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Tongchuanis aprefecture-level citylocated in central Shaanxiprovince on the southern fringe of theLoess Plateauthat defines the northern half of the province (Shanbei) and the northern reaches of theGuanzhong Plain.

It has under its jurisdiction one county, three districts, one provincial-levelled economic and technology development district—Tongchuan New District, and three municipal industrial parks. The city covers an area of 3882 square km with a population of 860,000, of which, urban population accounts to 53% of the total.

The City of Tongchuan was founded in 1958. It is an important industrial city and energy and building material base not only in Shaanxi Province, but also in the Northwest of China. In 2009, Tongchuan has been listed as one of the the second core cities in Guanzhong—Tianshui economic zone, the experimental city of sustainable development among the resource-based cities in China, the coordinate development experimental zone of nature, energy and economy of Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia revolutionary base, the hygiene city and tree planting model city of Shaanxi Province. With only 68 km to the ancient capital city of Xi’an and to Xianyang International Airport, Tongchuan has a very convenient position in transportation with Xi’an--Tongchuan and Tongchuan---Huangling highways running through the city and two railways of Xi’an--Tongchuan and Meiqi connected with the main railways of Longhai and Lanxin.

With a long history, there are many scenic spots and historical sites in Tongchuan. Being the hometown of Sun Simiao—a great doctor and Liu Gongquan—a great calligrapher of the Tang dynasty, Linghu Defen—a great historian and Fankuan—a famous painter of the Song dynasty and with many cultural landscapes known at home and abroad, such as the historical site of Yaozhou kiln—the biggest underground pottery and porcelain museum, the Remains of Yuhua Palace—once a summer palace during the Tang Dynasty for emperors Gaozu and Taizong and later a chamber where the eminent monk Master Xuanzang had translated the Buddhist scriptures and passed away, Yaowang Hill where the great doctor Sun Simiao—King of medicine, who studied and practiced medicines, XiangshanTemple—one of the well know Buddhism temple in China and Xuejiazhai site—a revolutionary base in Zhaojin near the borders of Shaanxi and Gansu province, Tongchuan has become the main city in the northern travel line of Shaanxi Province.

Tongchuan’s main industries are coal, building materials, machinery, textile and chemical and aluminium industry. Pottery and porcelain, withYaozhou Kilnproducts are particularly well known. Tongchuan also produces medicines and food products.

Farm products include apples, hot peppers, Chinese prickly ash, garlic, flue-cured tobacco, walnuts and precious Chinese medicine herbs. Apple wine, apple vinegar, apple soft drink which are made of apples and processing products of hot pepper, walnut etc. are well known in China and are exported to Southeast Asia.

In recent years, the city government of Tongchuan adheres to the concept of scientific development, grasps tightly the historical opportunities of transformation of the resource-based cities, carries out the strategy of items-driving、industry-strengthening and sustainable development. As a result, the five traditional industries of aluminum, coal, cement, porcelain, fruits and the five newly developing industries of electric power, food, equipment manufacture, medicine, and tourism have developed strongly, and the big city structure consisting of the old city, Huangbu, Dongjiahe, Yaozhou district, New district and Potou is forming. Today, Tongchuan has entered into a new era of accelerating and leapfrog development, and become one of the fast developing and the most dynamic cities in Shaanxi Province. A new industrial city with building materials as its main industry and an ecologically civilized city is rising. We warmly welcome personalities of various circles to come to Tongchuan for traveling, visiting and investing.

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