Contents of the 15th Issue of 2018 Gazette of Shaanxi Provincial People's Government

2018-09-20 09:59:54 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province


Governor Liu Guozhong Called on Concrete and Earnest Efforts to Fully Prepare for the Flood Control and Disaster Relief Work (1)


Circular on Printing and Issuing the Plan of Shaanxi Province on Promoting Equal Access to Basic Public Services during the Period of the Thirteenth Five-year Plan (5)

Chapter 1 Background (6)

Chapter 2 Guiding Opinions and Major Targets (9)

Chapter 3 Basic Public Service System (13)

Chapter 4 Basic Public Education (16)

Chapter 5 Basic Employment and Entrepreneurship (19)

Chapter 6 Basic Social Insurance (22)

Chapter 7 Basic Medical and Health Services (24)

Chapter 8 Basic Social Services (28)

Chapter 9 Basic Housing (31)

Chapter 10 Basic Public Culture and Sports (34)

Chapter 11 Basic Public Services for the Disabled (37)

Chapter 12 Promote Equal Sharing (40)

Chapter 13 Innovate Service Supply (42)

Chapter 14 Strengthen Resource Protection (44)

Chapter 15 Facilitate Implementation and Evaluation (46)

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