CCTV Focus: Chanba Ecological District, the "Green Lung" of Xi'an, Boosts Urban Development

2017-08-28 09:49:10 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Recently, CCTV news channel Morning News “Green China” theme report took Urban Wetland Shows Green “New Momentum” as a topic, and reported achievements in ecological civilization construction of Chanba Ecological District since its establishment, which further highlights that “clear water and green mountains can bring us property and wealth”.

“Green, green the reed, dew and frost gleam. Where's she I need? Beyond the stream.” Beautiful scenery of Chang’an thousands of years ago is now reproduced in Xi’an, Shaanxi province.

Chanba Ecological District has, from the very beginning, put priority on development of modern service industry compatible with ecological environment, primarily forming a sustainable development model with coordination and positive interaction between ecological governance and urban construction, and industrial development and ecological conservation. Regional urban construction and industrial development level have risen comprehensively.

Chanba National Wetland Park, to which special attention was paid by CCTV this time, was established and open in 2013. Over four years passed, and the original sandpit, sewage ditch and dump heap have gradually become an oasis of life, with water area and vegetation covering an area of 94% of the wetland park area. Now, trees make pleasant shade and birds reproduce their offspring in the place, full of vitality.

Chanba National Wetland Park is less than 16 kilometers from Xi’an main urban zone. The water from Bahe River in Qinling Mountains gets purified in over 2,000 mu of wetland water and then flows back to Bahe River. Purified water can help Bahe River and surrounding water system restore ecological diversity of wetland, significantly improving the air quality in the region. The various rivers and diverse animals and plants are like blood in an urban body, injecting new vigor to Xi’an.

As a State-level ecological district, Chanba Ecological District has been acknowledged and praised by all levels of government and all sections of society in regard to ecological construction. In the past five years, Chanba Ecological District has built and opened a new park each year. With pleasant shade of green trees, twittering of birds and fragrance of flowers, Chanba has become a good place to relax for Xi’an citizens.

The improvement and construction of ecological environment not only makes Euro-Asia Economic Forum settle conference site here forever and World Horticultural Exposition have been held here before, but also attracts many famous domestic and overseas enterprises and organizations. The promotion of ecological environment is opening a new green era for this area.

In construction process of Greater Xi’an, Chanba will, based on development trend of modern service industry with “big finance, big commerce, big culture, big health”, make the three pillar industries, modern finance, conference and exhibition and ecological tourism, strong and big, foster and support the three leading industries of cultural creativity, ecological new industry, modern commerce, make fine two characteristic industries of healthy sports and foreign business, so as to increase comprehensive competitiveness of industries and build new urban development growth pole.

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