Shaanxi's Five Fairytale Villages Rival Italian Cinque Terre in Beauty

2017-08-08 16:59:57 , Source : The Government Website of Shaanxi Province

Living in concrete jungle

One cannot imagine how attractive countryside to city people

Many fairies cherish a dream

That is to live in a fairyland

We need not fly to Italy

For we have five in Shaanxi

Where colorful houses gather together

Lead you to a magic world

Where the flourishing beauties stun your nerves

Huayuan Village, Fanjia Town, Dali County

Situates at a bank of the Yellow River, Huayuan Village is a typical fishing village in north China. Decorated by the magic oil paintings, this colorful place is a dreamland for visitors.

Taking a distant look over this village from mountain, you may get fascinated with the colorful houses here. Each house roof is painted with “Fu”, a Chinese word for “happiness”. It is said that one cannot find two “Fu” that have the same style. Go for verification, let’s make it!

Mottled walls, old barbershops … each scenery will trigger you to remind the past days.

Standing at the graffiti, kids are also part of them, reminding us to recall our innocent childhood.

Locating beside the Yellow River, Huayuan Village is endowed with rich fish resources. You will not only appreciate the rustic landscapes here, but also enjoy the delicious cuisine.

Fuyou Guzhai, a Yangtze River Delta of Loess Plateau. Numerous lotuses flourish in summer, and Fuyou Guzhai serves as a best place to enjoy wetland sceneries.

Road trip: Starting from Xi’an, the trips covers a distance of some 131.8 km. Drive alongside Lianyungang-Huoerguosi Highway for 96 km and then make a turn to the ramp at S202 exit (Luofu/Dali), and then turn right to G108 after driving on S202 for 28 km. You will find Fanjia Town locates to the northeast of Dali County, with a distance of 27.5 km.

Shibianyu Village, Ziwu Sub-district, Chang’an District

Shibianyu is the nearest village of oil painting to Xi’an. To have a short trip, this one is the best choice.

So many vivid 3D wall paintings carrying childhood happiness and youth dream are presented here. You can enjoy cartoons, animals, flowers and various sceneries.

Has Rapunzel and Charming Prince from Grimm's Fairy Tales reminded you the favorite stories in our childhood?

Does SpongeBob SquarePants in the blue ocean cools you in this scorching summer?

The Shibianyu Reservoir nearby brings us both charming sceneries and fresh air. Drop in here in weekend!

Road trip: Shibianyu Village, Ziwu Sub-district, Chang’an District

Dajiazhai Village, Tangyu Town, Lantian County

Dajiazhai perfectly integrates graffiti with rural village. The 3D wall paintings depict real rural lives, and visitors may doubt if they live in or out the paintings. Look, two of them are pulling the bullock-cart.

Old men enjoy the cool in front of a grain shop. It is quite possible that you may take the background graffiti as the real grain shop.

Tangyu is famous for hot spring. We may take a walk in Daxing Tangyuan Relic Park as we cannot take a bath in hot spring in summer.

Daxing Tangyuan Relic Park fully displays the bath culture of the Han and Tang dynasties, and you can still find the famous Laodongzi Relic of Stone Gate in Qingling Mountains there.

Shuiluan situates at the foot of Mount Wangshun of Puhua Town, some 10 km to the east of Lantian County. It is famous for delicate wall-sculptures, which has been listed as a national key cultural relic protection unit.

Road trip: Xi’an - Lantian Tangyu – Wenquan Avenue – Dajiazhai Village

Diewu Village, Xiagui Town, Linwei District, Weinan City

Diewu Village is very popular in the Internet; almost every house wall of the village bears interesting oil paintings.

The colorful oil paintings themselves have become the sceneries of this quiet village, and they are waiting for you to enjoy.

This little beauty does not ride enchinitiing ished broom, but a piece of farm tool. It is, however, still cute.

Diewu Village is abundant in red grape. Be a happy farmer and pick the fresh red grapes if you have enough time.

Road trip: It’s about 90 km from Xi’an, and you have to drive on Beijing-Kunming and Lianyungang-Huoerguosi highways.

Maju Village in Tongchuan City

Different from other graffiti villages, Maju builds itself into a European style village which combines modern countryside with graffiti, winning the fame of “the first grey graffiti tribe in China”.

If you are a fan of Marvel or animation, do not miss here. When walking in the streets and alleys of Maju Village, you actually travel in the animation world. You may encounter the animation character you like at the next turning.

Besides wall paintings, you can also view animation statues including Captain America, Iron Man and Batman …

Maju village also has a lawn wedding square with the area of 9,800 m2, an archery & camp field covering an area of 10,000 m2, a 8D cinema and an outdoor Go-Kart track.

If you drive 20 km to Shenheguxun, the lavender garden makes your pictures took so beautiful that may beyond description.

Road trip: Leave Yan’an-Xi’an Highway from Jinyanghu Exit and turn right, you will arrive there within 2 km.

If all villages are so colorful

Visitor may crazy for them

Villagers are proud of their homelands

As we have introduced so many graffiti villages to you

Which one do you prefer?

Come on, go and get them in weekend!

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