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Yanan lies in the hilly area of the Loess Plateau of northern Shaanxi Province, with one administrative district, 12 counties, 166 villages and towns, and 3396 village committees, and a population of 2.152 million. Total area of land in Yanan is 37,000km2, overage altitude about 1,000m, annual frost-free period about 170 days, yearly average temperature about 9.2℃and annual rainfall about 500mm.

Yanan is an important birthplace of Chinese nation and Chinese revolutionary sites. The ancestor of human beings, Yellow Emperor’s Mausoleum lies on the top of Qiaoshan Mountain of Huangling County, which is the National Shrine by Chinese people at home and abroad to have grand ceremonies in honor of the Yellow Emperor. From 1935 to 1948, the Central Party Committee of the CPC and Chairman Mao Zedong stayed and worked here for 13 years, leading the Anti-Japanese War and the War of Liberation, laying the foundation for the new China, establishing the leading position of Mao Zedong Thought for CPC, developing the everlasting Yanan Spirit.

Yanan is rich in mineral resources. It has had a solid foundation for the development of energy and chemical industry. Positive reserves in Yanan include coal, 11.5 billion tons, petroleum, 1.38 billion tons, natural gas, 200-300 billion cubic meters, and red porcelain argil, 50 million tons. Yanan is the birthplace of the Chinese petroleum industry with hundred years of history of development of oil. The first oil well was drilled outside the gate of Yanchang County seat. Petroleum and coal industries have become the backbone of pillar industries in Yanan.

With a good condition in the development of modern ecological agriculture, Yanan is the best apple eugenics area in the world. The total area of forest land reaches 43.386 million hectares, grass coverage rate about 57.9%, and per capita land area about 27 acres. Due to deeper soil layer, adequate lighting, different temperature between night and day, the agricultural products such as apples, jujube, pears, lamb, small grains etc have a good quality, sold to home and abroad. The three leading industries, fruit, livestock and greenhouse, have become the main source of income of the farmers.

With unique cultural tourism resources, the development of tourism in Yanan has a broad prospect. Yanan is well-known in the world for its Yellow Emperor’s Mausoleum, the sacred place of Chinese revolutionary, Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River, and Charm of Loess Land. In addition, Northern Shaanxi Folk Songs, Northern Shaanxi Yangko, Ansai Waist Drum Dance, peasant paintings, paper cutting and other folk art also have been long known by people in the world. Yanan is the national education base for Patriotism, Revolutionary Traditions and Yanan Spirit with historical sites 5808, revolutionary sites 445, and Heritages 70,000. It is among the first Historical and Cultural City approved by the State Council of the Chinese Government and a Chinese Excellent Tourism City

Since Reform and Opening up, especially the development of the western region, Yanan people conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development and adhere to the construction of Yanan with Yanan Spirit. Thus, Yanan’s economy and social development has entered the best and fastest times in history. In 2009, the city's GDP has reached 72.05 billion RMB, the total fiscal revenue 26.31 billion RMB, including local fiscal revenue 9.05 billion RMB.

Characteristic industry is growing. Petroleum and coal Industries are the main property in Yanan. In 2009, 8.86 million tons crude oil was exploited, 9.647 million tons processed, and 20.3 million tons coal mined. The three leading industries, apple, livestock, and Greenhouse have initially formed the major agriculture industry structure. The total area of apple reaches 2.8 million acres with a total capacity of nearly 2 million tons; livestock industry begins to take shape; greenhouses reaches total of 89 thousand with annual vegetable 71 thousand tons. Red tourism has a rapid development and receipt tourists 10.24 million with revenue 5.39 billion in 2009.

Ecological construction has a remarkable result. Since 1999, a total of 900 million acres farmland has returned to forest, accounting for 27% of the province, 2.5% of the country. The level of soil erosion from 20.7% to 45.5%, mountains and the earth begin from yellow to green.

Infrastructure has improved significantly. There is a round-trip flight to Xi’an and Beijing everyday and an opened Shanghai, Guangzhou flights. The test section of Yanan new airport begins construction. Every day the train directs to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Ankang, Yulin and other places; the West extension of the railway double track construction progress smoothly, after the completion of the train trip to Xi'an, the distance shortened to 2 hours, doubling capacity. In addition, the city will form a north-south, east-west four high-speed channels: Baotou to Maoming highway is runs through the City; Qindao to Lanzhou highway in Shaanxi, Yanan Zhidan Wuqi highway accelerate construction; the second channel of Yellow extension highway starts construction; Yanan to Yanchuan highway is going to build. Realized oil townships and villages gravel road, the road will achieve the Grade II standard from city to county and 90% of administrative villages asphalt cement road this year. A series of Water Project such as Nangoumen Reservoir, and Yellow River water diversion etc will complete help ease the water shortage bottleneck and solve the problem of safe drinking water in rural areas after their construction. Nearly one million people will finish the history of hard drinking water.

The process of urbanization is accelerating. The greening of "three mountains" has finished, the Phoenix Mountain Park built, and the urban waterscape projects speeds up implementation. City District, channel development and Link building has comprehensively promoted. The Centre Street Urban Renewal, Northwest River Park and other projects has accelerated. Municipal function facilities are being improved, sewerage, gas, heating expanding the scope of coverage, reached 93% of city gas, central heating area about 3.28 million square meters. The per capita greening area reached 9.5 square meters has been named as the provincial Government Garden City. The urban air quality reaches Grade II standard. Urban built-up area reaches 38 square kilometers with a population nearly of 50 thousand. Counties and key towns have developed year after year and the level of urbanization has reached 40.5%.

Opening to the Outside World goes on further expansion. Established friendly and cooperative relations with Wuxi City, Jiangsu province, Bashan District, Shanghai and other twenty urban areas, Yanan has formed a link in eastern coastal cities of economic cooperation zone. With the Erfurt as the Partner Cities, it attracts a total of 148 projects in 2009, contracted investment of 23.16 billion and total revenue of $ 22 million in import and export business.

People's living standards is continuously improved. Yanan is the first to establish a high level of coverage and protection of urban and rural minimum living security system in the province, the first to realize the free and compulsory education within the full city, the first to launch a new rural cooperative medical system, urban residents in health insurance system, the rural pension insurance and endowment insurance landless farmers in a comprehensive manner within city. It has established the living allowances system for rural grassroots cadres, the old model workers, the old party members, and difficult living state enterprise workers and the assistant system for poor students and more serious patients. Education, health, culture and other social undertakings have been a comprehensive development. In 2009, per capita disposable income of urban residents reaches 15,217 RMB and per capita net income of farmers reaches 4,258 RMB.

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