Visiting in the Spring – The Time to Have an Outing in the Spring

2018-03-30 10:21:12 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

With the 3rd Tang Paradise Hiking and Wind Bell Festival and with a Hiking Trip along Meibei Lake as the focal point, various spring trips will be launched in March and April. Through the Qujiang Cultural Trip, the Duling Eco-Trip, the Han Culture trip, the Wetlands Hiking, the Louguan Daoist Cultural Hiking, the Bailuyuan Tableland Ecological and Cultural Hiking, the Xixian New Area Eco-Hiking and other hiking events, visitors can touch the charm of these ancient and traditional activities and experience a unique spring via the naturally beautiful sceneries in Xi’an.


Areas for Going Outing

Qujiang Cultural Trip

Qujiang Hanyao Cave Heritage Park, Qujiang Lake Heritage Park, Qujiang Polar Ocean Park, Dayan Pagoda Culture and Leisure Resort, Tang City Wall Heritage Park, Tang Ci’en Temple Heritage Park, Great Tang All Day Mall

Duling Eco-Trip

Duling Heritage Park, China Tang Garden, Yasen Shanglin Garden, Qin Bricks and Han Tiles Museum, Shiyang Agritainment, Xi’an Hanfengtai Agritainment

Wetland Hiking

Xi’an Expo Park, Yangling Weihe River Wetland Ecological Park, Baqiao Wetland Reserve, Fenghe River Wetland Park, Xi’an Chan Ba National Wetland Park, Zaohe River Wetland Park

Yanliang District Eco-Hiking

Jingshanyuan Tableland Agritainment, Luju Agritainment, Shichuan River, Qishi Holiday Resort Agritainment

Louguan Daoist Cultural Hiking

Shaanxi Provincial Wildlife Rescue and Breeding Research Center, Yanshengguan Daoist Scenic Area, the Hua’nyu Springs, Zhao Gongming Caishen Cultural Area, Qujiang Agriculture Exposition Park, Rose Garden, Thousand Acres Sunflower Garden

Tangyu and Jiaodai Countryside Hiking

Tangyu Lake Forest Park, Tangyu Bishuiwan Hot Springs, Tangyu Tiantan Hot Springs, Tangzijie Village and Baoqizhai Village in Tangyu, Lantian Jinding Jade and Stone Art Park

Bailuyuan Tableland Ecological and Cultural Hiking

Cherry Valley, Grape Theme Park, Xi’an Whale Lake and Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, Qinba Manor Zhihe Agritainment

Entertainment and Hiking in Urban Area

Xingqing Palace, Wenjing Park, Huancheng Xiyuan Park, Fengqing Park, Lianhu Park, Revolution Park, City Sports Park, Leyouyuan Tableland

Lintong Qin Tang Trip and Hiking

Xi'an Lintong National Tourism Leisure Holiday Resort, Parrot Temple Park, Great Tang Huaqing Mall

Lantian Green Hiking

Gepai Town, Bojizhang Village in Xiehu Town, Lantian Ape Man Site, Shuilu’an Temple, Wangchuan Karst Cave, Xi’an Liuyu Feixia Canyon Ecological Scenic Area

Chang’an Green Hiking

Qinling Wildlife Park, Wutai Ancient Town, Guanzhong Folk Art Museum

Huyi Green Hiking

Donghan Village in Ganting Town, Gaoguan Waterfalls, the agritainments in Taiping Valley, Mount Qingliang, Wangxianping, Mount Wanhua

Zhouzhi Trip and Eco-Hiking

Zhouzhi Shahe River Wetland Park, Laoxiancheng Village

Xixian New Area Eco-Hiking

Kunming Lake ·Qixi Park, Fengdong Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration Park, Fengbin Rivertown, Zhangyu Ruina Castle Winery

Gaoling Green Hiking.

Majiacun Lawn Cultivation Base

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