Leading National Science, Technology and Education

2017-09-06 09:37:02 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi has intensive scientific and educational resources. Its overall strength in science, technology and education is ranked third nationwide. Shaanxi is an innovation pilot province authorized by the state.

- Scientific Research Institutions: Shaanxi has 1,000-odd research institutions as well as over 90 national and provincial laboratories respectively focusing on frontier fields like aerospace, electronic information, new materials and so on. In 2016, its authorized patents increased by 45.1% up to 48,455, ranked first nationwide.

- Scientific Awards Obtained: Shaanxi made fruitful achievements in science and technology in 2016. It obtained 6 national natural science awards and 4 technological innovation awards, respectively ranked second and third in terms of the number.

- Transactions in Technology: In 2016, 21,033 technological contracts of all varieties were signed in Shaanxi, which brought a total turnover of RMB 80.27 billion, ranked among the top nationwide.

- Number of Colleges and Universities: Shaanxi is the cradle of high-level and skilled talents with 96 higher-education institutes in total, of which 4 are "985" colleges and 8 are "211" colleges, respectively ranked third and fourth nationwide in terms of the number. This reflects Shaanxi’s advantages in higher education.

- Talent Capital: In 2106, Shaanxi had 1.0763 million undergraduates, 105,700 graduates and 277,800 secondary vocational school students. Large groups of promising scientific research talents, engineers and specialized talents could be transfused to various industries every year.

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