Announcement on Holding the 2017 Yaowangshan Temple Fair

2017-03-01 15:17:48 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

To carry forward the culture of health preserving of traditional Chinese medicine, protect and inherit national intangible cultural heritage “Ancient Yaowangshan Temple Fair”, accelerate the resource city transition of Tongchuan, promote tourism industry development, and build “four Tongchuan characteristics”, 2017 Ding You Year Yaowangshan Lunar February 2nd Festival Temple Fair, hosted by Yaowangshan Administration and sponsored by Tongchuan Cultural and Tourism Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Xi’an Huajingcheng Tourism Group Co., Ltd. and Tongchuan Yaowangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., is going to be held. The prepared scheme for the activity is shown as follows:

I. Theme

Inherit temple fair heritage, carry forward Yaowang culture, sing around the tourism industry, and guide a healthy life.

II. Time and place

February 26 – March 12, 2017 (the 1st day to the 15th day of the second month on the lunar calendar), Yaowangshan Scenic Spot.

III. Content

(I) Launching of Ding You Year Yaowangshan Temple Fair & Folk Worshiping Ceremony for Sun Simiao (King of Medicine) (9:58 a.m. of February 26, Yaowang Cultural Square).

(II) 2017 Symposium for the 1477th Anniversary of the King of Medicine Sun Simiao’s Birth (p.m. of February 26, Sun Simiao Memorial Hall).

Theme: In memory of Yaowang’s merits and virtues, inherit the Immortal’s thought

Host: Medical History Branch of Shaanxi Medical Association

Sponsors: Shaanxi Guangzheng Chinese Medicine Research Center, Tongrentang

Organizer: Yaowangshan Administration

(III) “Demand for the method of health preserving, seek for the way of health keeping” series activity

1. “Health Preserving Manual” issuing (Place: Da Yi Jing Cheng Square)

2. Free health clinic by famous doctors (Place: Da Yi Jing Cheng Square)

3. Health preserving series product exhibition, examination, and sales (drink health-preserving tea, taste health-preserving wine, and eat health-preserving meal, etc.; Place: Da Yi Jing Cheng Square)

4. Soup Assembly of Ding You Year Yaowangshan Temple Fair (Place: Da Yi Jing Cheng Square)

5. Tai Chi, martial art, and bodybuilding exercise entertainment activities (Place: Da Yi Jing Cheng Square)

(IV) “Health Praying” series activity

1. Worship the King of Medicine and pray for health and safeness (Place: The Hall of the King of Medicine).

2. Kui Xing Dian Dou, read classics, and seek fame (Place: Nan’an Kuixing Pavilion, Confucius Hall)

3. Worship Buddha to remove ill fortune, and pray for blessings and safeness in front of Buddha (Place: Bas-reliefs on Precipices)

4. Pray for spiritual drink and health (Place: Herbal Medicine Washing Pool).

5. Hang and exchange locks and pray for safeness (Place: Backyard of North Hole).

6. Worship the God of Fortune, trial operation for the activity of praying in the Dragon King’s Palace (Place: Hall of the God of Fortune in North Hole).

(V) Cultural heritage exhibition experience series activity

1. Ding You Year Yaowangshan Temple Fair Chinese opera art performance (Place: Tongyuan Bridge Chinese Opera Stage).

2. Intangible cultural heritage exhibition of Yaowangshan Temple Fair (Place: Intangible Cultural Heritage Pavilion in the Hall of the King of Medicine)

3. Secrets exploring for frescos of Yuan Dynasty (Place: Nan’an Yuan Hall)

4. Traditional Chinese medicinal material popular science exhibition (Place: Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

5. Folk festive activity parade performance of Yaowangshan Temple Fair in Ding You Year (Place: Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

(VI) Temple Fair experience series activity

1. Scan QR code and stroll temple fair on the internet.

2. Entertainment, acrobatics, and recreation facility experience (Place: Ecological Parking Lot in Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

3. Local traditional snacks, nationwide famous high-quality special snacks, and Taiwan food sales exhibition (Place: Ecological Parking Lot in Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

4. Rare stones, flowers and plants sales exhibition (Place: Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

5. Yaowangshan Scenic Spot intelligent ticket purchase experience (Place: at the gate of Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

(VII) “People Benefits” series activity

1. Traditional Chinese medicinal material sales exhibition, “one village, one brand” featured products and nationwide famous high-quality featured commodity sales exhibition (Place: Parking Lot in Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

2. Exhibition for e-commerce service and labor employment & entrepreneurship service achievements (Place: Parking Lot in Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

3. Famous car and famous enterprise exhibition (Place: Parking Lot in Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

4. Cultural and tourism commodity sales exhibition (Place: Parking Lot in Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

5. Ding You Year Yaowangshan Temple Fair “Gift bag benefiting people” dispatching (Citizens and tourists participate in temple fair activities and win a gift bag respectively for Yaowangshan Scenic Spot ticket and various entertainment tickets; Place: Yaowangshan Scenic Spot).

6. Emergency rescue knowledge propaganda and exercise (Place: Yaowang Cultural Square).

7. Chenlu rare stone exhibition (Place: Sun Simiao Memorial Hall Square).

8. Free clinic and health preserving lecture (Place: Sun Simiao Memorial Hall).

9. Tongrentang medicine sales exhibition (Place: Sun Simiao Memorial Hall).

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