Contents of the 23rd Issue of 2018 Gazette of Shaanxi Provincial People's Government

2019-01-02 15:04:16 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province


Excerpts from Leader's Speeches (1)

Regulation of Shaanxi Province for Awarding and Protecting Persons of Righteous and Courageous Behavior (5)

Decision of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government on Cancelling, Delegating or Authorizing A Batch of Administrative Approvals and Related Items (Decree of the Provincial Government, No. 214) (9)

Circular on Carrying out the Fourth National Economic Census (30)

Circular on Implementing the Decision of the State Council on Cancelling A Batch of Administrative Approvals and Related Items (31)

Circular on Printing and Issuing the Action Plan of Xixian New Area on Innovation of Urban Development Mode  (2018-2020) (34)

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