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Yulin is located in the northern area of Shaanxi Province, with the Yellow River and Shanxi Province to its east, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Gansu Province to its west, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to its north, and Yan’an to its south.

The Yellow River runs through Yulin for 440 km from east to south and the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty winds for over 700 km from east to west. Yulin is 385 km long from east to west and 263 km from north to south, and has a total area of 4357 km².

In terms of landform, Yulin is divided into the northern area and the southern area by the Great Wall. The northern area which features with desert and pasture, covers 42% of the total area in Yulin, and the southern area which features with loess hilly and gullies, covers 58% of the total area. The average elevation is between 1000 and 1500m.Yulin was governed by Jin in the Spring and Autumn Period, and Wei in the Warring States.

After unification by Qin, Yulin turned to be a part of Shangjun prefecture. In Eastern Jin Period, Helian Bobo who was Huns set up Tongwan Town as the capital in the west of Yulin area, and named it Great Xia. During Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties, Xiazhou, Yinzhou, Linzhou, Fuzhou, and Suizhou were set respectively in Yulin area under the administration of the government. In Song Dynasty, Yulin area became a part of territory of Northern Song, West Xia, and Jin individually. Yulin Garrison was set during Ming Dynasty, which made Yulin known as one of the important towns in nine borders. Yulin Fu was set in Qing Dynasty and Yulin Dao in Republic of China. After the founding of the new China, Yulin was known to be Yulin Prefecture with Prefectural Commissioner’s Office and Administrative Office successively, and was established as Yulin Municipality in 2000.

In history, Fu Su and Meng Tian of Qin Dynasty, Li Guang of Han Dynasty, Yuchi Jingde and Guo Ziyi of Tang Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan, Generals of Yang’s, Generals of She’s in Song Dynasty, Yu Zijun of Ming Dynasty, and so on, all ever guarded this city. There were many outstanding people here like Helian Bobo, builder of Great Xia, Li Jiqian, builder of West Xia Dynasty, Yang Jiye, a famous general of North Song, Han Shizhong, a general anti-Jin State, Li Zicheng, a famous leader of the peasants uprising in the end of Ming Dynasty and so on.

Yulin administers 1 district, Yuyan, and 11 counties including Shenmu, Fugu, Dingbian, Jianbian, Hengshan, Jia, Mizhi, Wubao, Suide, Qingjian, and Zizhou. It is divided into 222 towns and 5625 village committees.

Yulin city, the seat of Yulin Municipal Government has been named as a famous historical cultural city by the State Council in 1986. There are 25 ethnic minorities, of which the population of Hui is most, and they mainly distribute in Dingbian and Jingbian County.

Yulin is gathering place of grass nomadic culture, farming culture, loess culture, revolutionary culture and so on. The city is rich in tourism resources, and it is a city of infinite charm and vitality.

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