The Qingming Public Memorial Ceremony to Honor the Yellow Emperor on April 5th in the Wuxu Year

2018-03-17 12:03:27 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The Qingming Public Memorial Ceremony to honor the Yellow Emperor in the 2018 of Wuxu Year, jointly hosted by the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, the Taiwan Affairs Office of The State Council and the Overseas Chinese Affairs of The State Council, will be held on Qiaoshan sacrificial square at Huangling County on April 5th, according to its organizing committee.

Under the theme of “tracing the source, seeking the root, boosting bonds and building characters”, the 2018 memorial ceremony aims to extend the vein of Chinese civilization and boost the foundation of cultural confidence through the interpretation of and digging into the excellent traditional Chinese culture. The national role models, the role models in our times, the national model workers, the representatives of the Winter Olympic athletes, the Sanqin role models, the representatives of the Shaanxi Good Men, celebrities and delegations from Taiwan, the representatives of young students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the overseas Chinese leaders and businessmen delegations will be invited for participation. It is known that there are 11 events concerning the ceremony, including the seminars on Planning and Construction of the Yellow Emperor’s Mausoleum National Cultural Park, symposiums on culture during the era of the Yellow Emperor, planting activities, and interviews themed around “Chinese Civilization Tours to Boost Bonds and Build Characters”.

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