Sunflowers Blooming in Zhouwan Town

2017-08-11 17:34:48 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

The opening ceremony of the cultural tourism festival.

Chi-pao show.

The western singing star Wang Xiangrong sang on the opening ceremony.

Traditional opera performance.

Northern Shaanxi style storytelling.

A farm stay in Zhouwan.

The golden sea of sunflowers.

Ancient private school preserved till present in Zhouwan.

Northern Shaanxi style paper cutting.

Peasant cultural square in Luojian, Zhouwan.

Northern Shaanxi style donkey cart.

The first Sunflower Cultural Festival in Wuqi county was opened on August 4th in Zhouwan town. Representatives from the government, the enterprises, the press, the artistic circle and a large audience presented at the opening ceremony. There were a variety of performances including dancing, suona playing chi-pao show etc. to amuse the tourists coming from near and far.

After the opening ceremony, visitors flooded into the sunflower sea. They walked leisurely on the trek along the flower sea, got themselves relaxed, and repeatedly took nice photos of themselves in the beautiful scenery. Among them were many keen amateur photographers.

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