Key Industries

2017-08-24 13:34:03 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi has a complete industrial system and sees booming vitality of innovation. It is advancing toward a world-renowned advanced manufacturing base and economic zone around promoting construction of "Belt and Road".

• Energy chemical industry

It is a big-volume pillar industry of Shaanxi. The coal, oil and gas industry has been developing stably; the power generation and high-end chemical industry has been growing rapidly. In 2016, the output value reached RMB 861.353 billion. Currently, the industry sees speeding transformation and upgrade led by the high-end chemical industry.

• Equipment manufacturing

Equipment manufacturing industry is one of Shaanxi’s pillar industries. Shaanxi has solid strengths and leading technologies in aviation and aerospace, high-end CNC machine tools, new-type cars, electric power equipment, railway transportation equipment and so on. In 2016, it achieved an industrial output of RMB 407.765 billion, an increase of 13% than the previous year. Now, Shaanxi is developing high-end, smart, green and service-oriented industries to build its new competitive advantages.

• Non-ferrous metallurgy industry

It is Shaanxi’s characteristic and advantaged industry. The province has competitive edge in metallurgy of titanium, molybdenum, aluminum, magnesium, etc. In 2016, it had an output value of RMB 204.774 billion, an increase of 13%. Currently, Shaanxi is further developing its non-ferrous metallurgy industry in deep-processing and application fields.

• High technology

This is a vigorously growing new pillar industry of Shaanxi. Relying on intensive innovative resources, Shaanxi has witnessed increase growth in new-generation information technology, new energy vehicles, biotechnology, low-carbon and high-end equipment and materials and digital creativity as well as rapid growth in such leading edge fields as advanced semiconductor, 3D printing, smart materials and unmanned aerial vehicles. In 2016, the industry output value topped RMB 200 billion, accounting for 10.7% of the GDP, ranked among the top nationwide.

Electronic and information industry is a high-end industry driving Shaanxi’s transformation and development. On the basis of quality resources in science, technology and education, Shaanxi has been rising rapidly in manufacturing of communication equipment, computers, advanced electronic equipment, etc. In 2106, it achieved an output value of RMB 72.78 billion, an increase of 45%. At present, Shaanxi’s electronic and information industry is in the stage of high-speed growth and will bring about most rapidly growing industrial clusters.

• Modern services such as finance and exhibition

• Tourism culture

• Agriculture: fruit, tea, and vegetable industry

• Fruit Industry

• This is a characteristic advantaged industry that has helped the people in Shaanxi become richer. Shaanxi is home to a variety of fruits and its apple and actinidia output and quality are both the world No. 1. In 2016, its fruit yield was 17.1396 million tons, an increase of 5.1% than the previous year. At present, the fruit industry is being rapidly upgraded featured as organic- and brands-oriented.

• Animal husbandry industry

• Culture industry

• Pharmaceutical Industry

It is Shaanxi’s characteristic and advantaged industry. By virtue of its strengths in medicine research and biological resources, Shaanxi has made rapid progress in biological pharmacy, chemical pharmacy, and traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy. In 2016, its output in pharmaceutical industry increased by 13% up to RMB 66.068 billion. Currently, it is accelerating the industrial upgrading led by biological pharmacy.

• Food Industry

It is Shaanxi’s traditional pillar industry. Shaanxi has witnessed constant expansion and steady quality improvement in wine making, meat processing, dairy products production, deep processing of fruits and vegetables, etc. In 2016, Shaanxi’s food industry output value reached RMB 182.469 billion, an increase of 9.7%. Shaanxi’s food industry is now forming the layout of brands-oriented development.

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