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The gross domestic production of Xi’an is 74.3 billion Yuan. The local financial revenue of Xi’an is 5.597 billion Yuan, plus “two taxes” for the central government and electricity tax for the province, the annual financial revenue of the whole city reaches 8.29 billion Yuan, and the financial expenditure of the whole city reaches 5.714 billion Yuan.

Agriculture: the area of cultivated land is 304,414 hectares, irrigation area 23.72 hectares, forest area 415 thousand hectares, and economic forest area 12.8 thousand hectares. The total output of foodstuff reaches 1,905,138 Tons.

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery

Total production value reaches 8.78951 billion Yuan. Foodstuff is mainly based on wheat and maize, and economic crops include: cotton, oil plants, vegetables, and fruits, etc. Per capita income of peasant reaches 2,052 Yuan.

Industry: total production value of industry reaches 37.20943 billion Yuan. Xi’an is one of the important industrial bases in our country, and there’re medium- and big-sized backbone enterprises which have relatively big scale and are based on machinery, weaving and military industry. There’re mainly military industry, power, aircraft manufacturing, devices and instruments, weaving, electronic related industries. There’re “electrical machinery city” in western suburb, “weaving city” and “military industry city” in eastern suburb, “electronic city” and “cultural and educational city” in southern suburb, and “aircraft city” in Yanliang. The state-level new- and high-tech development zone with electronic city as the center has roughly formed a scale. Xi’an is also among the important bases for scientific research and education, the research and development capacity of aviation, spaceflight, weapon, manufacturing of electrical machinery, optical devices and instruments, micro-electronics and computer technology, etc rank the leading position among the country, and there’re a group of key colleges and universities such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, and Northwestern University, etc. Xi’an has become one of the important commercial and trade centers in the middle and western area of our country, and formed the opened-up commercial network with diverse economic sectors, various circulation channels and diversified operation methods. With the development of economy, the “Eight Projects” of civilization spirit construction conducted by Xi’an become the bright scenery line in the western area of our country.

Transportation: Xi’an is the transportation hub of the western area in the northern China, with roads, railways and aviation transportation extended in all directions. The roads, with 5 national roads, 2 provincial roads that passed Xi’an and 7 provincial roads with Xi’an as the starting point as the backbone, extend to various places of the country, with a total length of road more than 2800 km. Xi’an Railway Sub-Administration with Xi’an as the center governs 1703 km railway line, wherein, Longhai line and Baocheng line belong adopt electric locomotive. Xi’an Xianyang Airport is an important airport in the country, and explores 69 domestic and international flight courses, forming an aviation network with Xi’an as the center to cover more than 50 middle- and big-sized cities of the country and Hong Kong Region and Japan.

Tourism: there’re abundant tourism sources, and is called “Natural Museum”. There’re many famous attractions with Qin Terracotta Army, Banpo Museum, Wild Goose Pagoda, small wild goose tower , Stone Steles Museum of Song Dynasty, Xi’an Ming City Wall, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, ”Xi’an Incident” Site, Xi’an History Museum and Lishan Mountain as the representatives. Cultural attractions and natural attractions are overlapped, and the feature of ancient cultural relics and the thick oriental culture connotation form the outstanding feature of Xi’an tourism sources.

Development Zone: Xi’an New- and High-tech Development Zone, approved area 22.35 million sq.m, development area 1.874 million sq.m, and the number of enterprises 2,580. The population 103,644, total production value 5,345,990,000 Yuan, and total revenue 9,538,300,000 Yuan. In addition, there’re Xi’an Weiyang Economic and Technology Development Zone, Yanta Industrial Garden and Baqiao Industrial Garden, etc.     


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