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Shangluois aprefecture-level cityin southeasternShaanxiprovince,borderingHenanto the northeast andHubeito the southeast. Part of theShannan regionof the province, it is located in the eastern part of theQinling Mountains. The name, Shangluo, comes from Han Dynasty when four famous people were settled in Shang Mountain to avoid war and famine.

Shangluo owns a structure of the complex topography, known as "eight-Hill, one river and a farmland". There are Qinling Mountains, the Python Mountain, the Liu Mountain, the Uighur Mountain, the new Mountain and Yun Mountain. The mountains and valleys are arranged with interaction. In topography, the northwest is higher and the southeast is lower. Mountains extend from the northwest to the southeast as a palmate distribution. The main rivers, Dan River, Luo River, Jinqian River, Qianyou River, Xun River spread across, and the branches are densely covered, breaking down horizontally the Yangtze River and the Yellow River.

As with the other two anchoring cities ofShannan, Shangluo has amonsoon-influencedhumid subtropical climate(KöppenCwa), with cool winters, hot, humid summers, and ample precipitation by provincial standards. It experiences temperatures more moderate thanXi'anand the rest of theWei Rivervalley to the immediate north, especially so during summer due to the high elevation. The monthly 24-hour average temperature ranges from 0.5°C (32.9°F) in January to 24.4°C (75.9°F) in July, while the annual mean is 12.79°C (55.0°F). About 60% of the approximately 670 millimetres (26.4in) of annual precipitation occurs from June to September. The frost-free period lasts 200 days, and there are about 2,000 hours of bright sunshine annually.

Its local conditions and social customs, both characterize the wilderness of the north, and attractiveness of the southern part of China. What a beautiful place with the scenery as beautiful as a painting. It’s administrative areas cover one district and six counties with a total area of 19,292 square kilometers and the resident population of 2,430,000.

Shangluo is abundant in natural resources, known as “the salad bowl of the northern and southern plants, the storehouse of the northern and southern biological species” and the national famous “store of the natural medicals”. Shangluo is famous for raw lacquer, oil tung, walnut, Chinese chestnut, grape, persimmon, auricularia auricular, especially a large quantities of walnut, the Chinese chestnut and persimmon.

The history and culture of Shangluo has a unique characteristic, receives the Qin culture to be just positive, gathers gently beautifulness of the Chu culture. There are different kinds of drama, such as Shaanxi Opera, the Hua drum, the chanting tales, two yellow (Hubei opera), as well as folk songs, worker's chant and so on.

The heritage scenic, the natural landscape and the humanitarian spots of Shangluo are richly colorful, which enrich latent superiority for the development of the traveling industry. The road of Shangluo (also called the ancient business road) is one of the main road, “the Qin Chu pharynx and larynx”, a crucial road from Chang’an to the southeast and the area of Yellow River. The scenic sites are the Laojun Mountain, Muwang Mountain, Niubeiliang Mountain, the Jingsixia canyon and so on.

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