Missing the Spring — The Time to Experience Nostalgia and Ancestor Worship

2018-03-30 11:03:35 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Various tourism routes for the nostalgic and ancestor worship tours have been designed and recommended, including:

Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor, Hukou Waterfalls, Eighth Route Army Xi'an Office Memorial Museum, Xi'an Incident Memorial Museum, Lantian Gepai Soviet Memorial, Shaanxi–Gansu Zhaojin Revolutionary Base Area Memorial Museum, Xuejiazhai Revolutionary Site, Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Luochuan Convention Site, …

The "Cultural Plus" tourism activities aim to enhance the cultural soft power and urban attraction, and touch the great life of Xi'an in a new era.

Recommendation of Top-quality Tourist Routes

Route 1:

Xi’an — Shaanxi and Gansu Revolutionary Base Zhaojin Memorial Museum — Hukou Waterfalls — Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor;

Route 2:

Xi'an Incident Memorial — The Eighth Route Army Xi’an Office Memorial Museum — General Yang Hucheng Cemetery — Lantian Gepai Soviet Memorial Museum;

Route 3:

Xi’an — Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Hall — Luochuan Convention Site — Zaoyuan Revolutionary Site — Liangjiahe Village — Yan'an Baota Hill — Yangjialing

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