Sightseeing in the Spring – The Time to Climb Mountains

2018-03-30 10:38:34 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can’t miss this hiking season.

Lishan National Forest Park in Lintong District, Wangshunshan National Forest Park in Lantian County, Xi’an Liuyu Feixia Canyon Ecological Scenic Area, Hongqingshan National Forest Park in Baqiao District, Mount Cuihuashan National Geopark, Xiangyu Forest Park in Chang’an District, Nanwutai Scenic Area in Chang’an District, Taiping National Forest Park in Huyi District, Jinlongxia Scenic Area in Huyi District, Zhuque National Forest Park in Huyi District, Louguantai Forest Park in Zhouzhi County, Heihe Forest Park in Zhouzhi County ...

All of the above will be covered in this hiking season.

Here are some the top-quality tourist routes:

Top-quality Tourist Routes

Route 1:

One-day Tour for Hiking on Mount Cuihua

Route 2:

One-day Tour for Hiking in Taiping National Forest Park

Route 3:

One-day Tour for Hiking in Zhuque National Forest Park

Route 4:

One-day Tour for Hiking in Qinling National Botanic Garden

Route 5:

One-day Tour for Hiking on Mount Cuifeng in Zhouzhi County

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