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Influenced by the international financial crisis and under the unfavorable circumstances of overall bad marketing behavior of cargo trucks, Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company made comparatively good and fast increase in operation in 2008; the sales proceeds accumulated to 6.592 billion yuan for the whole year, and produced and sold heavy-duty transmissions 467.5 thousand, with an increase by 9.08% and 8.68% compared with last year respectively, and all business indicators reached to a historical height and kept the leading superiority in vehicle industry.

Since the second half year of 2008, Fast Group Company endured through the test of great downslide of international and domestic market while facing crisis and welcoming challenges and the new transmissions with multiple gears and large variation ratio met the domestic market development demands of cargo trucks effectively, the new transmissions of series 12-gear and series 16-gear reached the market commanding height immediately, and provided new transmissions of series 10-gear to users in time. The new multiple-gear transmissions won the extensive trust of users and main frame producers by the superior deployment and cost performance, and achieved sales proceeds of 12-gear transmissions and 6-gear transmissions by exceeding 50 thousand per year.

While facing the new change in market, Fast Group Company makes good use of time difference caused by market adjustment, turns pressures into motion, turns challenges into opportunities, and launches alignment, improvement, and enhancement activities so as to settle the solid foundation to promote production operation to increase steadily and fast. At the same time, Fast Group Company continues fasten the speed of technological innovation and production structure adjustment, makes plentiful result in new production development: tiny 8-gear transmissions and mini 8-gear transmission go into mass production, the technology of series of 6DS transmissions makes great breakthrough, the experiment of production of light weight has made great achievement, the research of new type of synchrosshifter makes great progress, 10-gear transmission finishes the whole series of development, and plate type lightweight and portable selector has been put into use immediately. Meanwhile, we have made new breakthrough in market areas like motor coach, medium-seized and light truck, and engineering plant, the sales proceeds of new productions increases year by year gradually, and reaches to 65.35% of 2008 from 17.66% of 2001.(Ma Deping & Shen Qian)

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