Tasting the Spring – The Time to Enjoy Delicacies in Ancient Towns

2018-03-30 10:54:21 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The Great Xi’an in the enchanted spring.

All of these activities are to be the highlights in this great event.

Bailuyuan Studios in Lantian County, Bailuyuan Folk Culture Village in Lantian County, Shangwang Village in Chang’an District, Lijiayan Village in Huyi District, Zhouzhi Sha · Shahe Rivertown, Shijing Village in Fengdong New City, Changpan Farming Garden in Gaoling District, Xuanpingli Town in Weiyang District, Yongxing Fang in Xincheng District, …

You can take part in events such as the 2018 Wuxu Year Laozi Cultural Day, the Gaoling Changpan Farming Cultural Festival, the White Deer Barn Cultural Gourmet Festival, the Fucha Town Gourmet Festival, the Delicacies of Intangible Cultural Heritage and 24 Solar Terms Activity in Yongxing Fang to enjoy the novel but traditional spring time activities.

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