road” – “Constructing an innovative province by 2020; becoming one of the top innovative provinces by 2030; forming the province the ‘world-influential’ innovative center of ‘the Belt and Road’” is in place, Shaanxi is to grab the chance of becoming the strategic focus of China and step into a new technological-innovative and productivity-driven journey.