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Yangling District is located on the plains ofWei River. It has an area of 94 square kilometres (36sqmi) and a population of 155,000. The district is roughly 80 kilometres (50mi) to the west of the provincial capitalXi'an and 86 kilometers west to Baoji.

Yangling received its name as the family burial site of founding emperorYang Jianof theSui Dynasty. Starting in 1979, Yangling went through several administrative region changes until it became a district to the City of Xianyang in 1983. In 1997 the Yangling High Tech Agriculture Sector Demonstration District was established in Yangling District as a testing ground for new agriculture technology and techniques.

With a newly built planning area of 22.12 km², total area135 km² and the general population of 200,000. Yangling is rich in scientific research and educational resources as two universities (Northwest A&F University and Vocational Technical College) and some research institutes are located here and more than 5000 achievements have been reached. Yangling is now the cradle of China’s agricultural science and technology development and a significant base for the demonstration of agricultural industries. It is the Silicon Valley of modern agriculture.

Yangling enjoys her leading industries in plant and animal breeding, environment conservation, agri-materials, green food and bio-pharmaceutics. So far about 800 enterprises are based in Yangling

4000 years ago, the ancestor of China’s agriculture called Houji taught people to grow crops here, making Yangling the birthplace of China's agricultural civilization. In 1934, the National Northwest College of Agriculture and Forestry (processor of Northwest A&F University) was founded here by senior official Yu Youren and compatriot Genaral Yang Hucheng. Since the foundation of RR.China, the nation and Shaanxi Province have successively established 2 agricultural colleges, 5 independent agricultural and forestry research institutes and 3 provincial key secondary agricultural schools. Thus, Yangling is called China's "Agro-science City".

Yangling has vigorously promoted the combination of producing, study and research. The new and high-tech agricultural industry dominated by farming and animal husbandry with improved variety, environmental-friendly agricultural products, organic foods, bio-engineering (drugs manufacture) has taken shape, and the transfer of scientific and research fruits into products has been promoted through strengthened efforts in attracting investments.

The farming and animal husbandry with improved variety has always been Yangling's traditional advantageous industry. Yangling has become the most important logistic center of farming and animal husbandry with improved variety in the northwest China, and its model role of leading technology is becoming increasingly obvious.

The agglomeration effect of Yangling’s environmental-friendly agricultural products is coming into being. Yangling has become major production base of environmental-friendly agricultural products in the northwest China. Enterprise of environmental-friendly agricultural products have expanded advertising effect and sales scale, promoted the application of new technology and products by farmers, enhanced the agricultural production benefits, and increased farmers’ income by establishing in regional demonstration bases and points of application of agricultural products.

The organic food industry has formed certain scale. We have promoted the industrial restructuring by building regional agricultural products processing bases, raw material bases and extended the industry chain. The annual Yangling agricultural new and high-tech exposition has conducted 14 sessions continuously, and has already become a world famous brand of technical exhibition and an important carrier of the spread of agriculture science and technology.


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